K-Drama Review: ‘Defendant’ Is so Good, and Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Need to Watch It


Learn More About Korean Drama Defendant

Korean dramas are very popular, not just in South Korea, but throughout Asia. If you’re looking for a drama with lots of action and thrills, Defendant, or as it’s also known, Innocent Defendant is work taking a look at.

In this article, Channel Korea introduces you the drama Defendant and the actors who made it come to life.

Have You Watched Defendant?


From the time the first episode was aired, Defendant was already getting high ratings, especially among fans of crime shows.

Defendant is a crime thriller that tells the story of a prosecutor, Park Jung-woo (played by Ji Sung), in the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office, who was chasing after a criminal named Cha Min-ho (played by Uhm Ki-joon). Park Jung-woo lost his wife and his child because of Cha Min-ho, and Park Jung-woo ended up in jail. As a prosecutor, Park Jung-woo has had to solve some cases, but this time he has to solve his own case.


Park Jung-woo was being framed for the murder of his family. He was accused by Cha Min-ho because Park Jung-woo knew that Cha Min-ho killed his twin, Cha Sun-ho. and pretended to be his brother to cover up his crime.

The storyline is complicated and challenging, and it’s best to try not to miss any of the episodes of this compelling drama.

You won’t want to miss a single episode, especially the last one! In the final episode, we finally get a happy ending for Park Jung-woo, and a sad ending for Cha Min-ho. Cha Min-ho acted as if he had multiple personalities, and he kept acting like he was Cha Sun-ho. And he also kept being annoying by confronting Park Jung-woo.


Park Jung-woo solved Cha Min-ho’s case, with help from Na Yeon-hee (played by Uhm Hyun-kyung), and Cha Min-ho was taken to prison.

Every episode of Defendant drew viewers in and kept them wanting more. The mystery, the story line, the riveting acting from the cast, and the unpredictability are all some of the reasons why people loved Defendant! Moreover, Uhm Ki-joon played a convincing villain that we loved to hate.


If you still have any hesitation about watching Defendant, don’t worry! You’ll have ample opportunities to see it, because based on some sources, Defendant had a 22.9% rating, nationally! Channel Korea gives this drama an 8.5 on a 10-point scale, and we recommend it highly.

6 Reasons Why You Have to Watch Defendant!


1. Unpredictable Storyline

Who doesn’t love a movie with unpredictable twists and a storyline that full of surprises? Defendant takes you on a journey with a quite complicated story, and challenges you to keep trying to figure out what’s going on.  The story keeps your adrenalin pumping.

2. Really Recommended For Crime Thriller Drama Lover!

Are you one of them? If so, you’ll find Defendant especially entertaining! The story keeps you looking for clues in every scene, or trying to guess the next story! Moreover, there are  a lot of flashback scenes in this drama, which are sure to get an emotional reaction from viewers.

3. Great Cast

This drama was full of first-rate actors, such as Ji Sung, Uhm Ki-joon, Kwon Yu-ri (also known as SNSD’s Yuri), Kim Min-seok, Oh Chang-suk, and others. You won’t want to miss Ji Sung’s act in Defendant, because he smashed it, as usual, and made people really enjoy watching it!