Full Profile of Korean Actor Dokgo Youngjae

dokgo youngjae

Dokgo Youngjae The Korean Actor

An active participant in the Dongrang Theater Ensemble, Dokgo Youngjae started his acting career by starring in a film in 1973. Notable awards such like Best Supporting Actor for his role in White Badge on 13th Blue Dragon Film Awards in 1992, Special Award for his role in My Mother’s Sea on MBC Drama Awards in 1994, and Most Popular Actor in the Film category for his role in Life and Death of the Hollywood on 31st Baeksang Arts Awards in 1995 are the proof of why Dokgo Youngjae has to be considered as one of the greatest actors in South Korea. Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Dokgo Youngjae, which includes his full profile, his movies, and television series list. So, stay tuned!

Dokgo Youngjae’s Full Profile

dokgo youngjae

Real Name: Jeon Young Jae

Stage Name: Dokgo Youngjae

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, December 13, 1953

Age: 66 (Korean age) / 65 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Chinese Astrology: Snake

Blood Type: B

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Education: Seoul Drama School, Seoul National University, Seoul Institute of the Arts

Parents: Dokgo Sung

Spouse: Lee Eun Joo (married in 1994)

Children: 2 children, named Dokgo Jun (son) and Jeon Ji Eun (daughter)

Talent Agency: Box Media

Dokgo Youngjae Movies and TV Shows List

dokgo youngjae

As explained previously, Dokgo Youngjae is considered a senior actor who has starred in countless movies and television dramas throughout his career, proven by his many awards related to the field of acting. Thus, in this section, Channel-Korea compiles the list of movies and television series that Dokgo Youngjae acted in.

1971 – Stalag 17 (Theater Show)

1973 – Raindrops

1973 – Evergreen

1978 – There Must be Mother Somewhere

1978 – A Record of Love and Death

1978 – The Petty Officer and the Admiral

1979 – Grave Wood

1979 – Miss Oh’s Apartment

1983 – Yong Pal Has Returned

1985 – A Woman’s Castle

1986 – Chung (Blue Sketch)

1986 – North Korean Partisan in South Korea (as Lee Bong-gak)

1988 – KBS2 The Winter That Year Was Warm Friday ‘s Woman (as Young-gak)

1990 – Only Because You Are a Woman

1990 – Madame Aema 6

1991 – Who Saw the Dragon’s Toenails?

1991 – Your Ma’s Name Was Chosun Whore

1991 – From Barefoot to Bentz (as Chief Hwang)

1991 – Like Music, Like Rain (as Company President Kim)

1992 – White Badge (as Kim Mun-gi)

1992 – Marriage Story (as Park Chang-su)

1992 – General’s Son III

1993 – KBS2 Choi Myung-gil’s Woman on the Edge of the Cliff

1993 – MBC My Mother’s Sea (as Choi Seung-joo)

1993 – KBS2 Police (as Prosecutor Ma Dong-tak)

1993 – Hwa-Om-Kyung (as Ha-eun)

1993 – Kid Cop (as Robber’s boss)

1993 – The Fox with Nine Tails (as Angel of Death No. 69)

1994 – MBC Adam’s City (as Jo Sang-min)

1994 – KBS2 Daughters of a Rich Family (as Hyuk-min, the husband of eldest daughter)

1994 – Life and Death of the Hollywood Kid (as Yoon Myeong-gil)

1994 – To You From Me (as Cameo)

1994 – Pirates (as Kim Tae-woong)

1994 – My Father the Bodyguard (as Joon-tae)

1995 – SBS Korea Gate (as President Park Chung-hee)

1995 – The Terrorist (as Im Tae-ho)

1995 – A Single Spark (as Young-soo’s senior colleague)

1995 – Cue (as Dokgo)

1996 – MBC Power of Love (as Moon Kyung-hwan)

1996 – Boss (as Hyung-jin)

1996 – The Gate of Destiny (as Dadakatsu)

1997 – MBC Gaeksa (as Pan-dol)

1997 – The Rocket Was Launched

1997 – The Last Defense (as Colonel Dokgo)

1997 – The Last Attempt (as Jung Jin-wook)

1998 – KBS1 TV Novel: Eun-ah’s Daugher

1998 – Story of a Man (as Renepa boss)

1998 – Bedroom and Courtroom (as Hee-soo)

1998 – Naked Being (as Mo-ja)

1999 – KBS1 TV Novel: You (as Kim Jin-tae)

2000- MBC The Golden Era (as Lee Yong-ho)

2000 – MBC Sun-hee and Jin-hee (as Kang Do-sik)

2000 – The Rules of a Gangster 3 (as Chairman Go)

2000 – Striker (as Teacher Byun)

2001 – MBC I Want to See Your Face (as Kim Jae-min)

2001 – MBC Lovers (as Chairman Dokgo Young-jae)

2002 – TBS and MBC Friends (as Gyu-han)

2002 – MBC Remember (as Min Song-joon)

2003 – KBS2 Drama City: Guest (as Heung-soo)

2003 – SBS Love Live Love (as Departmeent head Kang)

2003 – Live or Die (as Lee So-ryong’’s father)

2003 – Mr. Butterfly (as Colonel Heo)

2003 – Hanbando (as Admiral, commander of naval operations)

2004 – MBC The Age of Heroes (as Park Chung-hee)

2004 – KBS2 Forbidden Love (as Bureau chief Jang)

2005 – MBC Let’s Go to the Beach (as Chairman Jang Dal-bong)

2006 – KBS2 Here Comes Ajumma (as Shim Tae-joon)

2006 – Vacation (as Agency President)

2006 – Fly High (as Nam Gyun (Cameo))

2007 – MBC The Legend (as King Gogugyang)

2007 – MBC Ahyeon-dong Madam (as Kim Sa-hyun)

2008 – SBS Innocent You (as Seo Yoo-il)

2009 – MBC Queen Seondeok (as Sejong)

2010 – MBC Pink Lipstick (as Maeng Ho-geol)

2010 – MBC Royal Family (as Kim Tae-hyuk)

2010 – MBC Drama Special

2010-2011 – Really Really Like You (Theater Show)

2011 – KBS2 The Woman from the Olle Road (as Park Chan-gook)

2011 – KBS1 My One and Only (as Na Young-ik)

2011 – TV Chosun Saving Mrs. Go Bong-shil (as Seo Joon-tae)

2012 – MBC Lights and Shadows (as Lee Hyun-soo)

2012 – MBC Here Comes Mr. Oh (as Na Sang-ho)

2012 – KBS2 TV Novel: Samsaengi (as Bong Moo-ryong)

2012 – MBC 7th Grade Civil Servant (as Han Joo-man)

2012 – 90 Minutes (as Chairman Min)

2013 – KBS1 Sincerity Moves Heaven (as Ahn Tae-joon)

2013 – MBC Princess Aurora (as Lee Shin-sung (Cameo))

2013 – KBS2 Pretty Man (as Park Ki-suk)

2013 – JTBC Noblewoman (as Park Kyung-joon)

2014 – TV Chosun Into the Flames (as President Park Chung-hee)

2014 – KBS1 My Dear Cat (as Go Dong-joon)

2015 – SBS Late Night Restaurant (as Gentleman Noh (Guest))

2017 – SBS Bravo My Life (as Kim Ho-tae)