K-Drama Review: ‘Duel’ Tells a Sci-Fi Thriller Story About Human Clones

Drama Duel

Duel, The Best Sci-Fi – Thriller Drama!

Sci-Fi or Science Fiction is one of fiction genre film that usually has imaginative concepts that can be explained in advanced science and technology, space, time travel, and another life from another world, with means life that is extraterrestrial. Meanwhile, Thriller is characterized and defined by the moods they elicit, giving audiences heightened feelings of suspense, excitement, anxiety. Duel, is a drama that’s successful in this genre by telling about human clones. Channel Korea has introduced you K-drama Review, ‘Duel’ a Sci-Fi Thriller Story About Human Clones. Let’s check below!

Duel, Human Clones

Duel is a South Korea television series. It aired on OCN from June 3 to July 23, 2018, on Saturdays and Sundays, and it had 16 episodes. This television series starred Jung Jae-young, Kim Jung-eun, Yan se-jong, and Seo Eun-soo. This drama tells the story of a policeman who has a daughter, but his daughter’s health isn’t well, or it could be said that his daughter has a disease that can make her die at any time. Finally, the father who worked as a doctor tried a treatment system of cells for his daughter, but after the first injection, his daughter was kidnapped.

Drama Duel

Duell, is a thrilling battle drama. The story begins with a human clone named Sung Hoon who kidnaps a child who will soon get a vaccine to cure the illness, he had a plan to steal the vaccine that will be given to the child. But unfortunately, the child is a police officer’s, Jang Deuk-cheon. Jang Deuk-cheon then loses his mind because his child was kidnapped, he tried to do everything to save his child. Until finally, he was met with Sung Hoon’s twin brother, Sung Joon. Then, Jang Deuk-cheon who wasn’t knew anything immediately concludes that Sung Joon is the kidnapper of his child, but even though the reality is Sung Hoon that kidnapped his child.

Drana Duel

Because Sung Joon always accused of being kidnapper, until one day he proved to Jang Deuk-cheon that he was innocent and it was his twin that kidnapped the police’s child who was cheated. Finally, Jang Deuk-cheon believes that Lee Sung-joon is innocent, then they become a good friend and help each other to find his lost child. Apparently, not only Sung Hoon is eyeing the vaccines, but the research team from a hospital also secretly wanted the vaccines to developing human cloning technology. The battle between the hospital team with Lee Sung-hoon is increasingly fierce, and not only them but this battle involves many other parties that are not yet known.

This drama has a good plot, the plot uses is the forward flow or it can be said that the current situation is a towards the future. This story is very difficult to guess, but when the middle part to ending some people say that it has begun to boring. But the part that can be boring is covered by another very interesting story.

The Cast

Review Drama Duel

In a drama or films that make the audience feel it is the acting of the characters. The acting of the cast can build a natural atmosphere, so that can make the peoples who watch it will feel like a real. So, who were they who succeeded that starring in the Duel, drama? Let’s check this out!

1. Yang Se-jong 

Review Drama Duel

Yang Se-jong in the drama, Duel plays for 3 characters. He got a role as Lee Sung-hoon, Lee Sung-joon at once. As the drama progress, Yang Se-jong is also required to play the third character, namely Doctor Lee Yong-seob. In the drama, Se-jong plays three different characters, initially, Sung-joon was portrayed as an amnesic and kind person. Then for Sung-hoon was an evil character who could cruelly kill anyone. Meanwhile, Doctor Lee Yong-seob is the clone parent of Sung Hoon and Sung Joon.

2. Jung Jae-young

Jung Jae-young he plays as a father from the child kidnapped by Sung-hoon. His role names is, Jang Deuk-cheon. Besides as a father, he also got a role as police, but when he know that his child was kidnapped when he lost his memory or stressed out.

3. Kim Jung-eun

Kim Jung-eun got a role as prosecutor namely Choi Jo-hye, unfortunately, her acting was even flooded with negative comments. Many netters are disturbed by the expression and pronunciation of Kim Jung-eun dialogue. As a result, she was considered to interfere with the plot of drama which is considered as exciting as a movie. Even many who called OCN this time were wrongly cast for hooking her up.

4. Seo Eun-soo

Seo Eun-soo as Ryu Mi-rae. In this drama, Ryu Mi-rae helped for Sung-joon, and they have a distance of three years, and Ryu Mi-rae is the younger than Sung-joon. They’re very suitable, and in real life, they’ve previously played in one frame on another drama.

The Soundtrack

Besides the plot, the casts, storyline, in a drama will successful if the soundtrack is good listening such as in this drama. Duel, have so many OST or soundtrack, but here are the two of the many songs that be the number one!

1. “Nightmare” (악몽) by Mad Soul Child 

2. “Because Of You” (니가 있기에) by Kim Ji-soo

Reasons Why You Should Watch Duel

Review Drama Duel

For those people of you who haven’t watched this drama, here are the reasons why you should watch it!

  • This drama shows how parents love their child, and the struggle of a father to get his lost child.
  • Teaches how technology and science are sophisticated for example human clones.
  • gives a moral that cloning is better than humans. Because advanced technology is misused by humans with evil intention.
  • The storyline doesn’t focus on the past, shows that the present is still a mystery.
  • The cast’s acting are very totality, for example, Jang Se-jong
  • Not predictable
  • The songs from this drama is really good and make us touched

That’s the reasons why you should watch Duel drama. And if you want to see the trailer, you can check below!

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