Profile of EXO’s D.O: Name, Height, Birthday, Drama and Facts


D.O The Vocal Powerhouse of EXO

Besides being the member whose position is the face of the group, the main vocalist usually also has the highest popularity when it comes to the public recognition. This also applies to EXO’s D.O, who became the main vocalist of the group along with the fellow members Baekhyun and Chen. Despite his mild and composed aura, D.O’s voice is proven to be strong while D.O himself is considered to have a top-tiered skill in singing. Not only does he have his career as an idol group member, D.O also unexpectedly has ventured into the acting field, proving himself to be the multi-talented member of EXO. Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about EXO’s D.O, starting with his personal profile, his fun facts and trivia, his dramas and movies list, his songs list, his hidden abs, his dating rumor, his plastic surgery rumor, his hairstyles, and his fashion style. So, stay tuned!

EXO’s D.O Full Profile

Birth Name: Do Kyung Soo

Stage Name: D.O

Nickname: Eomma (mother), Orchestra Boy, The Pop Out Eyes, Pororo, Heenjabuja (rich in whites)

Date of Birth: Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, January 12, 1993

Age: 26 (Korean age) / 25 (International age)

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Blood Type: A

Religion: Christian

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Chinese Astrology: Rooster

Siblings: 1 (older brother named Do Seung Soo whose age gap is three years older)

Position: Main Vocalist

Specialty: Singing, beatboxing

Super Power Badge In EXO: Force / Earth

Sub Unit: EXO K

Language: Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese

Training Time: 2 years

Agency: SM Entertainment

Education: Baekseok High School, Baekshin Middle School, Goyang Poongsan Elementary School

EXO D.O’s Fun Facts and Trivia That You Must Know
  • D.O sang Na Yoon-kwon’s Anticipation and Brown Eyed Soul’s My Story when he participated in SM Audition in 2010. He was advised to do so after winning a singing competition.
  • Before becoming a trainee of SM Entertainment, D.O began singing in primary school as he often participated in local singing competitions.
  • During his training time, D.O was calm and quiet because he did not want his high school friends to find out about his trainee life at SM Entertainment.
  • D.O’s parents are known to very supportive when it comes to D.O’s dream to be a singer.
  • D.O’s personality is described to be quiet, sentimental, and considerate, and he acts like a mother to the other EXO members.
  • Because of his quiet personality, D.O said that he is very shy towards the strangers. He prefers it if other people initiate conversations and gets close to him.
  • Contrary to his usual reserved personality, D.O often jokes if he is surrounded by the fellow EXO members.
  • Before his debut and training time, D.O was known as a kid ulzzang (attractive people on the internet).
  • The reason why one of D.O’s nickname is Pororo is because he once stated that he and Pororo are alike.
  • D.O’s favorite color is black.
  • D.O’s favorite motto is ‘Be number 1’.
  • D.O stated that he inherited the artistic side from his father because his father owns an art business.
  • D.O stated that his habits are biting his own nails often, humming along to the songs, and wetting his lips with his tongue.
  • D.O is obsessed with cleaning. He is always tidy and likes to categorize things by types, brands, and colors.
  • D.O’s favorite movie genre is fantasy.
  • D.O always orders nachos instead of popcorn whenever he goes to the movie theaters. The reason is because nachos are delicious and he also wants to be different to other people. Therefore, D.O will check the menu to see if there are any new item that he should order first.
  • D.O’s favorite fashion style is casual.
  • D.O loves cooking and mostly cooks for the fellow EXO members. Even so, D.O stated that his cooking skill is not as great like everyone says. On the other hand, D.O picked himself in the charge of cooking meat because, among EXO members, he is the best at it.
  • D.O said that he wants to learn how to make really great hotpot. He wants to make the best sesame paste in the world.
  • D.O said that if he did not become a singer, he would have been a chef.
  • D.O’s favorite food is spaghetti.
  • D.O will forget things if he gets nervous.
  • When he cannot sleep, D.O will watch a movie.
  • D.O has his own room in EXO’s dorm.
  • D.O’s favorite song is Travie McCoy’s Billionaire, which features Bruno Mars.
  • D.O said that he has a lot of little moles on his body.
  • D.O likes to spend his time quietly.
  • D.O stated that, among all EXO members, he is not the best at anything and has the least humor sense with Suho.
  • D.O values honesty a lot. He also cares that someone has manners.
  • D.O’s hobbies are interpreting lyrics, singing, and beatboxing.
  • D.O’s favorite music genre is Pop.
  • D.O cannot leave the house without his earphones.
  • D.O stated that he respects TVXQ’s Yunho a lot.
  • D.O picked Yoo Young Jin (SM’s main composer) as his role model.
  • D.O has bad eyesight. He would glare if he does not wear glasses.
  • D.O is a fan of f(x).
  • D.O is a close friend of BtoB’s Hyunshik.
  • D.O has received many awards and praise for his acting skill.
  • D.O’s ideal type is a girl who is kind and eats well. The girl must also look pretty when she laughs.
  • D.O said that he does not fall in love at first sight, but he will develop feelings for someone after slowly getting to know them.
  • D.O picked Kim Yoon Seok and Song Kang Ho as the actors he respects the most. Moreover, D.O wishes to work with them in the future.
  • When D.O is tired, just saying ‘hwaiting’ (cheer up) genuinely will get him motivated to keep moving.