K-Drama Review: The Most Dramatic Medical Story In ‘Dr. Romantic 2’

Three Reasons Why You Should Watch Dr. Romantic 2

kdrama romantic doctor teacher kim 2

Here are the top three reasons why Dr. Romantic should be added to your K-Drama must-watch list!

1. Amazing Story-line with Unexpected Plot Twist And Cliffhangers

Often when people comment on an online platform, they say that time passes really fast while watching this drama. While there are so many competitors that try to grab the public’s attention, Dr. Romantic 2 creates this tense and tight story-line which requires careful scrutiny.

And at the end of the episodes, it finishes with a dramatic cliffhanger that drums up the public for more episodes to come in the future.

2. Relatable and Realistic Details

This drama focuses more on telling relatable and realistic stories about ordinary people. Dr. Romantic 2 often takes from current situations and news stories as one of the motifs, also uses various surveys to tell realistic stories, which the audience can naturally relate to.

After the episodes of paramedics came, the phrase ‘Organ Donation’ rose to the top of the realtime search engines. While some of the other episodes of Dr. Romantic 2 were based on a real-life story of a non-Korean wife who exploded after being abused by her family for many years.

3. A Genuine Mentor

Like the previous seasons, in Dr. Romantic 2 they still have Han Sun Kyu to play Dr. Kim, whose strong words point out some societal problems in South Korea. Since the 20 to 49-year-olds make the majority of the workforce, they frequently encounter the unfair reality of living in a society. His brutal honesty has offered them some catharsis as well as an opportunity to self-reflect.

Doctor Kim likes to deliver some righteous trades, sometimes he also follows up with a gentle remonstrance. But either way, he uses some of his experiences to teach people a more humane way of living. As a good mentor, he gives youth who has lost their way a sense of direction. And gives middle-aged people, who lead society a sense of responsibility about the future ahead of them.

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