Everything You Need To Know About Dongkiz: Profile, Discography, Performances, Latest News

Dongkiz’s Discography

dongkiz kpop profile

As a K-Pop boy group that is quite active in promoting in the music industry, Dongkiz have released some of their works, such as singles, EPs, and singles albums.

Dongkiz have some very easy listening and catchy songs, such as “Nom”, “BlockBuster”, “Dreaming You”, “Fever”, “All I Need Is You”, “Lupine”, “Beautiful”, “Universe”.

Beside singles, Dongkiz have also released several single albums, such as Dongkiz on the Block that was released on April 24th, 2019, BlockBuster that was released on July 22nd, 2019, Ego (자아; Jaa) that was released on August 19th, 2020, and Youniverse that was released on April 15th, 2021.

Dongkiz also managed to release an EP titled Dongky Town that was released on November 6th, 2019.

Dongkiz’s Career Journey

dongkiz kpop profile

Rookie boy group Dongkiz released a group preview photo of the title song “NOM” of their debut album DONGKIZ ON THE BLOCK on their official SNS on April 21st–22nd, 2018.

In the photo, Dongkiz emphasized their different personalities. They showed off their fresh and cute charms, or emphasized familiarity with lovely posture. The use of various props also attracted attention.

Dongyo Entertainment, the agency, announced on July 22nd, 2019, “Boy group Dongkiz will release the second single “Blockbuster”. This new song sampled the main theme song inserted in the movie Ghostbusters.” The agency explained that it is a song that is like a spell for Dongkiz, who will grow in the future.

Dongkiz presented an exciting performance this time as well. Gunjo, a former member of Ulala Session, was in charge of the choreography, and the music video was directed by AVLE director Kim Se-hwang.

“Dreaming You” is a medium tempo pop dance song, and the lyrics contain content that makes you happy while thinking of your imaginary lover. It is said that Dongkiz’s bright and positive atmosphere stands out. Composers Avenger Jeonseung and Jung Jae-yeop were in charge of producing, and member Jae-chan wrote the lyrics.

In the music video for this song, Dongkiz include practice, performances, and behind-the-scenes footage. Messages and videos sent by fans were also melted.

Later on, Dongkiz released their next single, “Fever”, with the basic melody that makes you shake your shoulders the moment you hear it; the continuation of the addictive point choreography, and the ‘talisman dance’ that actively utilizes the shoulders also emphasized the excitement and explosive charm of Dongkiz.

“Fever” is a Nu-Disco genre song that expresses Dongkiz’s passionate dancing on stage with the word ‘openness’. Dongkiz, who made a comeback with the first mini-album DONGKY TOWN, showed significant growth with “Fever”.

While starting a new year, Dongkiz captivated fans with performances filled with refreshing energy, unique styling, and more mature visuals and released a new single, “All I Need Is You”.

Dongkiz, who boasted a bouncing charm by performing the ‘Slam Donkey Dance’, a point choreography that seems to be playing basketball to a trendy melody, were also singing, doing the choreography, and making facial expressions like an “Idol who knows how to play on stage” and presented a lot of excitement.

“All I Need Is You” is an old-school punk song that shoots even the hearts of fans with lyrics that provoke excitement the moment you hear it. Through this follow-up activity, Dongkiz will show off their ability to digest a wide range of genres and will continue to be active in the future.

Dongkiz not only boasted a deeper atmosphere through the stage of “Lupin” as their new song, but also emphasized their own charm with their fascinating styling. Dongkiz boasts a variety of stylings such as detective, group dance, and phantom thief Lupin, and perfect visuals, outstanding performances, and vocals continue to promote with “Lupin”.

“Beautiful” is a trap genre song with a motif of old western music, and it is a song that expresses the message that it is beautiful as it is without adornment. In particular, the voices of Dongkiz members with different charms are expected to leave a deep impression.

Also, about the part that Dongkiz members paid special attention to in the performance of “Beautiful”, they said, “We did a lot of cool or cute songs. We wanted to show a lot of new sides, so we thought about how to be more sexy and charismatic, mainly by gestures and facial expressions.”

Dongkiz’s fourth single, “Youniverse”, is a compound word of You and Universe, meaning ‘You are my universe’ and ‘You are my everything,’ was released on April 15th, 2021. The song “Youniverse” was produced by Wooziq, who has worked with various idol teams such as Wanna One and Golden Child, and Myo, and is actively working as a DJ and producer, and contains the love story of five young boys. It contains Dongkiz’s refreshing taste.

With the release of the new song “Youniverse”, Dongkiz, who are showing off the side of a new refreshing idol, plan to stimulate the public’s desire to enter the world through various activities. 


Dongkiz’s Debut Era

Dongkiz, a boy group under Dongyo Entertainment, consists of 5 members. They were confirmed to be debuting in February 2019. They also posted their pre-debut single in November 2018 titled “NOM”.

Dongkiz’s Debut Stage

Dongkiz made their first appearance in front of fans when they performed “NOM” on MBC’s Music Core. On their debut stage, Dongkiz appeared very energetic by doing an intro dance, then continued their performance by performing “NOM” very cheerfully with colorful outfits and very cheerful expressions. Their debut stage was also very crowded with a lot of fan chanting.

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Dongkiz’s Stage Performances

On April 25th, 2019, Dongkiz performed on Mnet’s M Countdown delivering “NOM” very cheerfully. In this performance, fans could see how enthusiastic Dongkiz were in doing a very energetic and cheerful choreography with “NOM”. Each member also looked very bright when performing on stage wearing an outfit that matched their respective character.

On July 26th, 2019, Dongkiz held their comeback stage by performing their newest single at the time, “BlockBuster”. In the performance, they carry an energetic choreography, it’s just that the outfits worn by the members on this comeback look like uniforms. Many fans came to cheer on Dongkiz with their comeback stage which looked really cool.

On November 8th, 2019, Dongkiz again held a comeback stage by bringing “Fever” in one of the episodes that aired on KBS’s Music Bank. In that performance, Dongkiz were seen carrying a different concept with a retro style: from the genre, outfit, choreography, to the set that was given at their comeback stage which also exuded retro vibes and the members were also able to pull off this concept great!

On January 2nd, 2020, Dongkiz released their latest song titled “All I Need Is You” while holding a comeback stage that was broadcast on Mnet’s M Countdown. In their comeback performance, Dongkiz looked very cheerful wearing schoolboy-like outfits with a blazer and vest, then they also performed choreography like playing basketball.

On March 22nd, 2020, Dongkiz released another comeback single titled “Lupin”. In this performance, they seemed to bring a slightly different concept from before, the members looked more mature in all-in-black outfits and also very mature when wearing suits and ties. The cheerful expressions that they bring on every comeback stage are not visible because of the choreography for “Lupin”, where the members look very charismatic when carrying the stick as their property when performing on the stage.

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Dongkiz’s YouTube Channel

dongkiz kpop profile

Dongkiz have their official YouTube channel (DONGKIZ동키즈) with 61.8 thousand subscribers who are mostly their fans. On their YouTube channel, fans can enjoy the content that is often uploaded by Dongkiz, ranging from vlogs, cover songs or dances, dance practices, official music videos, jacket-making concepts for comebacks, ASMR, and a lot more!

Don’t forget to watch Dongkiz on their official YouTube channel, like, subscribe, send positive comments, and share their content!

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