Profile of EXO’s D.O: Name, Height, Birthday, Drama and Facts

EXO D.O’s Drama and Movie List


Besides singing with EXO, D.O also ventured to the field of acting. Starting by only being the cameo and supporting role, now D.O often being chosen to be the lead cast of dramas and movies. D.O’s acting skill has also been appreciated through the awards he received as Best Young Actor on 16th Seoul International Youth Film Festival in 2014 and Most Popular Actor for the category of Film on 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards in 2016. Here you may check the list of D.O’s drama and movie list!

2012 – SBS To The Beautiful You (Cameo on episode 2 as Himself)

2014 – SBS It’s Okay, That’s Love (Supporting Role as Han Kang-woo)

2014 – Cart (as Choi Tae-young)

2015 – Naver TVCast EXO Next Door (as Himself)

2015 – KBS2 Hello Monster (Guest on episode 1 and 2 as the Teenager version of Lee Joon-young)

2016 – Naver TV Cast Be Positive (as Hwan-dong)

2016 – Pure Love (as Beom-sil)

2016 – My Annoying Brother (as Go Doo-young)

2017 – Room No. 7 (as Tae-jung)

2017 – Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds (as Won Il-byung)

2018 – The Underdog (dubber as Moongchi)

2018 – Swing Kids (as Roh Ki-soo)

2018 – 100 Days My Prince (Lead Role as Won-deuk or Lee Yool)

EXO D.O’s Songs List


Recognized as the powerhouse vocalist in EXO, it is honestly surprising that D.O only sang a few song as a soloist or a featured artist with other singers. Despite the lack amount of songs that he has covered, we cannot dismiss D.O’s discography, which Channel-Korea has compiled below as the songs that you may want to check out!

2013 – Goodbye Summer (as the guest singer featuring f(x) for f(x)’s album Pink Tape)

2014 – Tell Me What Is Love (included in Exology Chapter 1: The Lost Planet)

2014 – Scream (the original soundtrack of Cart)

2016 – Tell Me (What Is Love) (featuring Yoo Young-jin for S.M. Station Season 1)

2016 – Don’t Worry (featuring Jo Jung-suk for the original soundtrack of My Annoying Brother)

EXO D.O’s Abs

It is not a wonder that male idols often show off the hard work of their gym practice. Contrastingly, D.O is not one of those male idols as he rarely shows off his body. However, due to the flooding comments of EXO’s fans for him to show his abs, D.O finally admitted that he had a little tummy at EXO’s concert ‘EXORDIUM’ while lightly patting his stomach.

do kyungsoo

D.O’s statement made some fans concerned as they said that D.O should not feel obliged to have abs just because the fans told him to. They do not want D.O to starve himself in order to gain mere abs as they only wish D.O to be healthy. Well, what do you think dear readers? Do you think D.O should have abs, just like the rest of EXO members?

EXO D.O’s Dating Rumor


When this article is being written, there is no rumor regarding the girlfriend of D.O. Certainly, there are several female idols who are being linked up to D.O, such as Girl’s Day’s members Sojin and Minah, Red Velvet’s leader Irene, and actress Kim So-hyun. However, there is no concrete proof that confirm D.O’s relationship with them. Regarding his personal relationship, D.O once told during an interview with TV Report about his first love which was occurred in the third year of high school.

D.O explained, “I was really clingy and possessive. I still regret being that way to this day.” When asked that he probably has not been able to date since becoming an idol, D.O hastily replies that he does want to date but due to the limited time and opportunity, he does not do it at the current time. D.O also said that after his high school romance, he has learned to not be clingy ever again. Hopefully, when the time of D.O’s relationship is revealed, the fans and public will support D.O’s relationship with his girlfriend, don’t we, dear readers?