Do You Think Lee Kwang-soo Is A Great Singer? Find Out More About His Singing Skills

lee kwang soo

Have You Heard Actor Lee Kwang-soo While He Was Singing?

People might recognize Lee Kwang-soo as an actor, model, and entertainer. Moreover, after Lee Kwang-soo was involved in some comedy series and the variety show Running Man, his popularity started to increase rapidly! But besides of that, do you know that Lee Kwang-soo actually has a good singing voice? Through this article, Channel Korea will explain the details about that, so stay tuned!

Lee Kwang-soo’s good voice didn’t come from singing lessons. He doesn’t sing based on that, but on certain occasion, Lee Kwang-soo has amazed us with his good voice. If you haven’t heard his sing yet, here are some of Lee Kwang-soo’s singing compilations with  other celebrities!

Harmonizing With EXID’s Solji

lee kwang soo

First of all, let’s find out about Lee Kwang-soo’s vocal ability while he was harmonizing his voice along with one of EXID’s members, Solji! During one of the episodes of Running Man, Solji was showing off her beautiful voice to the cast members of Running Man. While she was singing, Lee Kwang-soo was also trying to copy the way Solji was singing!

When Solji and Lee Kwang-soo were singing, the rest of cast members burst into laughter due to Lee Kwang-soo’s weird face! While Solji was showing off her high-notes, Lee Kwang-soo was trying so hard to follow her! He ended up making such a weird expression; he was looking confused and innocent at the same time!

At first, Solji was focusing her vocal while she was singing, but when she glanced over at Lee Kwang-soo and his weird expression, she suddenly burst into laughter and stopped singing! Actually, Lee Kwang-soo’s voice was quite good, but he seemed a little bit nervous or confused when Solji was singing with such high notes, that’s why he came up with the weird expression which made the other people laugh out loud!

Watch the way Lee Kwang-soo and EXID’s Solji harmonize together here:

Duet With EXO’s D.O

lee kwang soo & exo d.o

Next, there are also Lee Kwang-soo’s singing moments along with EXO’s D.O! This happened in another episode of Running Man, and EXO’s D.O was one of the guests; it also led into a moment where Lee Kwang-soo and EXO’s D.O were singing together! Both of them were even wearing the same clothes, a brown long-sleeved shirt!

They were singing the single from Kim Bum-soo with the title I Miss You. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast members had an argument, since they thought that Lee Kwang-soo chose a song based on his favorite one. But Lee Kwang-soo denied it, and said that it was based on his and EXO’s D.O’s taste!

The singing duet between Lee Kwang-soo and EXO’s D.O was preceded by D.O, who first. As you probably expect, D.O sang charmingly with his soft voice! When it came to Lee Kwang-soo’s part, surprisingly, he sang with a good voice! Even though Jaesuk was bothering him while he was sang, but still, Lee Kwang-soo really had a good voice!

Another amazing moment involving Lee Kwang-soo’s singing ability was when he could reach the high notes of the song along with EXO’s D.O! Both of them were harmonizing their song nicely together!

Watch Lee Kwang-soo singing a duet with EXO’s D.O here: