Dongkiz’s Munik: Profile, Facts, Appearance In MBC’s ‘King of Mask Singer’

Dongkiz’s Munik’s Focus Fancams

Let’s check more of Dongkiz’s Munik’s focus fancams in this section below.

On August 28th, 2020, Dongkiz’s Munik was present on the comeback stage with his group performing one of their comeback singles at that time, “Beautiful”.

In this comeback stage that was broadcast on Music Bank, the members looked very energetic performing the “Beautiful” choreography. Dongkiz’s Munik also looks cool by wearing a semi-formal outfit that is designed to be more rebellious so that it shows his inner fierce side which he rarely shows to the public. Dongkiz’s Munik’s hair is also on point, he has that blue highlight in the front of his hair.

In April 2021, Dongkiz held their comeback stage performing their new single at that time, “Universe”. Back again with a cute and playful concept, Dongkiz’s Munik in this focus fancam looks very bright when presenting the “Universe” choreography. Dongkiz who appeared in Simply K-Pop looked very fresh and bright during this comeback stage, especially Dongkiz’s Munik who wore a purple blouse and shorts, plus white sneakers and a purple hat which made his appearance look even cuter in this focus fancam.

On March 13th, 2020, Dongkiz held their comeback stage on Music Bank performing another single titled “Lupin”. In this focus fancam, you can see Dongkiz’s Munik whose appearance is a bit different from usual. He looks more manly in formal attire in blue, coupled with a stick which is their choreography property in this stage, making fans amazed by the dancing skills of every member of Dongkiz. Beside that, you can also see their amazing footwork during this comeback stage.

In July 2021, Dongkiz held their comeback stage with the single “Crazy Night” which was broadcast on Simply K-Pop. In this focus fancam, we can again see Dongkiz’s Munik’s appearance which is back to basic, or also popular with his cute image.

No less bright than before, Dongkiz used pastel colors which became the concept of their comeback with “Crazy Night”. Their choreography also seems so playful but also energetic at the same time. Likewise with Dongkiz’s Munik who looks cheerful and very happy with his facial expressions during this stage.

On July 23rd, 2020, Dongkiz’s subunit, Dongkiz’s I:KAN held a performance on M! Countdown performing their single titled “Y.O.U”. In this focus fancam, fans can certainly enjoy Dongkiz’s members who are members of this subunit for their very energetic but still cute appearance at the same time. You can also see Dongkiz’s Munik’s very lively appearance in this performance wearing a casual outfit and bringing a teddy bear.

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Dongkiz’s Munik’s Appearance In MBC’s King of Mask Singer

dongkiz munik profile

Dongkiz’s Munik appeared as a celebrity judge in the mystery music show King of Mask Singer in Episodes 245–246 and 249–252. He actively participated in the individual period for inferring the identity of the masked singer, and the reaction of the masked singers was good on each stage, leading to a small reaction among some contestants who appeared in different costumes.

Then, The Three Musketeers contestants gathered for the 255th episode of the mystery music show King of Mask Singer. He participated as a contestant with a costume of D’Artagnan, and when he revealed his identity, he sang Block B’s “HER” as a solo song, and after taking off his mask, he showed the side of Dongkiz’s main dancer through full-fledged dance choreography. Immediately after the stage performance, the female judges continued cheering for him, and they expressed their feelings that it was a shame because it was their first solo stage with a song.

dongkiz munik profile

After that, he took part in King of Mask Singer again as a celebrity judge in Episodes 273–280. Recently, he has been appearing quite frequently.

Well, that was all the information about Dongkiz’s Munik that you should know. Let’s give a lot of support and love to Dongkiz’s Munik so his career in the future can shine even more and he can be more widely known.

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