Check Out Former U-Kiss Member Dongho’s and His Child’s Appearance on KBS2’s ‘The Return of Superman’

Ki Tae-young Visits Dongho’s House


In the episode of KBS’ The Return of Superman that aired on March 12th, 2017, Dongho returned and invited actor Ki Tae-young and his daughter, Rohee, to visit his house. Previously, he appeared on this program in January 2017, and joined Ki Tae-young’s house together with Park Kwang-hyun to look after their children.

Before visiting Dongho’s house, Ki Tae-young and Rohee visited the supermarket to buy presents for Ahser. They bought some food and fruits as gifts when visiting Dongho’s house. After arriving at Dongho’s house, they talked until finally, Dongho revealed a secret wish for his son and Rohee. Former member of U-Kiss, Dongho, exerted all his strength to give a good impression to Ki Tae-young and Rohee, but it seems he might have an ulterior motive. Dongho revealed a little secret he had to the writer, “Later, my son might be able to marry Rohee and I can book with Ki Tae-young.”

At his house, Dongho even prepared various delicious foods for them. He revealed that he was preparing to take the exam as a certified Korean food chef. Ki Tae-young called out that Dongho’s food was delicious, and Dongho took this opportunity to ask Rohee to call him father-in-law, which she sweetly repeated to please Dongho and her father.

The Fathers Playing Test Slang

When Ki Tae-young and Rohee came, Dongho was immediately fascinated because for him Rohee was very beautiful and adorable. Dongho then said that Rohee was so lovely, to which Ki Tae-young who heard it immediately replied and asked, “What? She’s dirty?” Dongho later denied, “No, I mean the love. It’s English.” In Korean, the mention of the word “The love” sounds like “Deo-reob or dirty.” Then Dongho said that Rohee wears skirt leggings and Ki Tae-young confusedly asked “Skirt Leggings?” which was answered by Dongho, “It’s skirt plus leggings. Skirt Leggings.” Then they chatted again and when Dongho asked: “What did you wear then?” Ki Tae-young started his slang, “For example, Let’s say I want to eat fast. I’d say ‘east’. I used to shorten everything.”

The real test began with Dongho asked the intent of the F-Bomb that was answered correctly by Ki Tae-young with the initial sentence “Fact,” but afterward Ki Tae-young answered in an awkward manner while saying “Fact reveal,” “Fact waterfall,” “Fact blow,” “Fact boxing,” which made Dongho dizzy. Then Dongho gave the correct answer which was “Fact Violence.” Then Dongho gave the next test by saying “LFCW,” which was then replied by Ki Tae-young “Are you kidding me? It’s too hard. Is that L or R?” and Dongho said it was L. Then, Ki Tae-young tried to answer with “A Loving Family..” which was immediately answered not by Dongho.

Then Dongho gave a hint by shaking his head and walking with a happy expression which made Ki Tae-young even more confused. While thinking, then Ki Tae-young answered, “Revenge,” which made Dongho burst into laughter. In the end, Dongho gave him a hint, “The first two are positive, while the other two are negative,” which was immediately answered, “Live Freely in the Crazy World,” by Ki Tae-young. The final test was “AG.”

Ki Tae-young said it was easy and often used it when texting by saying “All Go,” which was not answered by Dongho. Then Ki Tae-young “Universe” when he heard Rohee say that. Then Dongho gave him a hint by saying that he often uses this word with his friends to express that Rohee is adorable. Then Ki Tae-young called, “Cute or Ang-jeung, Ang-jeung” which was not answered by Dongho. In the end, Dongho returned to give instructions by saying that the word finally used the letter D which was immediately answered correctly by Ki Tae-young “Agreed.”

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