Does BTS’ Jimin’s Have a Wife?

BTS’s Jimin’s Current Relationship Status

For now, there is no official statement from the agency stating the relationships of BTS members. This means that BTS’s Jimin doesn’t have a special relationship related to romance things, neither with the K-Pop idols who are rumored to have a relationship with him, nor anyone else. So from this, it can be assumed that one of the BTS members, Jimin is still single and doesn’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend yet. He also has no desire to marry anyone in the near future.

BTS’s Jimin’s Ex-Girlfriend

The cutest member of BTS, Jimin, also has a bitter love story. Jimin has experienced a one-sided love story. He used to like a girl at school. However, he did not dare to reveal it. When he was near his crush, Jimin’s heart would beat fast and his cheeks would flush. In addition, Jimin’s photos with a girl in the past also went viral. Jimin looks familiar with the girl wearing the red jacket in the photo. However, it is unknown what Jimin’s relationship with the girl actually is and Jimin also had a one-sided love in the past.

Every time he would approach the person he liked, his face would turn red and his heart would go crazy. During an interview on Idols True Colors Radio, Jimin confessed he likes someone who is funny and has a strange charm. He said he would like it if his girlfriend was shorter than him. Even though he doesn’t have someone in mind who is similar to those traits, the right girl will come along one day.

Well, that’s all the information that can be given about BTS’s Jimin’s wife and his experience in dating. If there are many who wonder who BTS’s Jimin’s wife is or has he ever been involved in dating news, the answer is simply—no. There is no official statement from the agency which proves that BTS’s Jimin and the other members are not in a romantic relationship with anyone.

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