K-Drama Review: ‘Blow Breeze’, The Lives of North Korean Defectors in South Korea You Don’t Want To Miss It


General Plot of Korean Drama Blow Breeze

The story revolves around long-lost family members and a South Korean man with a North Korean woman who is able to find love by overcoming their differences. The two need to protect their own precious families by overcoming the conflicts surrounding a 100 billion won inheritance. Therefore, the drama has multiple storylines including Mi Poong’s family, Jang Go’s family, the Jo family, and Park Shin Ae. Keep on reading if you wanna know more about this makjang family-romance-comedy drama!

Details and Synopsis of Blow Breeze


Blow Breeze (also known as Blow It, Mi Poong!), was originally a 50-episode series, but it was given a three-episode extension on January 9, 2017. The drama was aired by MBC every Saturday & Sunday 20:45, from August 27th, 2016 – February 26th, 2017. Here are the following main casts that spark the entire drama:

Lim Ji-yeon as Kim Mi-poong / Kim Seung-Hee
Son Ho-Jun as Lee Jang-Go
Yoon Chan-Young as young Jang Go
Han Joo-Wan as Jo Hee-Dong
Oh Ji-Eun as Park Shin-Ae (Episode 1 to 12, replaced because of an ankle injury)
Im Soo-Hyang as Park Shin-Ae (Episode 13 to 53)
Hwang Bo-Ra as Jo Hee-Ra
Jang Se-Hyun as Lee Jang-Soo

Cast of Blow Breeze: About Kim Mi-Poong & Lee Jang-Go


A wealthy, elderly man who was born in North Korea and amassed a $100 million fortune in South Korea knows that his time is short. One day, he coincidentally learns that he had a son that he did not know of. The elderly man desperately tries to track down his son but learns that he died. However, the elderly man soon discovers that his son has a daughter who was also defected from North Korea and is currently living in South Korea, which later turns out to be the lead character Mi Poong.

Mi-Poong is bright and easygoing North Korean girl who studies dancing. When Mi Poong was younger, she went to an international school in Macau and met South Korean boy Lee Jang-Go, and they become friends also her first crush. But, eventually, they get separated when she has to go back home to North Korea. Some years later, Mi Poong has to defect to Seoul. She then meets Jang Go again, him now as a South Korean lawyer.

Lee Jang-Go is a legal counsel for the socially underprivileged, a human rights lawyer who pleads, and basically an honest lawyer from Seoul who is a stickler for the rules. Despite practicing law for the past two years, he only owns two suits that he alternates between and is constantly ridiculed by his co-workers for being a fashion terrorist who doesn’t understand trends. In the drama, both of Mi Poong and Jang Go finding love in the midst of a battle for the huge inheritance of a dying old chaebol grandpa.

Cast of Blow Breeze: About Park Shin-Ae & Jo Hee-Dong


Park Shin-Ae is basically the wicked villain in the drama. She lives to be a thorn in the side of Mi Poong, which also a defector from North Korea. As a child in North Korea, Shin Ae received much financial aid from Mi Poong’s family, who was rich at the time. Despite their kindhearted help, she scammed them by stealing their money and running away. Described as having a strong survival instinct, Park Shin-Ae is a two-faced conniver with a hardened heart. For instance, she acts like a helpless angel to draw the attention of Jo Hee-Dong, who is related to the chaebol grandpa. However, in front of the people she’s wronged, she is unabashed by her nasty, selfish actions.

Meanwhile, Jo Hee-Dong is a simple and bright character who aspires to be a successful webtoon artist. He is also a straightforward-minded man who has always been single because of his annoying twin sister born 12 minutes after him. Living with her since birth has given him a not-so-pretty insight into real-world girls vs the fantasy. Nevertheless, when Hee Dong meets the girl he thinks is The One, he falls hard and fast, head-over-heels in love. He then falls in love with Park Shin-Ae, and eventually get married.

Cast of Blow Breeze: About Jo Hee-Ra & Lee Jang-Soo


Jo Hee-Ra is the twin sister of Jo Hee-Dong. She is a feminine, bright and cheerful but sometimes greedy, which makes her twin brother Jo Hee-Dong sick and tired of her. Because of her unruly character, she becomes a part of the leading roles to instill the vitality of the drama.

Lee Jang-Soo is the younger brother of Jang-Go who dreams of becoming an actor. He is a comical and witty character who actually is always get ignored at home. One day, Lee Jang-Soo met Jo Hee-Ra who did a drunken act in front of the glass door without pressing the open button when he came out of the bar. Long story short, the two become a couple after confirming each other’s hearts. They even shared a hot kiss and headed for the motel to sleep together.

