Do You Wanna Know How Much Dok2 Earns? Here Are the Details of His Net Worth

Details About Dok2’s Net Worth

Dok2 is a Korean rapper who began his career when he was only 13. You might think Dok2 has a lavish lifestyle because of his appearance now, but, actually, he had a rough childhood. When he was 12, his parent’s business in Busan failed, and ever since then. he dreamed of being a rich top star. At a young age, he became part of the GAP Entertainment group ‘All Black’, with fellow rapper Microdot. Since then, his name has been getting increasingly well-known, but his contract didn’t allow him to receive much of the profits from his work, and he decided to leave the company. After that, in 2008, Dok2 released his own mixtape. Other than rapping, Dok2 has also been writing and producing songs, which he receives royalties from.

In 2011, Dok2 and rapper The Quiett established an independent record label called ‘Illionare Records’. The company only has three artists; The Quiett, Dok2, and rapper Beenzino. All the artists have musical freedom and most of the profit goes to the artists themselves. None of the three artists are tied up under contract. Illlionare Records only manages the artist’s schedules and events. In an interview with Complex Magazine, Dok2 said he decided to join Illionare Records is because The Quiett was a good man and makes good money.

Dok2 and The Quiett’s appearances on four seasons of Show Me the Money helped the record label to get more attention from the public. Thanks to Illionare Records, not only are the artists making a name for themselves domestically, but they also did a world tour in 2016 and 2017.

As he’s been getting success as a rapper, Dok2 has also been making more money. He often shows his Rolex’s collection at some of his shows, and he showed off his big house in Yeouido for the first time on the show I Live Alone.

He also showed his foreign car collection, including his Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz G63, and BMW i8. In the Complex Magazine interview, he also revealed that if he lived in America, he’d have more cars because he wouldn’t have to pay for import taxes.

On Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show, the DJ, comedian Park Myung-soo, asked him how much money he makes as a young CEO. Dok2 replied that he made roughly one billion won a year, and he expects that his salary will continue to grow annually. On the show Radio Star, he revealed that 2015 his salary was 2 million won ($1.8 million). Because he did so well financially, he bought himself two more foreign cars which had an estimated cost of about 800 million won ($720.000). Dok2 often shares about his car collection on his Instagram.

All his money and success are the result of a lot of hard work. Through the show I Live Alone, viewers know that Dok2 is a hard worker and spends a lot of time in the studio working on songs. Because he is a Buddhist, he also lives religiously, and doesn’t forget feel gratitude for what he has. No wonder he collects Bhuddha statues and displays them in his house.

Recently, Dok2 moved out of his house in Yeouido, and began staying in the penthouse of a hotel. He revealed his new home on the show My Ugly Duckling. The penthouse looks out over the Han River and has an indoor garden. Staying at the hotel costs about 6,969,000 won a night, or $6.841 USD. You can take a peek at his house in this video.

In November, 2018, the rapper’s mother was involved in a scandal over a scam that cost its victim 10 million won. After news broke, Dok2 gave a live statement on Instagram, saying his mother had borrowed 10 million won 20 years ago. The victim said that there other victims, as well, and in the end, Dok2 repaid his mother’s debt to the victim. Despite the public’s criticism of his mother’s actions and Dok2’s response to the case, the artist released a song about the issue on November 30.