DMTN’s Former Member Day Day’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Solo Career, and Appearance on ‘Show Me the Money 4’

dmtn day day david kim profile

Everything You Should Know About DMTN’s Former Main Rapper, David Kim!

Not many know that a participant on Mnet’s Show Me the Money 4 is a former member of a K-pop group. David Kim, also known as Day Day, turned out to have debuted with the DMTN boy group and was the main rapper. He stated that he wanted to do more by releasing more songs in rap or hip hop, and that was the reason he left the group and started his solo career.

Not only that but Day Day also turned out to have a big role as a lyricist for several K-pop groups such as A-Pink, MBLAQ, Sistar, and many more! Day Day has also appeared several times in Korean singers’ music videos. To get to know more about his identity and career journey, read more of this article that has been shared by Channel-Korea!

DMTN’s Day Day’s Full Profile

dmtn day day david kim profile

Real Name: David Kim

Stage Name: Day Day (Hangul: 데이데이)

Birth: Maryland, USA, September 20, 1983

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 170 cm (5’6″)

Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)

Blood Type: B

Official Site: Twitter ( @Day Daydoggydog )

Fun Facts

dmtn day day david kim profile
  1. Day Day’s hobbies and specialties are working out, translating, and rapping in English
  2. Day Day’s religion is Christianity
  3. Day Day attended Maryland University
  4. Day Day is an only child in his family
  5. Day Day used to be a rap trainer at JYP Entertainment and other companies
  6. Day Day has produced and composed for various K-pop groups such as Sistar, SPEED, MBLAQ, and Hello Venus
  7. Day Day said in an interview that he was born in the United States and attended elementary school in the United States, but he came to Korea to attend a foreign school in middle and high school
  8. Day Day appeared as a regular on Mnet’s Dalmatian Managers Strike Age
  9. Day Day said that he couldn’t get paid even if he wanted to because his feet are tied to his agency
  10. Day Day appeared in Korean music videos including Lee Hyori’s “Shall We Dance” and “Straight Up,” Wonder Girls‘ “So What,” Wheesung‘s “The Kind of Situation,” Uhm Junghwa’s “Come to Me,” Brian Joo‘s “Tell Me Baby,” and Son Dambi‘s “Start”

DMTN’s Day Day (David Kim)’s Discography

dmtn day day david kim profile

During his career with DMTN, Day Day had big roles while he was in charge of being the lyricist of some of DMTN’s singles such as “Lover Cop,” “That Man Opposed” (Hangul: 남자는 반대), “Lost in Love,” “Home Run,” and “Round 1.”

Besides that, Day Day has also released singles by himself such as “Allday Allnight” (Hangul: 볼래) with Jakop, Raina, and ₩uNo in August 2015, “Angel” (feat. Loco) in September 2016, “Piggy Bank” (Hangul: 돼지 저금통) in November 2016, “Call Me” (Hangul: 나를 불러) feat. GRAY and Jay Park in 2017, and “We Dem Boys” (Hangul: 우린 좀 먹히는 놈들) feat. SUPERBEE and Shupie in July 2018.

DMTN’s Day Day’s Visuals

dmtn day day david kim profile

As someone who has worked in the entertainment and music industry, Day Day also has good-looking visuals and looks very neat! The visuals he has can be said to already have a very good standard as a K-pop idol. To get to know Day Day better, let’s take a closer look at Day Day’s visuals in the session below!

Day Day started his career by debuting as a member of the boy group Dalmatian, also known as DMTN, in 2010. Day Day, whose real name is David Kim, had a fairly important role in the group as the rapper of the group. His appearance has always been very charismatic and fierce so that when Day Day was on stage to perform, all eyes immediately turned to him.

dmtn day day david kim profile

Throughout his career, Day Day is often seen changing his appearance. When he has to perform on stage, Day Day’s appearance is very strong, and he’s not even shy about showing off his muscles. As for off-performance, Day Day is an idol with a neat and handsome image! You can see the photo above which shows Day Day back in the days when he was still working as a K-pop idol. He looks slightly similar to BIGBANG’s TOP, right?

dmtn day day david kim profile

When his performance shows a strong and fierce aura, so does Day Day’s personality, which can even be a rapper who looks charming and very charismatic when on stage. The look in his eyes shows the courage of Day Day’s personality as if when in a competition, he will try his best to get first place and get rid of his rivals with all the talent he has as a rapper.

dmtn day day david kim profile

Restarting his career as a rapper, it looks like Day Day has a new image and appearance after he started his solo career and appeared regularly on Show Me the Money 4. He looks much younger with a more casual appearance and outfit, and his face hasn’t changed at all since he debuted as a member of DMTN. It can be said that Day Day looks younger than his age now, right?

What do you think about Day Day’s visuals?