Cast of Blow Breeze: List of Other Characters


Jang Go’s family
Kim Young-Ok as Dal Rae-Geum
Bo Ra as Hwang Geum-Shil
Kim Hee-Jung as Lee Nam-Yi
Lee Dae-Yeon as Lee Kyung-Shik

Mi Poong’s family
Lee Il-Hwa as Joo Young-Ae
Hong Dong-Young as Kim Yoo-Sung
Han Gab-Soo as Kim Dae-Hoon
Jo Sung-Yoon as Kim Young-Chul

Hee Dong’s family
Byun Hee-Bong as Kim Duk-Chun
Ban Hyo-Jung as Chun Gwi-Ok
Lee Hwi-Hyang as Ma Chung-Ja
Lee Jong-Won as Jo Dal-Ho
Jung Jong-Joon as Jo Eok-Man

Son Sook as Soon Ok
Seo Kwang Jae

Blow Breeze OST

  1. “You are Love” (그대 사랑) – Lee Hyun (OST Part 1)
  2. “You are Love” (Inst.) (OST Part 1)
  3. “Loved and Wanted” (사랑하고 원했죠) – Gavy NJ (OST Part 2)
  4. “Loved and Wanted” (Inst.) (OST Part 2)
  5. “Those Words (I Will Love)” (그 말) – Jang Han-Byul (OST Part 3)
  6. “Those Words (I Will Love)” (Inst.) (OST Part 3)
  7. “Oh Happy” (살만합니다) – Jang Yun-Jeong (OST Part 4)
  8. “Oh Happy” (Inst.) (OST Part 4)
  9. “Thank You” (늘 고마운 사람) – Park Seung-Hwa (Yurisangja) (OST Part 5)
  10. “Thank You” (Inst.) (OST Part 5)
  11. “Bravo” (브라보) – Jo Hang-Jo (OST Part 6)
  12. “Bravo” (Inst.) (OST Part 6)
  13. “Wind, Sunshine, Memories” (바람, 햇살, 기억) – 2LSON feat. WiNee (OST Part 7)
  14. “Wind, Sunshine, Memories” (Inst.) (OST Part 7)
  15. “My Life” (세월아) – Keum Jan-Di (OST Part 8)
  16. “My Life” (Inst.) (OST Part 8)
  17. “As One Wishes…” (원하는대로) – Postmen (OST Part 9)
  18. “As One Wishes…” (Inst.) (OST Part 9)
  19. “Thought of You” (그리움만 쌓이네) – Huh Gong (OST Part 10)
  20. “Thought of You” (Inst.) (OST Part 10)
  21. “My Pain” (못) – Eru (OST Part 11)
  22. “My Pain” (Inst.) (OST Part 11)
  23. “Because of You” (이별같은 사랑) – Eun Ga-Eun (OST Part 12)
  24. “Because of You” (Inst.) (OST Part 12)
  25. “I Can Not Forget” (잊을 수 없다) – Heo Young-saeng (Double S 301) (OST Part 13)
  26. “I Can Not Forget” (Inst.) (OST Part 13)
  27. “Listen” (들려) – Ulala Session (OST Part 14)
  28. “Listen” (Inst.) (OST Part 14)
  29. “You are Love (Female Version)” (그대 사랑) – Song Ha-Ye (OST Part 15)
  30. “You are Love” (Inst.) (OST Part 15)
  31. “Love Simply” (사랑도 단순하게) – J-Cera (OST Part 16)
  32. “Love Simply” (Inst.) (OST Part 16)
  33. “It Went Without Sound” (소리 없이 간다) – Choi Hyo-In feat. Gong Na-Ri (OST Part 17)
  34. “It Went Without Sound” (Inst.) (OST Part 17)
  35. “Lost Half” (반을 잃었다) – AirManGirl (OST Part 18)
  36. “Lost Half” (Inst.) (OST Part 18)
  37. “Rain’s Melody” (비의 멜로디) – Kim Hyun-Min (OST Part 19)
  38. “Rain’s Melody” (Inst.) (OST Part 19)
  39. “For You” – Michelle Lee (OST Part 20)
  40. “For You” (Inst.) (OST Part 20)
  41. “Wait for Spring” (봄을 기다려) – Romantic Punch (OST Part 21)
  42. “Wait for Spring” (Inst.) Romantic Punch (OST Part 21)
  43. “My Love Like a Tear” (눈물 같은 내 사랑아) – Woo Eun-Mi (OST Part 22)
  44. “My Love Like a Tear” (Inst.) (OST Part 22)
  45. “I Wanted To Say This” (이말 꼭 하고 싶었어) – TAESABIAE (OST Part 23)
  46. “I Wanted To Say This” (Inst.) (OST Part 23)
  47. “Like The First Day” (처음 그날처럼) – Moon Jun-Young (ZE:A) (OST Part 24)
  48. “Like The First Day” (Inst.) (OST Part 24)
  49. “Hope It’s Not A Dream” (꿈이 아니길) – Kim Dae-Hoon (OST Part 25)
  50. “Hope It’s Not A Dream” (Inst.) (OST Part 25)
  51. “Magic” – Tarin (OST Part 26)
  52. “Magic” (Inst.) (OST Part 26)

Why You Should Give Blow Breeze a Try


The drama itself is quite lengthy and at times could be dragging, unlike popular dramas you might have watched already. This seasoned writer keeps you interested through an ever-changing story without relying on fillers. You can find gold diggers, psycho lines, and ridiculous moments along the way. Though the overall story may get on your nerves because of the over-the-top plot, the story is still endearing, and it’s actually a quite fun drama to watch.

It’s also interesting because not many dramas tell a story of a runaway North Korean family. But, as mentioned before, because the main characters kept getting trampled on, there are so many cliffhangers that may test your patience while watching this drama. Forget the typical romance drama, here we offer you the chance to witness a romantic-yet-crazy-and-makjang Romeo and Juliet of South Korea 😉