Don’t Miss Out on the Funniest Moments From K-Pop Random Dance!


Who’s doesn’t know the legendary boy-band BIGBANG?! On Weekly Idol episode 284, they were be challenged to do the Random Play Dance to show their solidarity for completing the challenge to get the prize that they wanted.

They started to dance with confidence in several songs, but when “BLUE” was played, GD’s confused face was caught by the camera, but the other members immediately followed the choreo guided by Daesung. It turned out that made GD get more confused, and he laughed at the dance choreo made by Daesung, until the MC stopped them.

Not wanting to lose, Daesung said, “For this song, we’re just standing there (in one line) one by one, then go up and down with the LED“. He also said that when the music played there (on the Weekly Idol studio) he asked If should they do the original choreo, such as on the stage?. That all made everyone laugh, and he was punished at the same time.

Suddenly, GD’s solo song was played and made them jump and do a freestyle dance! But that’s all the same with Daesung’s solo, titled “A Big Hit”. They did a free-style dance with thumb movements which were added by lifting the both of their shoulders and moving it up and down, accompanied by right and left footsteps. The MC was suspicious because of the strange dance.

The next song, “Haru Haru”, made Seungri get hit with the toy hammer. GD and the other members were listening to the song and got focused on it. But, suddenly, Seungri looked so confident that he took over by doing dance moves, but the other member didn’t follow him. When the music stopped, the members tried to explain that for the song they usually sang it in an acoustic version. Then T.O.P immediately pointed to Seungri as the only one who had to undergo punishment.

In the song “Last Farewell”, GD turned to pointed at Taeyang, because he made a mistakes and earned the punishment. Taeyang was allowed to choose freely which member would hit him, and Seungri was chosen. After Seungri hit him with the toy hammer, Daesung suddenly got an idea and said that it would be funnier and more fair it they both took turns getting the punishment, and the maknae (Seungri) must be hit again.

This episode made their fans laugh! Look at the video for the full version!


Still going with YG Entertainment boy-groups, iKon also attended the program. At that time, they were doing a promotion on their album ‘Return’, with the tracks “Bling Bling” and “B-Day”. BI and the other iKON members got a chance to play on the Random Play Dance segment, where their hit songs would be played and the members had to do the choreography for the songs.

Because they did the challenge for the first time, iKON looked so confused trying to adapt with every song change. Even more so for B.I, June, and Donghyuk (DK), who had to get a hard flick on their forehead as a gift from their mistakes. Moreover, the leader, B.I, was always confused, and put on a plan face when he forgot about his place or the choreo.

Donghyuk confidently pushed Jay forward until he pushed B.I away, which should have been the center in “Dumb and Dumber”, but everyone thought that June was the one who made a mistake because he didn’t stand in his position. Jay then asked why Donghyuk pushed him into the center place, leaving B.I far away on his part. According to all members’ agreement, finally Donghyuk had to be flicked by the leader.

Next it was June’s turn to feel the flick on his forehead. June was confident when his part was played, then evidently he got lost. This made the atmosphere full of laugher, especially when he finished getting punished. His first reaction was give the “love sign” pose, like he was enjoying the sentence!


In 2017, in episode 308, Pledis Entertainment’s famous boy-group SEVENTEEN came on Weekly Idol. When the songs were played, the leader, S.Coups, evidently started to get confused with the formation in every song. But when the MC caught him, he pretended like he didn’t do anything wrong!

In several songs, the smallest member, Woozi, who at that time dressed in yellow and got called ‘Lemon Angel’ by the MC, was often looking misplaced and confused. And the final is when he was spotted by the MC because he seemed like he had no place. Woozi said that actually the place wasn’t his place, and his place was taken by other member. The MC said that it was their studio’s fault, and they (MC ) apologized for the studio’s mistakes because too small. Because of this, everyone in the studio laughed.

Look at the video here!

And that’s all about the funniest moments on the K-pop random play dance! Who’s your favorite? Write your answer in the comment section!