Profile of DAY6’s Dowoon (Age, Abs, Tattoos, and Facts)

Fun Facts About Day6’s Dowoon That You Have To Know

  • Dowoon started to play the drums when he was sixteen years old.
  • Day6 members admitted that Dowoon is the most handsome member.
  • Many people think that Dowoon resembles EXO’s youngest member, Oh Se Hun.
  • Dowoon has a female cat named Hosun.
  • Dowoon also owns a pet dog.
  • Dowoon likes to get on the bus, and ride it far away.
  • During Every Day6 Concert in December 2017, Dowoon was being asked, “What is the best thing you have done in your life?” and he answered, “That I have met our My Days (the name of DAY6’s fan club)”. Aww, how sweet!
  • Dowoon said that he currently does a physical workout for his chest.
  • In Day6’s dorm, sometimes Dowoon prefers to sleep in the living room with his mosquito tent rather than sleeping with other Day6 members.
  • Dowoon admitted that he does not have many friends.
  • Dowoon said that at on one occasion, he played the punch machine, and cracked his foot. Hmm, perhaps he punched it too hard?
  • Dowoon said that his vocals can be clearly heard on Day6’s ‘Freehagae’.
  • During DAY6’s concert in October 2017, Dowoon’s drum sticks were broken, but contrary to what you might expect, Dowoon was even more excited and exhilarated.
  • On Day6’s fansign on 10 January 2018, a fan asked Dowoon about what foods she should eat when she visits to Busan, and Dowoon totally recommends ‘gukbap’ (rice soup) because it is one of Busan’s specialties.
  • Dowoon felt nervous during Day6’s club performance, because PIA (singer) performed right before his band.
  • According to Young K, Dowoon has an IQ as high as MENSA members. Wow, what a brainiac! But first things first, we need valid proof!
  • According to Sungjin, Dowoon is the type of person who talks first and thinks later.
  • According to Day6 members, Dowoon’s strength is his deep voice.
  • Dowoon’s favorite Korean word is ‘Hwaiting!’ (Fighting! You can do this!)
  • Dowoon’s favorite food is meat.
  • Dowoon’s favorite movie is My Name Is Khan.
  • Dowoon’s favorite ice cream flavor is green tea.
  • Dowoon’s favorite color is red.
  • Dowoon’s favorite music genre is jazz.
  • When told to draw a mind map, Dowoon included ‘My Day (the name of Day6’s fan club)’, practice, lessons, family, clothes, cutting fingernails, and waking up as his daily concerns and activities.

Day6’s Dowoon, Tattoo and Abs


It is common for musicians to have tattoos inked on their bodies, including the star of our post, Day6’s Dowoon. On one occasion, Dowoon’s tattoo, which says ‘vita dolce’ can be seen on his left collarbone. Although the whole thing is not clearly visible, we believe that it is indeed a tattoo.


Just like the majority of male K-pop idols, Dowoon also has a six pack of abs. During Day6’s concert in the late November 2017, Dowoon proudly showed off the results of his chest workouts on stage, earning the loud scream from My Days who attend the event. Ooh, what a tease!