Not Only Have A Good Voice, Super Junior’s Lee Donghae Also Has Perfect Abs!

Lee Donghae

Who’s already fallen for Lee Donghae’s charisma? We bet you have. As a member of one of the biggest boy-groups in South Korea, Super Junior, Donghae obviously has stolen all of the fans’ hearts out there with his voice, his dance moves, his smile, and definitely, his abs! Well, Channel Korea presents to you: Lee Donghae and his magnificent abs!

Donghae and His Perfect Abs


Lee Donghae definitely already has a good-looking face and a great body. So, it’s no surprise if people, mostly his fans, talk about his perfect abs. Donghae has built up his abs through the years. Some people said that Donghae have “killer abs”.

In photoshoots, Donghae has shown off his perfect abs. It’s certainly what he did when he had a photoshoot with W Magazine, titled “Me & Myself“.

The editor of the magazine said that Donghae has grown up into a real man, with good, sharp eyes.

Donghae also makes all of the fangirls out there all aflutter with his great shape in Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog. In the preview for that drama, there’s a scene when Donghae changes his clothes, showing off his abs. When Donghae was shooting that scene, all the female staff couldn’t stop screaming and shouting, because Donghae has been famous as a man who has a pure and soft image. And well, we can’t resist Donghae’s charm, right?

For the process of building up his abs, Donghae revealed that he was inspired by Siwon’s abs (one of his groupmates in Super Junior). Proven, in some of Super Junior’s concerts, there are some occasions where both Donghae and Siwon are on stage together and shirtless.

Besides Siwon, Donghae, with Eunhyuk and Siwon often show off their abs. Just like when they took a short vacation during the Super Junior’s tour, and went to Brazil. They were sitting together at the edge of a swimming pool, soaking up the sun.

Donghae’s Abs Obviously Will Melt Your Heart

Here’s the collection photos of Lee Donghae and his perfect abs! Enjoy, ladies!