K-Drama Review: The Thoroughly Entertaining. Feel-Good Romantic-Comedy, ‘Dream High’


Will School Life Stories Always be Students’ Favourite Dramas?

The Korean dramas encompass many genres, ranging from romance, history, crime, action, melodrama, etc., but many teenagers and students like Korean dramas about school life. According to them, these dramas can be an inspiration for them and make them excited for school.

Some of them have also said that they got valuable lessons from school-life dramas, such as not doing bad things with one’s friends because karma will definitely apply, true friends are always there in both happy and difficult times, and other lessons.

Lots of Korean dramas address issues related to school life. One of those dramas was very popular when it was released in 2011 by KBS, namely Dream High. Dream High is one of the most popular dramas among students because, besides starring famous idols, this drama also had a very interesting storyline and inspired many students.

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6 Music Students with Their Own Dreams


Dream High revolves around six students who want to reach their dreams to be singers and succeed in the South Korean music industry. There are, however, many obstacles that challenge their efforts to become stars, ranging from friendship, romance, family, economic factors, fighting, misunderstanding, appearance, and much more. 

Before the students could enter the Kirin Art School, they had to take part in auditions. Two girls, Hyemi and Baek-hee, are a couple of friends. Baek-hee always follows where Hyemi leads and is her loyal accomplice. They decided they wanted to enter the Kirin Art School and went to audition. Hyemi and Baek-hee decided to sing for their try-outs, and after the audition was over Hyemi felt that she did better than Baek-hee and felt sure that she would pass the audition. In fact, Baek-hee passed the audition and Hyemi couldn’t accept it, and said rude things about Baek- hee. When Baek-hee heard them, she was hurt and surprised that Hyemi would betray her after they had been friends for so long. After that, their friendship was destroyed. Baek-hee escaped to the Kirin Art School and Hyemi retreats.


However, because of financial pressure from the Hyemi family, she still wanted to continue studying at the Kirin Art School and was finally admitted to a special class with other friends. Hyemi was told to look for Sam Dong, who was a prospective student at Kirin Art School and to take him to school there. She did everything she could to get Samdong from the village to attend the Kirin Art School. Hyemi finally managed to bring Samdong to Kirin Art School and they entered the special class together.


Besides Hyemi and Samdong, a man named Shin Hyuk is also in that class. He aspires to become a great dancer and debut as a famous star. He worked hard and danced all the time so he could pass every test at the Kirin Art School, but he had to work with other students in a special class.


Besides the three of them, there were two other people, one male and one female, Jason and Pil-sook. Jason is a well-known artist in America who wants to continue his career in South Korea, but he has to go to the Kirin Art School. Pil-sook is a young woman with a very beautiful voice but also carrying extra weight. One of the teachers at the school, required her to change her appearance, to become thinner and more beautiful. She went on a diet and changed her appearance too, because she was infatuated with  Jason. Pil-sook tries to look thin and beautiful to captivate Jason’s heart.


Hyemi, Sam-dong, Shin-hyuk, Jason, Baek-hee, and Pil-sook are special class students at the Kirin Art School who aspire to become famous stars. They must work together to overcome all the obstacles and problems that are in front of them. They have to put aside their egos and love so they can pursue their dreams, no matter what.


The Casts

1. Bae Suzy as Go Hyemi


She is the most popular girl at Kirin High. She carries herself confidently, but inside hides a sad past. She dreamed of becoming a world renowned classical vocalist, but after the collapse of her family she had no choice but to enter Kirin High School of Art.

2. Kim Soohyun as Song Sam-dong


Song Sam-dong lives in the countryside and dreams of becoming the owner of a stock farm. He falls in love with Go Hyemi and he discovers his genius-like musical talent.

3. Ok Taecyeon as Hyun Sih-hyuk


This guy is a gifted dancer, but a troubled student at school. The director of Kirin High School of Art recommends to Sih-hyuk to enroll at his school, and while he’s there, Sih-hyuk’s talents blossom and he dreams of becoming a global star.

4. Ham Eunjung as Yoon Baek-hee


Formerly best friends with Hyemi, the two become bitter enemies when Hyemi betrays Baek-hee during their audition.

5. Jang Wooyoung as Jason


An exchange student that comes to Kirin High after receiving the top score for new applicants. He comes from abroad and shows outstanding skills as a dancer.

6. Lee Jieun as Kim Pil-sook


She was discouraged from pursuing music because she was shy and overweight. She also has the gift of perfect pitch.

The Soundtracks

  1. Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy, JOO, Kim Soo Hyun – Dream High
  2. IU – Someday
  3. Taecyeon & Nichkhun – My Valentine (feat. Park Jin Young)
  4. Park Jin Young – Mot Ijeun Geojyo (If) (못 잊은 거죠; Can’t Forget (If))
  5. Sun Ye – Maybe
  6. Changmin & Jinwoon, Saranghamyeon Andoelkka (사랑하면 안될까; Can’t I Love You)
  7. Junsu & Lim Jeong Hee – Kajima (가지마; Don’t Go)
  8. San E – Eotteoniui Kkum (feat. So Hyang (POS)) (어떤이의 꿈; Someone’s Dream)
  9. Suzy – Gyeourai (겨울아이; Winter Child)
  10. Kim Soo Hyun – Dreaming
  11. Mot Ijeun Geojyo (If) (못 잊은 거죠)
  12. Maybe (Inst.)