K-Drama Review: The Most Dramatic Medical Story In ‘Dr. Romantic 2’

kdrama romantic doctor teacher kim 2

Find Out More About The Popular Medical Story K-Drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2

For the past years, K-Dramas have become the most popular thing to be watched by many people around the world. The reason for this is that K-Dramas usually give us an unexpected plot twist, and there are various genres that you can choose from. But in today’s topic, we are going to explore a drama of the medical genre.

Since the medical genre has become increasingly popular these days, many directors decide to make a K-Drama of that genre. Among the many dramas, one has caught our attention and that is Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim that has already released its second season this year. Curious to know more information about the drama? Well without any further ado, let’s get into our topic!

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2: Review

kdrama romantic doctor teacher kim 2

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2, or better known as Dr. Romantic 2, directed by Yoo In Sik, is the sequel to the previous series from 2016. The drama aired every Monday and Tuesday at 9:40 PM KST, on SBS TV.

The story continues three years after the events from the first season where Kim Sa Bu (played by Han Suk Kyu) comes to recruit a general surgeon at Geosan University Hospital. From there he finds Seo Woo Jin (played by Ahn Hyeon Seop), a doctor with a bad past who was ostracized by his own fellow doctors. Kim Sa Bu decides to offer him the job.

While Cha Eun Jae (played by Lee Sung Kyung), was suspended after making another mistake in the operation room, she doesn’t have any other choice, but to follow the two other doctors to Doldam Hospital.

Dr. Romantic 2: The Cast

kdrama romantic doctor teacher kim 2

One of the biggest factors of a successful drama is the cast, the ones who move and deliver the whole story. And now, let us meet the official cast members of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2.

The Main Cast

Han Suk Kyu as Master Kim/Boo Yong Joo

kdrama romantic doctor teacher kim 2

South Korea’s only surgeon who has achieved triple board-certified in cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, and general surgery. Since Doldam Hospital needs a general surgeon, he goes to Geosan University Hospital in Seoul to recruit the new member.

Not taking long, he is quickly interested in Woo Jin and Eun Jae. After learning further from the other doctors about their skills and struggles, he decides to recruit them.

Lee Sung Kyung as Cha Eun Jae

kdrama romantic doctor teacher kim 2

She is a second-year cardiothoracic surgent and a top student at medical school. She is often in competition with Woo Jin, with whom she has a complicated relationship. She can’t bear to do surgery without vomiting or falling asleep, Eun Jae is then suspended and starts working with Teacher Kim before she can go back to work at the main hospital.

Ahn Hyeon Seop as Seo Woo Jin

kdrama romantic doctor teacher kim 2

A second-year general surgent, he almost died when his parents decided to commit suicide when he was young. From there, he is struggling to survive. Woo Jin starts working as a part-timer to pay his medical studies and family debt.

He gets fired from two hospitals: first, because he was labeled as a whistleblower after testifying against his own mentor. Then the second one was because of false rumors about the part-time jobs he does to survive. Because Woo Jin needs money, he accepts Master Kim’s job offer but the latter is not sure about his motives anymore.

Kim Joo Hun as Park Min Gook

kdrama romantic doctor teacher kim 2

A general surgery professor and the new director of Doldam Hospital. Once, he ran away from a bus accident while Teacher Kim risked his life to save the unconscious person. He decided to surpass the doctor’s skills.

All the supporting roles

Not only the main cast, but the supporting roles are also important

People at Doldam Hospital

  • Shin Dong Wook as Bae Moon Jeong                   – Byun Woo Nim as Nam Do Il
  • Soo Joo Yeon as Yoon Ah Reum                          – Kim Min Jae as Park Eun Tak
  • Yoon Na Moo as Jeong In Soo                             – Jung Ji Ahn as Uhm Hyun Jung
  • Kim Hong Pa as Yeo Woon Yeong                        – Yoon Bo Ra as Joo Young Mi
  • Jin Kyung as Oh Myeong Shim                            – Lee Gyu Ho as Mr. Gu
  • Im Woon Hae as Jang Gi Tae                              – Kim Young Jin as Chief. Lee

Park Min Gook’s Staff

  • Go Sang Ho as Yang Ho Joon
  • Park Hyo Joo as Shim Hye Jin
  • Bae Myung Jin as Heo Yeong Gyoo

People who work at the Foundation

  • Choi Jin Ho as Do Yoon Wan
  • Jang Hyuk Jin as Song Yeon Cheol