K-Drama Review: ‘Fantastic’ Will Make You Feel Nostalgic with the Romantic Story Between a Popular Actor and a Terminally Ill Producer


Fantastic‘s Plot

Korean drama is really hype these days among people all around the world, especially women, because of the story that is sometimes very relatable to our daily lives. Other than the story that is often really interesting, sometimes, the audience responds well to the drama simply because they like the cast of the drama, or they think they are beautiful or handsome. Or sometimes, their favorite idol has turned to acting and makes an appearance in some of the Korean dramas.

One of the most popular Korean dramas is Fantastic. This Korean drama aired on JTBC TV station in 2016 and was very much liked by the audience, and still is up until now. The main cast members are Kim Hyun-Joo and Joo Sang-Wook, with a story idea that is pretty similar to Uncontrollably Fond, which is about a popular TV series scriptwriter who has been told that she doesn’t have long before she dies due to an illness. Wow, it looks like the holidays will be filled with a lot of interesting dramas on the watch list, guys!


So, the drama tells the story of So-Hye (Kim Hyun-joo), who is a popular TV drama scriptwriter. Unfortunately, she has been told that she only has six months to live. A recent drama series project had reunited her with Hae-Sung (Joo Sang-wook), a popular Hallyu actor who isn’t very good at acting. The existing pressure forces them to cooperate. However, with the hidden past conflicts between So-Hye and Hae-Sung, what’s going to happen with their future relationship? Hmm … Let ‘s find out in the full episodes of Fantastic on your favorite streaming website!

The Cast

Kim Hyun-joo (Lee So-hye)


A successful scriptwriter who has her life turned into a complete turmoil after discovering that she has breast cancer. She has a crush on Dr. Hong Jun-gi and gets easily annoyed at the antics of Ryu Hae-sung. But Hae-sung and So-hye have a romantic history. She is conflicted about accepting her feelings for Hae-sung because she does not want to ruin his career over a scandal. She also believes he won’t be able to bear the pain of her death from cancer and hides that from him.

Joo Sang-wook (Ryu Hae-sung)


A very successful actor in China, though he has no skills in acting. He is popular among women because of his looks and he is a little obsessed with his looks. He truly loves and cares for So-hye. He regrets his decision of betraying So-hye a decade ago and constantly tries to win her over. Although So-Hye keeps rejecting him, he does not stop making attempts to woo her. He gets envious of Dr. Jun-gi as So-hye is close to him. He is funny and has a child-like innocence. Later in the story, he gets close to Dr. Jun-gi and treats him like his older brother.

Park Si-yeon (Baek Sul)


A wife of a congressman who is living a very unhappy life. Her husband is cheating on her with another woman. Her in-laws and husband constantly humiliate her and treat her like a servant. Her mother is ill and she needs money for her treatment and thus she continues to live a horrible life in exchange for money. She seeks for her youth days in motorcycling to relieve the stress that she experiences from her in-laws. On one of her motorcycle ride, she gives a lift to Sang-wook and gets acquainted with him. With the encouragement from So-Hye and Mi-sun, she decides to divorce her husband and put an end to her misery.

Ji-soo (Kim Sang-wook)


A young and aspiring lawyer who has a crush on Baek Sul after a motorcycle ride with her. He works as an attorney for the company owned by Baek Sul’s husband without knowing that she is married. After he sees her hurt and beaten up, he encourages her to treat herself well as she is the most important person. Later, he quits his job and represents Baek Sul as her divorce lawyer.

Kim Tae-hoon (Dr. Hong Jun-gi)


A doctor and director on whom So-hye has a crush. He has been suffering from cancer for the past five years and is kind of an inspiration to So-hye. He deeply loves and cares for So-hye. After being rivals for So-hye, he becomes a good friend of Hae-sung.

Kim Jung-nan (Choi Jin-sook)


She is the sister-in-law of Baek Sul and also the president of the agency to which Hae-sung belongs. She is a shrewd businesswoman and threatens people to get her work done. After finding out that So-hye is suffering from stage four cancer, she threatens her to break up with Hae-sung. She is a terrible sister-in-law and bothers Baek Sul throughout the series.

So, this is the review of the plot and also the cast of the Korean drama Fantastic. Do you guys have an interest in watching it soon?