K-Drama Review: 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Doctor John’

Doctor John: OST

Because Doctor John is included as one of the K-Dramas with a good response and has a high rating, this drama also has several OST or soundtracks with songs that are also good. Some famous singers such as Baek A-yeon, Jinsil, and many others helped enliven the soundtrack of Doctor John.

Let’s see more complete information about Doctor John’s OST below!


Way Back by Safira.K


Star by Minseo

Pain or Death by Samuel Seo

Just Go by Baek A-yeon

Way Back by Jinsil

Reason by Tree Tube


Title Singer
Golden Hour Romantisco
Run Jeong Cha-sik
Life Cycle Moon Sung-nam
Actually Son Han-mook
Into the Room Kim Yung-jin
Morning Star Lee Hye-rim
Fatal No Sa-ra
Coming Home (Guitar Roman) Moon Sung-nam
Pulse Jeong Cha-sik
Pure Death Romantisco
Serene Death Son Han-mook
Day Off Kim Hong-gap
Memories Moon Sung-nam
Mad Cello Jeong Cha-sik
Creeping Monster Kim Yung-jin
Jest Romantisco
Decision Son Han-mook
Pain or Death (Guitar Sad) Moon Sung-nam
Obsession Lee Hye-rim
Remembrance No Sa-ra
Coming Home (Strings) Moon Sung-nam
Missing Romantisco
An Unpleasant Memory Son Han-mook
Swear Jeong Cha-sik

Doctor John: Off-Screen Moments


During the shoot, Ji Sung showed his acting ability to express clearly the character of Cha Yo-han, who was filled with complex emotions. The solid actor’s performance, which floods each scene with the look in his eyes and facial expression, makes those watching watch hold their breath hopefully.


The production crew praised Ji Sung by saying, “Ji Sung showed perfect synchronization with Cha Yo-han from Doctor John so that no other actor could play it. We hope you will watch Ji Sung, who has everything from the best acting skills to a passionate passion, creating the story of Cha Yo-han.”


As for the romantic aspect, Ji Sung and Lee Se-young have very good chemistry even though they are actresses and actors who have a pretty far age gap. SBS as a television station that broadcasts Doctor John also quickly released behind the scenes of the kiss scene Ji Sung who played Cha Yo-han and Lee Se-young who played Kim Shi-young.

Originally it was their first kissing scene at the airport. Before starting shooting, they seemed to have a good discussion of what position they were about to show. After that, they started shooting the kiss scene well and very smoothly even though there were many people around him. After finishing the scene, they seemed to smile and laugh shyly.


After showing a few scenes, the video returned to show the moment of their second kiss at night. Different from before, their kisses this time were more intimate because while hugging. But just like before, they ended shooting this scene by smiling and laughing shyly.


And after finishing shooting the final scene, Ji Sung and Lee Se-young embraced very familiarly. Thus, it is evident that they have great chemistry.

After showing various scenes and laughter of the players, this video shows when the crew and the player take a photograph together. Even after taking pictures with a lot of people ended, Lee Se-young leaned on Ji Sung’s shoulder while laughing brightly. Apart from that, the cast and crew also looked very familiar with each other.

www.weheartit.comThe extraordinary chemistry shown by Ji Sung and Lee Se-young received a lot of praise from netizens and fans. Some even call them like a real family.

“I waited behind the last scene … Now I realize this drama is over now. I like their chemistry. Se Young and Ji Sung, please win the best couple award.”, “I miss this couple Dr. Cha and Kang Si-young, Ji Sung and Se Young. SBS, can you give them another romantic project …” commented netizens.

“The chemistry between the two main casts is so extraordinary that it doesn’t feel like they are 16 years old.”, “I like Doctor John, Cha Yo-han and Kang Si-young, ah their chemistry is the best. Please give them a project. Heeeeelllp !!!”.

It was roughly like that reaction and comment given by the fans after seeing the kiss scenes of Ji Sung and Lee Se-young.

Having played many characters before, Ji Sung also talked about his previous role in the drama New Heart that aired in 2007. “I feel a lot of responsibility, I was a resident in New Heart but now appears as a professor. New Heart very valuable to me because it was my first project since leaving the army,” Ji Sung shared. “I remember working hard preparing it. After finishing the drama, I thought, ‘Later, I have to act as a professor and not a resident anymore’ My dream will come true.”


“It’s precious to me. I like hospitals. I love hospital scents and disinfectant scents. I think that is the most real place in the world,” he continued. “My mind became comfortable when I went to the hospital, so I felt happy when choosing this new project.”


“I prepared many ways to act as an anesthesiology professor. I thought sincerely of learning everything I could. I should look like I was responsible for what I said,” he explained. “Because I have a spinal defect, I don’t have bones in some parts.”

“So I diligently exercise for my health, and I can feel attached to this drama. Because I have to pay attention to my health,” he said. “If someone says his lower back hurts, I say I’m an anesthesiologist. I feel I have to take care of my health, and I like that.” said the actor who has become the wife of Lee Bo-young.

Awards and Nominations

Awards :

Actor Lee Kyu-hyung won the award from 12th Korea Drama Awards (2019) as the Excellence Award (Actor)
Actress Lee Se-young won the award from 27th SBS Drama Awards (2019) as the Excellence Award in Miniseries (Actress)
Actor Yoon Chan-young won the award from 27th SBS Drama Awards (2019) as the Child Actor Award.

Nomination :

Actor Ji Sung nominated at the 27th SBS Drama Awards (2019) as the Top Excellence Award in Miniseries (Actor)
Actor Lee Kyu-hyung nominated at the 27th SBS Drama Awards (2019) as the Excellence Award in Miniseries (Actor)
Actor Ji Sung and actress Lee Se-young nominated at the 27th SBS Drama Awards (2019) as the Best Couple Award.