Check Out Former U-Kiss Member Dongho’s and His Child’s Appearance on KBS2’s ‘The Return of Superman’


Find Out More About Former U-Kiss Member Shin Dong-ho And His Appearances With His Son on KBS2’s The Return Of Superman

Shin Dong-ho was born on June 29th, 1994, and joined the band U-KISS in 2008, but decided to leave five years later, or more precisely on October 16th, 2013. He left the group because he felt life as an idol made him depressed, however, to cure his depression he chose to work as a DJ. On November 28th, 2015, Dongho surprisingly announced to the public that he was married to a woman from a non-celebrity group who was a year older than him. Yup, at the age of just 21 years old he married and his wife reportedly was pregnant even before the marriage was held.

After marriage, one year later, in 2016, both of them were blessed with a son named Asher Shin. In fact, Dongho and his son appeared on the KBS2 variety show The Return of Superman. Dongho himself made his debut with the band U-Kiss in 2008 and left the group that raised his name in 2013. Later, he joined the reality show that features male celebrities caring for their toddlers without their wives.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of Dongho and his son’s appearances on KBS2’s The Return of Superman. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down the article.

Meet Dongho’s Baby Boy Asher Shin

Asher Shin is the first son of the couple Shin Dong-ho, or better known as Dongho, the former youngest member of U-Kiss and also his wife from non-celebrity circles, Kim See-hee. On July 9th, 2016, through his official Facebook account, Dongho uploaded his latest family photo for the first time. Unfortunately, it is not known exactly when is the exact birth date of Dongho’s first son.


Guest On TROS


In 2017, Dongho, his wife and son made their appearance in the KBS2 program The Return of Superman, which shows how to care for his only son, Ahser Shin. At that time, his son was only a few months old.

Visiting Rohui’s House


U-Kiss’ former member, Shin Dong-ho made his special appearance on an episode of The Return of Superman. In the January 2017 broadcast of the KBS variety show, Ki Tae-young invited actor Park Kwang-hyun to his place. The two actors became close after appearing in the drama School. As they talked, Ki Tae-young remembered that Dongho lived nearby and decided to invite him too.

Dongho Being A Good Father


When the three fathers sat together on the living room floor and talked about parenting and fathering, Ki Tae-young asked Dongho, “Do you often care for your baby?” Dongho answered, “I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I don’t work much these days, so I’m very concerned about babies.”

Ki Tae-young then wondered what the most difficult part of childcare is for him. Dongho explained, “Everything is difficult. Nothing is not difficult. But my baby is so beautiful that I forget those things,” to which all the fathers heartily agreed with him. When Park Kwang-hyun asked how it felt to be a father at such a young age, Dongho answered that he might realize things better in ten years, when he is thirty years old and his son has entered elementary school.

Then, when Dongho struggled with his son who kept crying and didn’t want to take a nap, Rohee watched and walked toward him. He brought a gift and placed it gently next to them and walked away as a way of comforting the crying baby.

The Professional Fathers vs Fathers Beginner

After finishing eating, Ki Tae-young and Park Kwang-hyun gave advice to Dongho as a young father who has just started taking care of his child. Because Asher was about to start eating, Park Kwang-hyun suggested to Dongho, “You will give him baby food soon. When you feed him, you could get the spoon contaminated if you place it down. However, this one will never touch anything. If you put it down, it doesn’t touch anything.” Then Ki Tae-young asked Park Kwang-hyun, “What if it drops like this?” Then while joking he said, “I heard germs are really slow. As long as you pick it up in five to ten seconds, it’s okay. They’re really slow.”

Park Kwang-hyun added, “To be specific, it’s 3.8 seconds.” Ki Tae-young added, “Really? I thought it was 5.” Then Park Kwang-hyun replied, “It’s 3.8 seconds. It’s close. It’s 3.8 seconds. That’s why it’s okay if you pick it up right away.” After talking about that, Park Kwang-hyun also gave another suggestion about how to cut the baby’s nails, “Also guess what this is? It’s hard to cut a baby’s nails. They’re so small.” Ki Tae-young said while laughing, “There’s a magnifying glass on it.” Park Kwang-hyun added, “This is a magnifying glass and a nail clipper. You just put the magnifying glass on. You can change the angle. There’s a magnifying glass.”

Let’s check out the video at 17:20 here!

Baby Ahser and His Parents

Dongho and his wife take care of Ahser every day. In the morning, Dongho was assigned to look after Ahser and accompany him to play, while his wife prepared breakfast for them. They always share their duties in taking care of the house and caring for their only son, Ahser. Then, after finishing cooking, they share other tasks. His wife, Kim See-hee was tasked with feeding Ahser while Dongho washed the dishes and dirty utensils that his wife had used after cooking. After finishing eating, Dongho returned to look after his son and invited him to play together with his dog, Suho.