Does Chun Jung-myung Have a Wife? Let’s Take a Look!

Who is Chun Jung-myung’s Wife?

Chun Jung-myung (hangul: 천정명) is a South Korean actor who was born on November 29, 1980, and he is known for his appearance as the lead role in the drama Cinderella’s Sister as Hong Ki-hoon (hangul: 홍기훈)

In this occasion, we’re going to figure out if he has a wife or not. There are so many questions regarding Chun Jun-myung’s dating life and there are rumors about his dating experience with celebrities or non-celebs, and the actor’s responses are different each time. Let’s take a look at his previous relationships and his perspective on dating to get the right answer!

Who Is Chun Jung-Myung’s Ex-Girlfriend?

As reported from Soompi, Chun Jung-myung was dating a South Korean female actress. Initially, they first met in 2005 through the drama Fashion 70’s aired on SBS. Chun Jung-myung was playing the role of Jang Bin. They developed their friendship after playing in the same drama, and they met again in the movie Queen of the Night in 2014.

Actress Kim Min-jung

Actress Kim Min-jung was reported to be dating Chun Jung-myung. Kim Min-jung (hangul: 김민정) was born in 1982, and she is 2 years older than actor Chun Jung-myung.

Chun Jung-myung and Kim Min-jung became a couple after filming the movie Queen of the Night in 2014. An anonymous source opened up about their relationship, stating that the couple has been dating from 2014 for the last 10 months and became closer after filming the movie. But, their agency of both denied the rumor about Chun Jung-myung and Kim Min-jung dating each other. The agency stated that they were only close friends, but they are not dating each other.

Chun Jung-myung and Kim Min-jung are always showing up in public with a friendly relationship, and they looked more like a natural couple through the movie press conference and on many variety and talk shows.

Chun Jung-myung also revealed his feelings towards Kim Min-jung during their filming period. Chun Jung-myung and Kim Min-jung appeared on Running Man as guests and they seemed caring towards each other and showed that they were also close friends.

Chun Jung-myung also made a surprising confession about his co-worker Kim Min-jung while he appeared on the talk show Hwashin on SBS. Chun Jung-myung explained that he misunderstood that Kim Min-jung liked him during the filming of the movie Queen of the Night on 2014.

During the press conference of their movie, Chun Jung-myung confessed that he likes Kim Min-jung as a woman, and she definitely would make a great girlfriend. Chun Jung-myung also added that the actress must have other charms because she looks very cute when he watches her laugh. The Chun Jung-myung must have been in love to compliment Kim Min-jung and maintain the romantic atmosphere as a couple for the consideration of a movie filming.

Kim Min-jung and Chun Jung-myung also made a great appearance as a couple while becoming models for a photoshoot with fashion magazine VOGUE. Their pictorial results came out great as the two posed with facial expressions similar to a natural couple while the actor wore a neat tuxedo and the actress wore a sexy dress revealing her body lines.

Until now, there is no official news regarding whether the two have started dating yet. Their dating news is also questionable as they both never spoke up about their relationship with each other.

A “Non-Celebrity” Girlfriend

Chun Jung-myung once dated a woman outside the entertainment industry, and people don’t know her identity. The woman is pursuing her career in the fashion industry, and she is not working in the film industry.

Unfortunately, the couple separated because their dating photos were spread on social media. Because the woman is not a celebrity, she was unable to handle the pressure that comes from this problem. Chun Jung-myung’s ex-girlfriend was having a hard time after their relationship was known by the public, and she was getting attention from people around her which made her stressed.

Chun Jung-myung’s agency opened up about his relationship and confirmed that the actor broke up with his girlfriend after an article about their dating surfaced, and both of them are having a psychological burden after the breakup. Chun Jung-myung thought that they would be comfortable after they made their official relationship public, but it happened too soon and without their knowledge, which caused some extra stress and problems.

The breakup news came up around November 2014, and it revealed that Chun Jung-myung was dating a normal citizen who is 12 years younger than him. However, his ex-girlfriend found it uncomfortable to be the center of so much attention from the public, and her personal information was found on several websites. It was obvious that his ex-girlfriend and the actor himself were upset and sad to face that their relationship after going public was not working anymore.

Is Chun Jung-myung Dating Another Girl?

After the breakup from his girlfriend, Chun Jung-myung hasn’t publicly hung out with another girl. The actor seems to keep his private life secret after the breakup because it was a hard decision for him to let go of his relationship from the girl he used to love. They were forced to break up after their dating photos were revealed even though they had just been dating within a month.

Chun Jung-myung told TV Report that it was hard to keep their dating life a secret, but sometimes, going public also is a difficult thing to endure and now he is still looking for a woman who fits his ideal type. Chun Jung-myung also decided to have secret dates without getting caught so that he can build a relationship that can go to a more serious level and possibly even marriage.

Does Chun Jung-myung Have a Wife?

Until now, there is no official news or statement regarding Chun Jung-myung’s wife. The actor still wants to be single and not date anyone. Besides the reason of his past breakup, the actor Chun Jung-myung wasn’t ready to go into another public relationship, and he prefers to stay in a private place to hang out rather than a public place.

Chun Jung-myung’s Perspective About Marriage

Chun Jung-myung was having an interview with JTBC Newson February 2017, and he was asked about his marriage plan. The actor confessed that he is actually lonely after being single, and he really wants to get married but still is not ready to tie the knot with someone special because he wants to have more freedom. The question led to his ideal type, and the actor responded he wants to understand and respect each other whether in work life or private life.



Chun Jung-myung is an actor who keeps his personal life a secret, and he’s also a loving person. Until now, Chun Jung-myung doesn’t have a wife, and there is also no news about his marriage plans. Anyway, what do you think about Chun Jung-myung’s current relationship? Is he still single or secretly dating someone behind the public?