DMTN’s Daniel: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Visual, Marijuana Scandal

DMTN’s Daniel’s Focus Fancams

On February 16th, 2013, DMTN’s Daniel attended Lotte World Public Broadcasting with his group and performed several songs. In the focus fancam above, we can see DMTN’s Daniel interacting with the visitors who came to the event and attended a talk session in the middle of their performance. DMTN’s Daniel can also often be seen smiling widely in front of his fans.

What’s interesting about the focus fancam above are the outfits that the members wear with suits and ties and also diamonds scattered on the chest of every member’s outfit which made it look even cooler.

Still on the same day, this time there was another focus fancam from DMTN’s Daniel which showed his performance with the other members when they delivered “E.R”. In this performance, the members, as well as DMTN’s Daniel, were seen still wearing the same outfit as before, only in this focus fancam, you can watch the full performance of DMTN’s Daniel who looked very charismatic when he performed “E.R” on the stage.

On April 9th, 2011, DMTN attended a performance held at Lotte World and entertained the fans who attended the event. In the focus fancam above, we can see DMTN’s Daniel performing live by singing happily and dancing playfully on stage. The outfit worn in the focus fancam above also looks cool with a baby blue blazer, bow tie, and white trousers, giving the impression of prince charming.

On August 18th, 2012, DMTN’s Daniel made another appearance with his group at Lotte World and brought another single of the group at that time. In this focus fancam, we can see DMTN’s Daniel’s appearance which looks more mature with short hair making his appearance look neat, and he is wearing a black formal outfit that doesn’t deviate much from their concept of being a masculine K-Pop boy group.

On May 25th, 2012, DMTN held a performance that was located at Seoul Women’s University Festival Public Broadcast and performed one of their singles titled “That Man Opposed”. In this focus fancam, DMTN’s Daniel looks more playful and comfortable with his outfit, he also often smiles and shows off his adorable expressions throughout the performance.

What do you think about DMTN’s Daniel’s focus fancams?

DMTN’s Daniel’s Marijuana Scandal

dmtn daniel profile

The entertainment industry in Korea was again shocked when members of the DMTN boy group (formerly Dalmatian) were questioned by the police. Daniel was questioned on March 9th, 2013, on charges of consuming marijuana. Now he also admits to selling marijuana but does not consume it.

Daniel received an arrest warrant on March 8th, 2013, and underwent urine and hair tests. He was initially suspected of consuming marijuana but after being examined the results were negative. However, the police continued their investigation and found Daniel to be involved in selling and introducing marijuana.

“Daniel who is immature thinks that as long as he doesn’t consume it it’s not a big crime so this incident finally happened,” a spokesman for the agency said. “He’s really introspective of his actions. He feels guilty for committing a crime of this magnitude.”

dmtn daniel profile

DMTN agency spokesman also said Daniel was actively cooperating during the examination. Until now the police have not announced the type of sentence that will be served by Daniel. Meanwhile, the schedule for the DMTN Showcase Live in Singapore 2013 on April 6th, 2013, would still be held.

“Daniel has not received a sentence from the court but he does not want to make excuses for his mistake. He wants to face the consequences in law and the staff also supports his decision,” the spokesman continued. “We will help him to mature as a part of society.” The court decided to give a sentence of 1 year in prison. However, at this time, Daniel’s side still decided to appeal, which is likely to be commuted.

On March 12th, 2013, an arrest warrant for Daniel was issued after he was accused of possessing, selling, and using marijuana. DMTN’s agency 2Works Entertainment stated, “Daniel doesn’t smoke marijuana alone. And since he doesn’t smoke himself, he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. It was a reckless and immature decision on his part.”

dmtn daniel profile

2Works Entertainment continued, “Daniel was investigated from morning to night on March 9th, 2013, and returned home. His initial charges were selling and introducing marijuana. Daniel admitted to the allegations and was willing to be investigated. Daniel has not received an official decision, but he is not looking for excuses for this mistake. Daniel is willing to accept the applicable punishment.”

The agency respects his decision and helps Daniel to become more mature and responsible in the future. Through an official statement, the agency apologized to all DMTN fans. The police confirmed that Daniel used marijuana from a hair test and urine sample.

On March 13th, 2013, Korean media TVReport posted an article which was a statement from representatives of the DMTN, 2Works Entertainment, regarding the continuation of DMTN’s career after member Daniel was involved in a marijuana scandal.

dmtn daniel profile

An article once stated, “For now we are looking for activities for every member except Daniel. With that busy schedule, they are also still completing activities together.”

However, the official Google+ DMTN account denied that DMTN members would focus on their respective activities and accused the media of mistranslation and confusing fans. The missing sentence from the translation is, “For now it is difficult for DMTN to make an official decision until Daniel’s trial is over. And now all DMTN members have decided to do activities together first.”

In response to this, fans were furious because of the possibility of DMTN running without Daniel. So what can be concluded is that fans still hope that DMTN is solid and faithfully waits for the settlement of Daniel’s case.

dmtn daniel profile

Finally, the last decision taken by the management was that the DMTN group went on hiatus in 2013 since one of its members, Daniel, was arrested for using narcotics. The results of the police investigation showed that Daniel had been an intermediary for selling narcotics 12 times. He has also directly sold marijuana 4 times. Because of his actions, Daniel was sentenced to 1 year in prison and 3 years of suspension.

DMTN’s Daniel’s Marriage

dmtn daniel profile

There has been no recent news from DMTN’s Daniel since November 2018 when the online community said that he got married. DMTN’s Daniel’s marriage was confirmed by DMTN’s Inati who came to his wedding and send a congratulation through a post.

Well, that was all the information about DMTN’s Daniel that you should know. Even though DMTN’s Daniel is now inactive as a member of the boy group that debuted in 2011, let’s continue to give support and love to DMTN’s Daniel so that his career can shine even more in the future.

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