K-Drama Review: 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Doctor John’

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Doctor John

  1. After the last episode aired, the drama’s audience gave many comments, which were dominated by affirmative sentences. Many of them praised the ending of this drama and were amazed by the acting of the players.
    The ministry shown by Cha Yo-han and Kang Si Young was, in fact, able to make the audience carried away by the romance of the two of them as a couple. Although Ji Sung already has a wife and children in real life, Lee Se-young has also played many romantic characters in several other K-Dramas.
    Besides that, Doctor John is the work of director Jo Soo-won. Among them are Thirty But Seventeen, Pinocchio, and I Can Hear Your Voice. The same director is also working on the serial Vagabond, starring Lee Seung-gi and Suzy.
    The doctors who were present as roles in Doctor John never gave up in handling their cases. Cha Yo-han with various types of patients who must be diagnosed with the disease. At the same time, Seok Gie, with a criminal act trying to find out who the culprit.
    “Trust is very expensive.” This is also evidenced in the romantic scenes of Cha Yo-han and Kim Shi-young because they believe that they will not just stop because of trust in a partner.

That is all information related to Doctor John‘s review, synopsis, cast, and many more. This drama is truly a good suggestion for you to watch in your free time because there are many life lessons to be learned from the drama. Besides that, Doctor John introduces medical terms and also rare diseases that can actually affect the health of someone who unconsciously, it can be a chronic disease.

Let’s still give lots of love and support to all casts in K-Drama Doctor John so they can make another comeback in K-Drama in the future!