K-Drama Review: Don’t Miss Yoon Kye-sang and Ha Ji-won’s Romance in ‘Chocolate’

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Feels The Sweetest Romance Through K-Drama Chocolate!

Are you looking for some sweet yet melodrama romance story? Then Chocolate might be the best answer for you! The drama starred by Ha Ji-won and Yoon Kye-sang will give you those fluttering heart-scene and as sweet as ‘chocolate’! Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you the details about Chocolate drama, so stay tuned!

Chocolate: Review


Chocolate has narrated the story of Lee Kang (Yoon Kye-sang), who worked as a neurosurgeon. He is known as a shy person due to his past trauma but has a warm personality. He lived with his mother, who owned Bada Restaurant in Wando, which made Lee Kang dreamt of being a chef. However, he became a doctor instead of a chef as his grandparents’ desire.

His family also underestimated him because he was born from housemaid mother even though his father was his mother’s, sir. Young Lee Kang was also forced to live with the grandparents from his father because they wanted to make him an heir of a Geosang hospital in the future.

Then Moon Cha-young (Ha Ji-won), who worked as a famous chef with a kind personality. When she was young, she once went to Bada Restaurant and met Lee Kang, who cooked for herself. Lee Kang also promised to gave her a bar of chocolate, but she couldn’t come, and Lee Kang already moved with his grandparents. Moon Cha-young always remembering those sweet memories and became a successful international chef.

Several years later, Cha Young as a patient, then accidentally met with Lee Jun in Geosung hospital, where Lee Kang was working. Cha-young has realized that he was Lee Kang that she has been looking for. Meanwhile, Cha-young was misunderstood by Lee Jun as Lee Kang. Lee Jun was Lee Kang’s cousin, who is also working there. Although Cha-young also met with Lee Kang, he hasn’t realized that she was Cha-young who once met him in the past.

The complicated love story also happened, when Lee Kang’s best friend Kwong Min-seong has fallen in love with Cha-young. At that time, Cha-young also thought that Lee Kang died during his occupation in the war zone in Libya, which made her decision to accepting Min-seong. It turns out that Lee Kang didn’t die, and he came back to Seoul afterward, but Cha-young already became Min-seong’s girlfriend.

Here’s the general information of Chocolate!

Title: Chocolate

Genre: Drama

Directed By: Lee Hyung-min

Starred By: Yoon Kye-sang, Ha Ji-won, Min Jin-woong, Jang Seung-jo

Number of Episodes: 16

Original Network: JTBC

The official drama poster of Chocolate:




Cha-young and Kang’s moment in Geosung hospital together!


Awkward moments between Cha-young and Kang, meanwhile Min-seong was excited because Cha-young has becoming his girlfriend.


Kang was finally found Cha-young in Greece!

Finale Episodes

The final episodes of Chocolate might become as sweet as the title! It also revealed almost everything, and the happiness within those characters eventually happened. Cha-young went to the chocolate store, and Kang was following her. They sat together whilst eaten, and Kang also said that chocolate was reminded him of Wando.

Then Kang also met with Mrs. Yoon who said that Jun was the right person to be Geosung hospital’s heirs since he has been done everything for the hospital. Kang was called Jun and talked about his agreement with Mrs. Yoon. Cha-young and Kang also met to celebrating Kang’s birthday in his place and cooking together. The untold fact has been revealed, that Kang’s mother was saved Cha-young’s life when she was stuck in the collapsed mall.

Suddenly, Cha-young’s mother was called her and asking to meet up. Even though Cha-young thought that her mother was horrible, but she agreed to meet her. In their meeting, Cha-young was exploding her emotion towards her mother and ended up said that she wouldn’t pick up even if her mother was called her phone. Kang was looking from the far during the encounter of Cha-young and her mother, and he went there to cheer her. Suddenly, Cha-young asked him a favor to let go of her and asking him to not waiting for her. Kang was agreed, but he said that Cha-young has to come back as a promise.

Kang was chasing after Cha-young and went to Greece because he missed her. He went to the restaurant where Cha-young was working, but couldn’t find her. In the restaurant, he was served with a chocolate cake made by Cha-young. Suddenly, Kang went to a ride with a cycle and looking for her. Finally, he found Cha-young and said that he wanted to rest with her forever.

Chocolate: The Cast

chocolate cast

Channel Korea will introduce you to Chocolate cast!

Ha Ji-won as Moon Cha-young

ha ji won

Moon Cha-young was known as a famous chef who has a kind personality. But she used to had a trauma which made her went into the hospital for therapy since her mother once left her in a mall and abruptly the building was collapsed. Even though she already became successful as chef, but she has to be responsible for taking care of his childish brother who often got in trouble. Moon Cha-young always thought that Lee Kang was her first love.

Yoon Kye-sang as Lee Kang

yoon kye sang

Lee Kang was working as a neurosurgeon in Geosung hospital, even though his actual dreamt was to be a chef. He also became a doctor due to his grandparents’ order. He was born from housemaid mother and her sir. When his mother died, Lee Kang also raised by his grandmother. He used to meet Cha-young when he was young, but several years later he didn’t recognize her during their reunion.

Jang Seung-jo as Lee Jun

tae yoo

Lee Jun was known as Lee Kang’s cousin who also working as a neurosurgeon in Geosung hospital. His relationship with Lee Kang didn’t go well since their grandmother often comparing them. He used to involved in Lee Kang’s surgeon which gave Lee Kang’s impact that his hands often trembling. He also slightly arrogant, but also hidden his sadness as well.

Teo Yoo as Kwon Min-seong

teo yoo

Kwon Min-seong was known as Lee Kang’s best friend. He was fell in love with Cha-young at first sight when Cha-young also cheering him up in the hospital, his love for her became deeper after found out that Cha-young was really good at cooking.