K-Drama Review: The Most Dramatic Medical Story In ‘Dr. Romantic 2’

Dr. Romantic 2: OST

kdrama romantic doctor teacher kim 2

In every K-Drama, the production team will always add an Original Soundtrack (OST). As for Dr. Romantic 2, they have 8 beautiful tracks in the OST. Are you curious to find out who are the artists involved in this project? Check this out below!

1. Heize – That’s All (다 그렇지 뭐)

This song is about a person that still hesitates about his/her feelings, but in the end, the person decides to come back to where he/she is to cherish the person they love. Waiting for them to come back again when their heart is ready.

2. Gummy – Your Day (너의 하루는 좀 어때)

A song that tells a story from one of the couples’ points of view (POV), where this person asks his/her lover about their day. And when everything is hard in their life, this person will stay by their side and overcome all the problems together.

This song is perfect for you guys who are in a difficult situation right now. A healing song, especially, if you read the lyrics’ translation.

EXO’s Chanyeol ft. Punch – Go Away Go Away

After their last OST project for Goblin in 2016, Chanyeol and Punch meet again this year with another OST collaboration for Dr.Romantic 2 titled “Go Away Go Away.”

The song is about one of the couples that plead their lover to not leave their side, he/she promises that they will hug their lover tightly and protect them from anything that can harm them.

EXO’s Baekhyun – My Love (너를 사랑하고 있어)

Another EXO member that participated in the Dr. Romantic 2 OST. Yup, he is Baekhyun the main vocalist of EXO. The song that he sang is “My Love.”

The meaning of this song is about lovers that in time get to know each other better. And telling them that no matter what he/she is, they always want to be with them in any aspect. This song’s lyrics are totally romantic, a great song choice for your loved ones!


Yang Da Il – Love (사랑 이토록 어려운 말)

A balled song with a soft melancholic instrument, that tells about what is the true meaning of love from one of the couples’ perspectives. Where he/she realized what is the true meaning of love. It doesn’t matter how painful their lives are, the most important thing is their lover’s happiness.

Mamamoo – I Miss You (자꾸 더 보고싶은 사람)

Idol group with amazing singing abilities, Mamamoo, also joined as one of the artists involved in the OST of Dr. Romatic 2. This song is about one of the couples that miss their loved one. He/she says that wherever they are, they will always be there to protect and be their safe places to come back to.

A perfect song to listen to, especially, during your special time with your loved one!

Monday Kiz – You Don’t Know (모르시죠)

This sad song is about one of the couples’ perspectives, that tries to forget their loved ones but ends up suffering from it. She also tries to express her true feelings, but fails because she can’t fight with her own ego.

Chungha – My Love (나의 그대)

Rising solo artist Chungha also participated in the Dr. Romantic 2 OST with her song “My Love.” The meaning behind this song is about a lover who tries to comfort their loved ones from sadness. Hoping that their feelings would reach their loved ones, even without any words from them.