K-Drama Review: Don’t Miss Yoon Kye-sang and Ha Ji-won’s Romance in ‘Chocolate’

Chocolate: The Soundtracks


Here’s our soundtrack recommendation from Chocolate series:

Sweetest Thing by SEVENTEEN

Sweetest Thing by SEVENTEEN also narrates about beautiful feelings between two people. They were called it the ‘sweetest things’, due to their encounter which also leads by fate!

Now I know that you’re the sweetest thing

I want to tell you with the sweetest lips

Always Be Here by Ha Jin

Always Be Here by Ha Jin also related to the way Kang and Cha-young were there for each other, and trying to endure their pain in the past.

I will always be here, I will cry your tears

Share your sweet sad fears“.

Just Look For You by Ailee

Just Look For You by Ailee was remind us of the separation of Kang and Cha-young! From the lyrics, it also narrated about someone who couldn’t forget the one that they loved and always looking for them.

It’s me who tries to erase you, 

It’s also me who wants you“.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Chocolate


Here’s the reasons why you need to watch Chocolate:

1. The Comeback of Ha Ji-won and Yoon Kye-sang
Chocolate was one of the most awaited series since it also marked as Ha Ji-won and Yoon Kye-sang’s comeback appearance! After signing out from her previous project, Ha Ji-won was involved with Chocolate and successfully made it a hit! Then it’s been a while since Yoon Kye-sang latest project, so Chocolate was worth watching!

2. Interesting Story-line
Chocolate also presenting you the story-line of romance, family conflict, young and pure love, until heartbreaking story as well. We could see directly how Cha-young and Kang met then separated with their own path until they met again with different circumstances. Not only that, but the atmosphere of the Geosung hospital scene with a bunch of patients also made people expressing emotion!

3. Makes Your Tears Rolling Down Your Face
Even though the title was Chocolate, but actually it consisted of a bunch of sad moments. Since mostly the atmosphere was supported by the hospital environment, amazing emotional acting from the characters, as well as the family conflict!

4. Healing Moments
Cha-young and Kang also have their own burden, they have to face it and undergo their own healing process. Although it was difficult, they could heal themselves and found their own happiness afterward!

5. The Mixture of Culinary and Medical
Chocolate was brought an interesting story-line with a mixture of the medical-culinary themes! Cha-young who was a chef and Kang who was a neurosurgeon also met through chocolate and food as their destiny.

That was all of the reviews about Chocolate! Overall, the series also worth watching since it had a bunch of impressive scenes as well as the amazing acting appearance from those actors and actresses!

Comment down below which one of your favorite scenes from Chocolate!