K-Drama Review: ‘Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus’ Another Mystery-Revenge Story from Son of a Driver

Shark Korean Drama

What are The Triggers of An Action Motivated by Resentment?

Being treated unfairly is one of the reasons people take revenge. Being forced to accept reality even though the alleged facts do not correspond the truth also encourages revenge in order to reveal the truth. No matter how many and how hard the barriers could be, if someone is already filled with ambitious resentment, nothing can’t stop them from acting upon it and taking revenge.

This is the central plot point around which the drama Don’t Look back: The Legend of Orpheus, or also known as Shark, revolves. The drama tells the story of someone who wants to take revenge in order to reveal the truth of his father’s death. It becomes more complicated as he finds out that he had to take revenge over someone he loves. Let’s talk more about this drama!

Curiosity about the Secret Documents that are Believed to be The Key Clue in The Mysterious Case

shark korean drama

The main story of this drama is about a man who loses his father due to a woman’s family. He loves the woman very much. The man then is targeted by the woman’s family and ends up being killed in the end. As a result of an accident, the man changes his face and hides his true identity. He begins to take revenge on the woman’s family, but he struggles between the desire for revenge and love.

So, what’s the matter of the Secret Documents? Well, let me give you a piece of more detailed information in order to make you understand. The Grandfather, Chairman Jo Sang-guk, although known as a hero of Korean independence, he also has a dark past that almost nobody knows. The Japanese-Korean Yoshimura Junichiro was one of those who knew Grandpa’s past and also secretly had a personal grudge.

Aside from him personally feeling aware of past mistakes, Jo Hae-wu’s father also committed a hit and run. It was Han Yi-su’s father who made the agreement with Grandpa willing to bear the mistakes of Jo Hae-woo’s father in order to repent for his past mistakes. Unfortunately, Han Yeong-man accidentally gets a glimpse of the secret document belonging to Jo Snag-guk. Han Yi-su’s father gets killed by poison.

Shark Korean Drama

Han Yi-su realizes there is something wrong with the case of his father, starting from being accused of committing a hit and run, to the odd circumstances surrounding his death. He asks the police for help, but apparently, the detective who handles his father’s case seems to be corrupt and might have conspired for money. The detective is even able to imprison Yi-su who is angry because he is being treated unfairly. Yi-su is determined to seek his own justice for his father, starting an investigation from the beginning, namely the hit and run incident. He is only trying to get the bottom of things when inadvertently he gets Jo hae-woo involved. Yi-su also aspires to become a prosecutor. Yi-su eventually realizes that the real culprit of the hit and run incident was Jo Hae-wu’s father.

Shark Korean Drama

All his discoveries put Yi-so’s life in danger because he also discovers the secret document of Grandpa’s past that his father had saved. As luck would have it, he has just enough time to ask for help from a detective he deems trustworthy. But unfortunately, before the detective arrives, Yi-su suffers a terrible tragedy and is declared dead (missing).

Shark Korean Drama

It is Yoshimura Junichiro who helps Yi-su and saves him from certain death, although he suffers a lot of damage to his face and is taken to Japan quietly. Yoshimura knows that Yi-su has a grudge against Jo’s family, so he appoints Yi-su to be his adopted son. In the meantime, Yi-su gets a new face and new identity, Yoshimura Jun or Kim Jun. Yi-su is considered dead, but he is actually changing to a new personality full of revenge, under the name Kim Jun.

Yi-su, aka Kim Jun, returns to Korea as the son of the owner of Gaya Hotels, a large hotel in Japan that will expand its business to Korea. The purpose of Gaya Hotels certainly rivals the Family Jo Hotel in Korea and even secretly wants to tear them down. Not only that, but Kim Jun has also devised a plan to seek justice and uncover cases that have befallen his father and himself in his own way which is tinged with revenge.

Shark Korean Drama

The arrival of Kim Jun to Korea turns out to coincide with the marriage of Jo Hae-woo with her senior, Oh Jun-yeong. And the complicated things between revenge and love start here. The moment when you finally meet again someone you love so much, but you should hide your feelings even your identity in order to accomplish your mission.

This drama has a very interesting plot and I am sure once you watch the first episode, you will want to watch another one, and then another one until reaching the final episode! This drama is definitely worth watching!

The Cast

The incredible plot in the drama is delivered by the great acting of the leading roles which are:

Kim Nam-gil as Joon Yoshimura/Han Yi-so

Kim Nam-Gil as Joon Yoshimura / Han Yi-Soo

He is described as a man who is affectionate with his family. When he wants to prove that his father was innocent in an accident, he suddenly disappears. After 13 years, he suddenly appears at the wedding ceremony of the woman he once loved, Jo Hae-woo.

Son Ye-jin as Jo Hae-woo

Son Ye-Jin as Jo Hae-Woo

A strong and stubborn woman who is now a prosecutor. Her feelings get messed up when she sees someone which is similar to the man she once loved, Han Yi-so.

Ha Seok-jin as Oh Joon-young

Ha Seok-Jin as Oh Joon-Young

He has a warm heart and really loves his wife, Jo Hae-woo, but he does not realize that his wife’s feelings start moving to another’s heart slowly.

Also, there are many supporting roles who also play an important role in the unfolding of the plot and backing the main characters, they are:
Lee Ha-nee as Jang Young-hee

Jang Young-Hee

She is the secretary of Kim Joon/Han Yi-so. She has feelings for him secretly.

Jung In-gi as Han Young-man

Han Young-Man

He is the father of Han Yi-so. He has many secrets that put him in danger.

Nam Bo-ra as Han Yi-hyun

nam bora

She is the younger sister of Han Yi-so. After her father and her brother leave her, she now lives with an adoptive parent who loves her very much.

Lee Jae-gu as Junichiro Yoshimura

Junichiro Yoshimura

He is the one who helps Kim Joon and takes him back to Korea.

Lee Si-un as Kim Dong-soo

Kim Dong-Soo

He is Kim Joon/Han Yi-so’s driver. He does not know that Kim Joon was his high school’s friend.

Lee Jung-kil as Jo Sang-kook

Jo Sang-Kook

He is the grandfather of Jo Hae-woo. He will do anything to get whatever he wants. He loves his granddaughter very much.

Kim Kyu-cheol as Jo Ui-sun

Jo Ui-Sun

He is Jo Hae-woo’s father who always makes trouble.

Here is the list of people who had a role as a young version of the main characters.

Yeon Jun-suk as young Han Yi-so

young Han Yi-Soo

Kyung Soo-jin as young Jo Hae-woo

young Jo Hae-Woo

No Young-hak as young Oh Joon-young

No Young-Hak

Ahn Seo-hyun as young Han Yi-hyun

Ahn Seo-Hyun

Oh Hee-joon as young Kim Dong-soo

Oh Hee-Joon

Here is a list of people who had a supporting role.

Oh Hyun-kyung as Yoo Sun-young
Jung Kyung-soon as Mrs. Park
Park Won-sang as Byeon Bang-jin
Lee Soo-hyuk as Kim Soo-hyun
Jung Won-joong as Oh Hyun-sik

Kim Min-sang as Jung Man-chul
So Hee-jung as Kim Young-joo
Choi Duk-moon as Kang Hee-soo 
Jung Ae-youn as Lee Hwa-young