Everything You Need To Know About DKB’s Yuku

DKB Yuku

DKB’s Japanese Member Amanuma Yuku’s Profile, Facts, and More!

Nowadays, many South Korean groups have members who come from abroad. Not only do Koreans have the potential to debut as idols, and some members who debut in a group are also famous for coming from other countries, such as Japan, Taiwan, the USA, Indonesia, and many more.

In this article, there’s detailed information about a member of the boy group that debuted under Brave Entertainment, which is DKB or also known as Dark Brown Eyes. He is the only member who came from Japan. Who is he? Without waiting any longer, let’s answer your curiosity about DKB’s Yuku including his full profile, fun facts, and other information in the article below!

DKB’s Yuku’s Full Profile


Real Name: Amanuma Yuku (天沼ゆく)

Stage Name: Yuku (Hangul: 유쿠)

Birth: May 12th, 2002

Star Sign: Taurus

Height: 176 cm (5’9″)

Weight: 55kg (121 lbs)

Blood Type: B

Position in the Group: Dancer, Vocalist, DJ

Nationality: Japanese

DKB’s Yuku’s Fun Facts

  1. DKB’s Yuku’s Chinese zodiac sign is the horse
  2. DKB’s Yuku was revealed as a member on November 21st, 2019
  3. DKB’s Yuku’s specialty is exercising, kendama, and dancing
  4. DKB’s Yuku’s shoe size is 265-270 mm
  5. DKB’s Yuku says he doesn’t know his eyesight, but he knows it’s bad
  6. DKB’s Yuku’s childhood dream was to be a stage personality
  7. DKB’s Yuku doesn’t have a nickname but still hopes he will get one
  8. DKB’s Yuku would bring a phone, his friend, and a knife if he went to an uninhabited island
  9. DKB’s Yuku said he’d let everyone buy what they want and save the rest if he won the lottery
  10. DKB’s Yuku said he will be a member of the worldwide DKB and Yuku, who everyone knows, 10 years from now
  11. DKB’s Yuku is the first Japanese artist to debut under Brave Entertainment and is the only foreigner (so far) in the group
  12. DKB’s Yuku calls himself the “soft sun” of DKB
  13. DKB’s Yuku can speak some English
  14. DKB’s Yuku’s favorite color is purple
  15. DKB’s Yuku is good at playing basketball
  16. DKB’s Yuku prefers the beach over the mountains
  17. DKB’s Yuku’s favorite snack is 별뽀빠이, a Popeye Ramen snack
  18. DKB’s Yuku’s favorite ice cream flavor is Lotus Cookie flavor
  19. DKB’s Yuku’s favorite emojis are the purple and yellow hearts
  20. DKB’s Yuku likes to go to café’s in his free time
  21. DKB’s Yuku shares a room with Junseo, Lune, and D1
  22. DKB’s Yuku’s motto is “If you try hard, you can see the blue sky”

DKB’s Yuku’s Father Passed Away


Throughout 2020, the South Korean entertainment industry was filled with a number of surprises. Smiles and tears adorned the journey of a number of public figures that year. The news of a loved one who passed away is certainly something that will be experienced by every human being, including a number of idols who have careers in South Korea.

Sad news came from DKB, which just debuted in 2020. The father of one of the members who come from Japan, which is Yuku, reportedly passed away. Yuku’s father reportedly died of a chronic illness.


On December 14, 2020, a source from Brave Entertainment announced the sad news. “Yuku’s father passed away on December 12 after his health deteriorated due to a chronic illness,” they explained. Yuku is a member of Brave Entertainment’s boy group DKB. They made their long-awaited debut in February 2020 with their first mini album Youth and their debut song titled “Sorry Mama.”

At that time, DKB was promoting their third mini album GROWTH with the title track “Work Hard.” After receiving news of his father’s passing, DKB’s Yuku left for Japan on December 13, 2020, to be with his family. Meanwhile, DKB continued its promotions with eight members.

Condolences to Yuku and his family. May his father rest in peace.

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