K-Drama Review: ‘Doom At Your Service’ – Between The End Of The World And Love

doom at your service drama

The Romantic Melodrama Doom At Your Service

Are you a fan of the romantic and melodrama genre in Korean dramas? If you are, then Doom At Your Service must be on your list recommendation! The drama starring Park Bo-young and Seo In-guk successfully attracted attention with its outstanding plot and storyline. Channel-Korea will give you a full review of this incredible drama, so stay tuned.

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Doom at Your Service: Synopsis & Review

doom at your service drama

Doom At Your Service tells the story of fate, love, and how someone has the desire to destruct the world. Tak Dong-kyung (Park Bo-young), an editor of a web novel is suddenly diagnosed with glioblastoma and she is told that she only has three months left. Frustrated, she screams to nothing and wants the world to be destroyed before her death.

Turns out, her wish was heard by Myul-mang (Seo In-guk), the messenger between humans and God. To save her life, Dong-kyung risks everything and signs a contract with Myul-mang. She has no prejudice at all until she knows that the contract will change her life in the future.

doom at your service

Title: Doom At Your Service

Directed By: Kwon Young-il

Written By: Im Me-a-ri

Genres: Melodrama, Romance, Fantasy

Cast: Park Bo-young, Seo In-guk, Lee Soo-hyuk, Shin Do-hyun, Kang Tae-oh

Original Network: tvN

Doom at Your Service Drama Scenes

doom at your service drama

Here is a sneak peek of Doom At Your Service scenes:

doom at your service

This is the time when Dong-kyung realizes that she needs Myul-mang’s helps. He saves Dong-kyung’s life before the truck can hit her. Like a world of magic, the time has stopped, and Myul-mang held her hands.

doom at your service

As curious as she is, Dong-kyung asks Myul-mang about the world that he lives in. Then, he invites her to see his world and she gets shocked by the atmosphere there. At first, it was dark and cold but it suddenly changed to bright and warm after Dong-kyung came.

doom at your service

One of the most romantic scenes from the drama! Dong-kyung and Myul-mang simply have a date like an ordinary couple, walking around under the autumn breeze with the sprinkle of the flower petals. What a beautiful scene!

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Meet The Cast of Doom at Your Service

doom at your service cast
park bo young in 'doom at your service'

Park Bo-young plays the role of Tak Dong-kyung. She is a web novel editor who has been working very hard. She never cries and has always been persistent ever since her parents died.

seo in guk in 'doom at your service'

Seo In-guk took the role of Myul Mang or also known as Kim Sa-ram. He is a messenger between God and humans who has never felt anything except following the fates.

shin do hyun in 'doom at your service'

Shin Do-hyun plays the role of Na Ji-na, she is Dong-kyung’s best friend. She works as a novelist and is involved in a love triangle with Cha Joo-ik and Lee Hyun-kyu.

lee soo hyun in 'doom at your service'

Lee Soo-hyuk took the role of Cha Joo-ik, he is Dong-kyung’s team leader. Things between him and Ji-na become serious after he helps Ji-na with her work.

kang tae oh in 'doom at your service'

Kang Tae-oh appeared as Na Ji-na’s first love, Lee Hyun-kyu, and also Joo-ik’s best friend. He wants to get Ji-na back, but he can’t.

Let’s Listen To The Doom at Your Service Soundtrack

doom at your service

Here are the top 3 soundtrack song recommendations of Doom At Your Service from Channel-Korea:

“Love Sight” is one of the best soundtrack songs ever that you have to listen to yourself. With the ballad genre and soft vocal from the TXT members, it tells about the feelings of love that someone feels for the one they love, and how they express them. What a beautiful meaning!

“Breaking Down” seems to be the perfect song to describe Dong-kyung’s feelings. She got diagnosed with an incurable disease, her work caused problems, she lost hope, until she finally met Myul-mang!

Seo In-guk successfully melts everyone’s heart with his voice in “Distant Fate”. This song is also a sad song since it portrays the fate between Dong-kyung and Myul-mang who live in different worlds.

Why You Have to Watch Doom at Your Service

doom at your service

Doom At Your Service is a highly recommended drama to watch, and we will explain the reasons why below:

1. The Lead Pair’s Chemistry

doom at your service scene

Once you watch the drama, you will fall for Park Bo-young and Seo In-guk’s chemistry! The cold Seo In-guk somehow turns into a gentleman toward the persistent Park Bo-young. You will love the sweet interactions between their characters.

2. Side Story of The Other Pair

doom at your service

Aside from Park Bo-young and Seo In-guk, the viewers will be spoiled by the adorable pair of Shin Do-hyun and Lee Soo-hyuk. Despite the love triangle between them and Kang Tae-oh, the story between them will make you curious as well!

3. Beautiful Plot

doom at your service

Doom At Your Service provides a beautiful yet pathetic one at the same time. How Dong-kyung and Myul-mang meet by fate, their struggle to keep each other alive against God’s will; this is one of the best K-dramas ever!

That is the full review and Channel-Korea’s point of view about Doom At Your Service. Overall, the drama has a deep story and meaning with such beautiful character development from the cast. So, would you like to watch the drama as well? Kindly drop a line with your comment below, and don’t forget to share this review on your social media!