Everything You Need To Know About DKB’s Teo: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Visual, And More

DKB’s Teo’s Song Covers

You should watch DKB’s Teo’s song covers in this section below to check out his melodious voice!

DKB’s Teo showed his singing skills by uploading cover song content through DKB’s official YouTube account where he sang “To Die For” which was popularized by Sam Smith. In the cover, fans can also watch at first hand how DKB’s Teo digs very deeply into every part of the lyrics that have deep meanings in the song. The member who holds the position of Main Vocalist of the group also enjoys the process of recording cover songs in the recording studio with maximum performance.

DKB’s Teo again entertained fans by appearing in the next cover song content that was uploaded on DKB’s official YouTube account. Almost the same as before, he sang a ballad that sounded quite deep in meaning. Not only singing with all of his heart, but DKB’s Teo was also seen living up to Etham’s song “12:45 (Stripped)” with the sad expression he showed in the cover song content. The editor also gives a deeper impression by adding lyrics to the video that shows the ability of DKB’s Teo until this video has been watched as many as 16,820 times.

DKB’s Teo once again showed his skills in singing ballads or sad songs. On this occasion, he was again present by singing one of the songs popularized by one of the Korean male solo artist, Crush, titled “Let Us Go”. DKB’s Teo also dives very deeply into every verse of the lyrics he sings from this song. Unlike his cover song content that was previously uploaded, this song is the first Korean song he has sung and still, his singing ability is extremely good.

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DKB’s Teo’s Focus Fancams

To check out DKB’s Teo’s focus fancams, make sure you don’t skip the section that follows below.

On April 30th, 2021, DKB performed in their comeback stage that was aired on Simply K-Pop. In the comeback stage, DKB performed their newest single at the time, titled “All In”. The nine members of DKB seemed to rely heavily on their power to perform at full strength, as well as DKB’s Teo who was spotted in this focus fancam wearing an all-black outfit from head to toe. DKB’s Teo also looks very energetic in bringing the choreography from “All In” and he is also seen bringing his own hand mic instead of using a head microphone like the other members.

On February 10th, 2020, DKB who at that time had just started their new career and entered the music industry in South Korea, just held their debut showcase which took place at Supigen Hall in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Since they had just made their debut, you can watch how tense DKB’s Teo’s expression is through this fancam, but he still looks cool, right?

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DKB’s Teo’s Latest News

dkb teo profile

DKB members never play around in their performances, which are fierce, powerful, and definitely sharp in dancing. This group under Brave Entertainment (owned by Brave Brothers) also has a B-side that is no less cool than their main song.

Also, the latest music video of the group’s new song “All In” recorded 10 million views on the 6th day of its release. According to Brave Entertainment, on April 5th, 2021, the music video for the title song “All In” of DKB’s 1st full album The Dice Is Cast has garnered 10 Million views within 6 days of its release. Breaking through with the shortest record since debut, DKB set their own best record.

DKB’s 1st full album title song “All In” is a pop dance song with 808 sound added to a piano melody that stimulates emotion and a groovy rhythm. The music video contains DKB’s uniquely powerful and intense performance.

With the release of a new album, DKB are steadily increasing their global popularity. The new song “All In” released in April 2021, entered the top 100 music streaming site charts on the day of its release, and on the Twitter Blue Room which was held to commemorate the album release on the 30th, the cumulative number of viewers exceeded 920,000, breaking its own record.

Well, that was all the information about DKB’s Teo: starting from his full profile to his latest news. Teo is a K-Pop idol who is still considered a rookie as he only debuted with DKB in 2020. Let’s give support to DKB and Teo, hopefully, his career will shine even more in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media, and stay tuned for more upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!