K-Drama Review: Gong Yoo is a High School Student in Romance-Fantasy Drama ‘Big’

06. Venny – Some Days (어떤날)

07. Kim Ha Na – I Feel Weird (내가 좀 이상해)

08. Park Sang Joon – Tears Fall Again (눈물이 또 나요)

09. Suzy – I Still Love You (그래도 사랑해)

10. Gong Yoo – Special Track: Because It’s You (너라서)

7 Reasons Why You Should Give ‘Big’ A Try

  1. Attractive Visual from the Cast

big korean drama review

Popular actors such as Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, and Bae Suzy makes this drama shine, not just because of their acting skills, but because of their wonderful visuals that attract viewers.

2. They Include the Korean Culture As well

big korean drama review

Big is very entertaining, but it also shows viewers a different set of values and norms, and slips in a bit of Korean culture. Big offers up beautiful phrases with meaningful ideas about of life, love and everything else as well.

3. Wonderful Settings and Romance

big korean drama review

The chemistry between Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung was very compelling, they entered their characters fully and felt like a real couple. Not only did the lead actors do a great job, the supporting cast was also great.

Big shot many scenes against beautiful settings that only added to the story.

4. Perfect OST to Listen

The songs used for the OSTs were a perfect complement to the story, and were recorded by several very popular and talented singers.

The soundtrack helps evoke your emotions while watching the drama, and is well worth listening to.

5. Became Your Fashion Inspiration

big korean drama review

You might also enjoy the stylish looks and dazzling fashions worn by the characters. Not just that, they also use a lot of trendy accessories to make their styles complete. Many viewers began to follow the fashion trends worn in show, especially Suzy’s.

Thoughts About Big (Warning! Spoiler Alert)

big korean drama review

This drama takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster, with different episodes taking you on different parts of the ride. Gong Yoo, especially, does an amazing job not just play Yoon Jae, but also acting as Kyung Joon in Yoon Jae’s body. Even though the physical character of Kyung Joon isn’t on screen very much for a while, the audience can still imagine that the personalities of the two lead male characters are completely different, even when they’re being played by the same actor.