Does BTS’ Jimin’s Have a Wife?

BTS’s Jimin and BLACKPINK’s Rose

Being a Korean idol, of course, is not instant and there are many rules that must be obeyed. One of the most important things is that most Korean idol agencies prohibit their artists from dating, the goal is that they avoid scandals that will ruin their careers. Even though fans don’t know for sure whether their idols have lovers or not, not a few fans hope that their idols have boyfriends among fellow artists because they are considered to be equally beautiful and handsome.

BTS and BLACKPINK are two Korean idol groups whose careers are currently popular. Both of them have been pursuing careers for years but until now there has been no news about their dating at all. A number of fans who think BTS and BLACKPINK are suitable together, make some photo edits that look very real. Guaranteed you will not think that the photos below are edits.

Some of the photos found when searching for keywords about BTS’s Jimin and BLACKPINK’s Rose are also surprising. Fans use their photoshop skills to edit their photos as a couple. Different from the previous OTP, Jimin is often said that he has a partner or K-Pop idol as his companion who comes from a position as a lead dancer. However, BLACKPINK’s Rose, who is actually the main vocalist of the group, made their newest OTP.

BTS’s Jimin and TWICE’s Mina

One of the members of a girl group that fans have also talked about for being close to Jimin is TWICE’s Mina. The member who is under JYP Entertainment and comes from Japan is a chatter from BTS fans that she looks good with Jimin. So far, there are no facts that underlie the relationship between Jimin and Mina. However, based on Allkpop’s forum, there is a discussion between fans who say that Mina is secretly dating Bambam. But it was only a discussion from the fans and it can be said that this is not true.

In addition, BTS’s Jimin and TWICE’s Mina became the chat of fans because photos of the two of them were spread on online sites. Some of the pictures between the two of them are the result of the fans’ editing which is a great support because they look so good together.

BTS’s Jimin and TWICE’s Mina have also been a hot topic among fans because they were misdirected about a controversy generated by AOA’s Jimin and Mina. Fans of K-Pop in general initially assumed that there was a problem between BTS’s Jimin and TWICE’s Mina. Some international netizens on Twitter who mistook them for BTS and TWICE wrote a tweet, such as: “Wait, is Jimin a bully? Geez he is the worst K-Pop idol, he had to leave BTS.”

“Geez, is Jimin finished now? Is he a bully? School bully or something?” “I really thought BTS’s Jimin was bullying TWICE’s Mina. I was really shocked for a moment, but it turned out to be Jimin and Mina from AOA,” “K-Pop news sometimes confuses me, I think TWICE’s Mina accused Jimin of BTS of bullying in the past,” and many other similar comments.

Behind it all, it seems that what happened was just a misunderstanding. However, the relationship between BTS’s Jimin and TWICE’s Mina is not an official relationship. They are both very young K-Pop idols and are still active in the entertainment industry. There is no official statement regarding BTS’s Jimin and TWICE’s Mina apart from the fans who made the pairing.

BTS’s Jimin and Oli London

The story of Oli London spending hundreds of thousands of US dollars to look like BTS’s main vocalist, Jimin, attracted attention. How can the man who launched the song titled “Perfection” be so obsessed with Jimin from BTS? In the documentary film aired by Barcroft TV titled Hooked On The Look, Oli calls Jimin a picture of a perfect human being. He started to follow BTS, the group Jimin belongs to, while living in Korea in 2013.

The man said that while watching TV and seeing BTS perform, he was immediately fascinated by all the members of the idol group. For the past five years, he has been trying to be like his idol. “I want my lifestyle to be entirely around K-Pop and I want my entire appearance to be similar to Jimin, the main vocalist of BTS, because for me he is perfection, the shape of his jaw, the shape of his lips, his voice, everything,” he said in the film.

He went through plastic surgery. Her first procedure was nose surgery in South Korea. Moreover, that country has wide access to plastic surgery. “I like the perfect image they show, they look like dolls. They look really perfect and when I saw their video, I was moved because they are so beautiful,” said Oli. Since then, Oli has undergone many surgeries to get the ideal look he dreams of. He has undergone four nose jobs (rhinoplasty) and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to make his eyes look bigger.

The man who claims to be a BTS fan also underwent mandible angle reduction, cheek fat graft, chest augmentation (gynecomastia), liposuction, and areola correction. “I also did silicone implants on the chin and fat transfer for my cheeks and then filled with fillers. I also put fillers on my lips and lots of botox injections. I also removed fatty tissue from my chest,” he said.

The change in his extreme face raises questions from other BTS fans about how far Oli will change himself to be like his idol. Oli answered this question with a number of plastic surgery plans in 2019. The plans included a lateral canthoplasty to shape his eyes, V-Line Jaw surgery to cut his jaw into a heart shape, and a fifth nose job.

Oli said that his obsession with plastic surgery was based on his lack of confidence in his appearance. This feeling of insecurity has its roots in adolescence. “I always felt uncomfortable because my acne was bad at school and I have a really big nose,” said Oli. He admits that the plastic surgery he underwent made him happier. Oli’s procedure has sparked controversy because he is seen as trying to remove his identity as British and of Caucasian descent. “I don’t want to change my race. I’m not saying that I want to be Asian, but I want to be like a K-Pop star,” he said.

One of the newest procedures that Oli has undergone is filler injection in his eyelids. The procedure carries the risk of blindness. Oli’s plastic surgery doctor, Dr. Faramarz Didar said that there are customers who are never satisfied so they always come to various doctors called body dysmorphic syndrome. However, in Oli’s case, he said there was no such indication. “Oli is a good young man and he wants to achieve something like no other. I am happy to serve him,” said Didar.

Even so, one of Oli’s friends, Stephanie Jackson was worried about Oli’s dream to be like Jimin. That means, he said, Oli will never be like himself. Even so, Oli still insists on saying, “I don’t want to be like a normal person. I want to be like a K-pop doll, like Jimin.”

Oli London is known to have ‘married’ the cardboard of one of the BTS personnel, Jimin, in January. In fact, Oli celebrated it in Las Vegas, America. Now during the quarantine period due to lockdown, Oli has canceled his ‘honeymoon’ with Jimin to South Korea. As a result, he only passed his moments with Jimin at his house. Oli shared the honeymoon moment on his YouTube channel. He gave the title I Love Korea and you can see Oli who brings Jimin’s cardboard to the bathtub in his bathroom.

“Everything is recorded at my house with my friends and the song aims to celebrate my love for Jimin and South Korea. Bathing with noodles is something I usually do to clean my skin and soy sauce can help cleanse my body,” he said.

“I hope that after the lockdown, Jimin and I can have a proper honeymoon on the Korean coast. For now I will just take a shower of noodles and cheer him up,” continued Oli London. Previously, in September 2019, the name Oli London went viral after he became addicted to plastic surgery to look like BTS’s Jimin.