Dongkiz’ Jaechan’s Full Profile and Fun Facts

Dongkiz's Jaechan

Everything You Should Know About Dongkiz’s Visual Park Jae-chan!

Dongkiz (Hangul: 동키즈) is a South Korean boy group that debuted under Dongyo Entertainment on April 24, 2019. Dongkiz released “Nom” as their pre-debut single on November 21, 2018, and a year later, they promoted “BlockBusters” as their 2nd single. Dongkiz also has 5 members with Wondae, Kyoungyoon, Munik, Jaechan, and Jonghyeong.

In this article, there’s detailed information about a member of Dongkiz who also has the positions of vocalist, visual, and rapper. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about Dongkiz’s Jaechan starting from his full profile, fun facts, until his appearance in dramas in the article below!

Dongkiz’s Jaechan’s Full Profile

Dongkiz's Jaechan

Real Name: Park Jaechan (Hangul: 박재찬)

Stage Name: Jaechan (Hangul: 재찬)

Birth: Daegu, South Korea, December 6, 2001

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)

Height: 177 cm (5’10″)

Blood Type: O

Nationality: Korean

Family Member: Parents and Older Brother

Position in the Group: Vocalist, Visual, Rapper

Education: Mokwoon Middle School (Graduated)

Dongkiz’s Jaechan’s Fun Facts

Dongkiz's Jaechan
  1. Dongkiz’s Jaechan was the third member to be introduced
  2. Dongkiz’s Jaechan received 3 stars in producing and 2 stars in piano
  3. Dongkiz’s Jaechan’s specialties are singing and selfies
  4. Dongkiz’s Jaechan likes to stay at home with some snacks during the winter
  5. Dongkiz’s Jaechan really dislikes sashimi
  6. Dongkiz’s Jaechan’s hobbies are shopping, listening to music, watching YouTube, and studying fashion
  7. Dongkiz’s Jaechan’s role models are Justin Bieber and G-Dragon
  8. Dongkiz’s Jaechan can juggle, but he is still practicing
  9. Dongkiz’s Jaechan appeared in several dramas such as Big Issue (2019 in Episode 3), My YouTube Diary (2019), My YouTube Diary 2 (2020), Can You Deliver Time? (2020, Ep. 5-7), No Going Back Romance (2020), and Youtuber Class (2020)
  10. Dongkiz’s Jaechan’s motto is “Let’s live happily!”

Dongkiz’s Jaechan’s Piano Cover

Dongkiz's Jaechan

As you see from the fun facts, Dongkiz’s Jaechan has achievements in playing the piano. He even received 3 stars in producing and 2 stars in piano. Dongkiz’s Jaechan also once showed his piano skill by recording a cover song that was uploaded on Dongkiz’s official YouTube channel.

In the video, Dongkiz’s Jaechan recorded an instrumental of “Say Meow Meow” and sings it very cutely. As a fan, maybe, you will be surprised because Dongkiz’s Jaechan is able to bring out his aegyo skills with this content.

Let’s watch Dongkiz’s Jaechan’s full piano cover below!

Dongkiz’s Jaechan’s Drama

Dongkiz's Jaechan

Besides being a K-pop idol, Dongkiz’s Jaechan also appeared as an actor in several K-dramas. Although he has not yet received lead roles, the characters he plays are sufficient to prove that he is capable of becoming an actor with good acting skills in the future.

Let’s check out Dongkiz’s Jaechan’s appearances as an actor in the session below!

Dongkiz's Jaechan

Dongkiz’s Jaechan made an appearance on a web drama titled I:LOVE:DM that was aired on V-Live from May 12 until July 21, 2021. This is another high school web series that Dongkiz’s Jaechan played in. In this drama, he plays a character who has the same name as his real name, which is Park Jae-chan.

Dongkiz's Jaechan

Dongkiz’s Jaechan played Park Bo-hyun in Youtuber Class that was aired on KOK TV from December 27, 2020, until January 17, 2021. This web drama is a sequel to My YouTube Diary and has some of the same cast. Youtuber Class has a story about a teenager who dreams of becoming a Youtuber instead of going to college.

Dongkiz's Jaechan

In No Going Back Romance, Dongkiz’s Jaechan played Jung Han-kyul. Like several previous dramas that have featured him, Dongkiz’s Jaechan plays a teenager who goes to school.

No Going Back Romance is a web drama with school stories about a 16-years-old girl named So Dam (played by Lee Da-yeon) and her romance story. So Dam never dated anyone before, but she is finally confessed to by a mysterious boy. Because of that, she is very curious and begins to look for which one of these boys, Park Ji-hoo (played by Yoon San), Jeong Han-kyul (played by Dongkiz’s Jaechan), and Joo In-hyuk (played by Joo In-hyuk), is her secret admirer.

Dongkiz's Jaechan

Another web drama titled Can You Deliver Time? that was aired from September 10, 2020, until October 29, 2021, on BAETV featured actor Park Jae-chan, also known as a member of the South Korean boy group Dongkiz. Jaechan made his appearance as a cameo in episodes 5-7 and played a character named Kim Do-hyun.

Can You Deliver Time? tells the story of Kim Woo-ri, a freshman who has dreams of living free and independent. One day, she has a big fight with her mother and wants to move houses. But, a tragedy occurs when she orders a meal and is returned to the past in 2002.

Dongkiz's Jaechan

Dongkiz’s Jaechan made another appearance in My YouTube Diary 2 that was aired on Tooniverse from October 23 until December 11, 2020. In this drama, he becomes a guest role that appears on episode 1 and plays the character Kang Heon. Previously, Dongkiz’s Jaechan also appeared in My YouTube Diary in 2019.

Dongkiz's Jaechan

Big Issue is a South Korean drama that was aired from March 6 until May 2, 2019, on SBS with a total of 32 episodes. Big Issue tells a story about paparazzi chasing a big scandal every week.

Because of a picture, Han Seok-joo (played Joo Jin-mo) loses everything, including his job as a photographer at a well-known newspaper and his family. Ji Soo-hyun (played by Han Ye-seul) is the notorious editor-in-chief of a paparazzi group, and he hires the man to be a paparazzi photographer.

In this drama, Dongkiz’s Jaechan acted as a cameo that appeared in episode 3.

Have you ever watched Dongkiz’s Jaechan’s dramas?

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