Is JYJ’s Kim Jae-joong Already Married?


Dating Rumors Surrounding Kim Jae-joong

In 2015, JYJ’s member, Kim Jae-joong, bumped into a dating rumor while performing his military service. Netizens began suspecting South Korea model Jae In due to their interactions on social media. The two started to send messages to each other’s Twitter and Instagram. As the dating rumors started to spread, Jae-joong deleted more than two hundred photos and texts they shared. Fans were hoping the truth would be revealed when he finished military service. But, he never gave a confirmation about this rumor so people saw this as just gossip.

Some more shocking news came to light when Kim Jae-joong suddenly made a statement about his ex-girlfriend who is an SM Entertainment artist with a name starting with “M”. It was unknown who the mystery girl was or even when they started dating. However, he explained his ideal type of woman. He turned out to like a girl who has inner beauty, long, wavy brown hair, long fingers, and a beautiful mind. The highlighted part is that he likes a woman who is younger than him so he can take a leadership role in their relationship.


Once in an interview, he talked about his ex-girlfriend who he dated for almost five years. Just like the previous case, he won’t tell the media who his girlfriend was. “Well, when I was young, I dated someone for 4 years and 8 months. But, in order to achieve my dreams, I had to move to Seoul, and we ended our relationship. Even after I debuted as DBSK, we kept in touch. But, she told me that it would be better not to keep the relationship any longer. Honestly, I wanted to remain friends with her, but I don’t think she was able to do that. But, she’s someone in my memories so I’ll remember her for the rest of my life,” he revealed.

This situation helped build his point of view of marriage. He might wanna get married soon, or he might wanna live alone forever. As this thought came up, he realized it would make his parents sad. His sister even once said to him not to rush when choosing a life partner “Because it’s your life, not Mom’s.”

However, the girls who have had relationships with him so far are Jessica Jung, a former member of Girls’ Generation; Kim Jae-kyung, a girl group member and leader of Rainbow; Yu Abiru, a Japanese talent; Ayumi Hamasaki, a Japanese pop singer; and Mikiko Yano, a Japanese model.

Kim Jae Joong

Until now, Kim Jae-joong hasn’t married. But, lately, a rumor aired about his plan to get married in December this year. Even though the news was widely spread, he hasn’t introduced his future wife to the media. His agency also hasn’t given a confirmation about this, yet. This situation has led to a suspicious rumor that he wanted to hold his marriage privately with just family and close friends. Well, let’s see who it turns out to be!