Don’t Sleep on Day6! Check out Their Latest Album and Full Discography Here!


You Can Sleep on Anything but Day6, the Korean Band that will Fill Up Your Day!

The first ever band from JYP Entertainment, called Day6, consists of 5 members. Jae is the lead guitarist, Sung-jin plays rhythm guitar, Young K is the bassist, Won-pil plays keyboard and sometimes synthesizer, and their youngest member, Do-woon, is on drums. They made their debut in September, 2015, by releasing a song called Congratulations in a mini album named The Day.


If you have no idea what kind of band Day6 is, well my friend, you’ve missed something big. Even though they only debuted a little over three years ago, they’ve already had more than 15 official music videos and have released more than 50 songs.

Day6 is full of really talented musicians, so they had did a project called Every Day6 in 2017. The project required them to release two songs each month, one song was a title track with a music video, and the other song was the side track, which explains how they  released so many music videos such a short period of time.


Ahem. Okay, then. Enough with the introduction, let’s check out Day6’s full discography! Whoops, they also just released a new mini album, too! If you want to know more, just keep scrolling!

The Day

The Day is the first mini album Day6 released, on September 7, 2015. This mini album included Congratulations, which is their debut song.


Congratulations is a song about an ex-boyfriend who sarcastically congratulates his ex-girlfriend on already having a new partner. The lyrics of the song are about an ex-girlfriend who to take a break and ghosted, who got a new boyfriend, instead.

The song tells about the disappointment and betrayal of the ex-boyfriend who couldn’t believe his ex-girlfriend found a new love so fast, even before he could mend his broken heart. In the rap’s lyrics, it said that the ex-girlfriend is always smiling happily on the Internet, showing how happy she is with her new boyfriend, and the guy she left behind couldn’t help being salty because of that.


Well, if you just had a break up and your ex already has a new partner, just listen to this song or sing it at a karaoke instead of crying a river. The song is totally the inner-voice of someone who just broke up and felt the betrayal of their ex.

Along with Congratulations, they also released four other songs which are Like That Sun, Habits, Color and Freely. Day6 sings Congratulations and Freely at almost all of their concerts.


The second mini album was released not too long after their first one. In March, 2016, they released a mini album with five songs, with Letting Go as the main title. The opening part of the song is filled up with all the members harmonizing their perfectly-sung vocals.

Just like their previous title track, Letting Go is also a song that tells us about parting with someone. The song was released after the former member, Jun-hyeok, left the group, making it especially meaningful at the time of its release.

The other songs on this album are For The First Time, Blood, Sing Me, I Wish, and Hunt.

day6 daydream

Sing Me and I Wish are songs that are also quite often included in the setlist at Day6 Concerts. Young K said at a concert that I Wish is a song about someone who wishes to be happy.

day6 daydream

Sing Me has a lot ofdeep meaning. it tells you to call, cherish, and sing me (Day6) so you don’t forget about them. They usually perform this song at the end of their concerts, so it feels like even though the concert has ended, as long as you keep singing Day6 songs and remember them, they will last forever.