K-Drama Review: The Thoroughly Entertaining. Feel-Good Romantic-Comedy, ‘Dream High’

10 Reasons Why You Should Give ‘Dream High’ A Try

1. A Perfect Musical Drama


Indeed this drama gives a very good touch of musical drama. Every episode has performances from famous girl-groups or boy-groups.  For example, they do a flashmob with Dream High songs and cover Genie songs from Girls Generation.

2. Unique Plot


Dream High has a very interesting plot. Starting from the part of friendship, romance, motivation, and fighting together to pursue their ideals as famous stars.

3. Friendship and Love


In the drama, the characters are also challenged to be able to share their love stories and their friends so as not to damage their goal of becoming a famous star. The drama also tells about the teacher’s love for his students, and how he always supports them in achieving their dreams.

4. Transformation


Dream High also presents the theme of change. The change in question is how each character changes for the better in the drama. For example, Go Hyemi was once known as a girl who was very selfish and evil, but after getting to know other friends she became kinder and more loving. Jason, who was very ignorant of his future and felt certain he could succeed without working at it, becomes more enthusiastic and committed after getting to know Pil-sook.  Baek-hee became a good person and no longer became vengeful, very rebellious Hyun-sik became following his father’s advice.

5. Chemistry between Hyemi and Hyun-sik


Hyemi and Hyun-sik were the first couple in the drama. They have unique things and make the audience anxious about them. However, they eventually broke up because Hyun-sik was accepted to be part of an idol group.

6. Chemistry between Hyemi and Sam-dong


Hyemi and Sam-dong are the main pair in this drama. At first Hyemi didn’t like Sam-dong, but due to innocence, kindness, and Hyemi’s hard work finally Hyemi melted and liked Sam-dong.

7. Chemistry between Jason and Pil-sook


Jason and Pil-sook are one of the favorite couples at Dream High. They are very funny and adorable when interacting with each other. Jason liked Pil-sook when Pil-sook was still overweight and Pil-sook had been idolizing Jason from the start.

8. The OST


The OST of a drama is has a huge impact on setting the mod. Each member shows their talents in their respective genres. From IU’s melodic songs to Taecyeon’s rap, this drama’s OST is truly recommended. Even Kim Soo-hyun, who is not a singer, also contributed to a song. The famous song in this drama is titled Dream High which is sung by the entire cast.

9. Gives Motivation to Reach Your Dreams


The drama is all about how the characters all strive and fight together to achieve their dreams with the support of their loved ones. This gives us motivation to not give up and always try to reach our dreams.

10. Relaxing from Duty


Watching this drama is indeed a lovely escape when we are busy and bored with daily routines or assignments. By watching dramas that will make us feel more relaxed and become efficient entertainment, Dream High is a drama that is suitable for filling your breaks or leisure time.