DKB’s Lune’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Long Hair, Etc.

DKB's Lune

Get To Know More About DKB’s Visual, Jung Sung-min a.k.a Lune!

It’s no longer counted how many male K-pop idols have debuted in a boy group. But, don’t miss out on one of the boy groups under Brave Entertainment that debuted on February 3, 2020, which is DKB (Hangul: 다크비) which consists of 9 original members with E-Chan, Teo, D1, GK, Heechan, Lune, Junseo, Yuku, and Harry June.

In this article, there’s detailed information about one of DKB’s members, which is Jung Sung-min, also known by his stage name Lune. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out about DKB’s Lune who has the position as the visual of the group starting with his full profile, fun facts, and many more in this article below!

DKB’s Lune’s Full Profile

Real Name: Jung Sung-min (Hangul: 정성민)

Stage Name: Lune (Hangul: 룬)

Birth: February 27th, 2000

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 176 cm (5’9″)

Weight: 55kg (121 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Position in the Group: Vocalist, Visual

Family: Parents and Younger Brother

Education: Seoul Hoseo Arts and Practical College (Class 19 / Practical Music Arts Vocal Major)

Nationality: Korean

DKB’s Lune’s Fun Facts
  1. DKB’s Lune’s nicknames are Daldoongie, Rooney, and Jeongrun
  2. DKB’s Lune’s Chinese zodiac sign is the dragon
  3. DKB’s Lune was revealed as a member on November 5th, 2019
  4. DKB’s Lune’s specialties are Taekwondo, climbing, physical activities, and exercising
  5. DKB’s Lune’s shoe size is 260 mm (size 8)
  6. DKB’s Lune says he doesn’t know his eyesight, but he knows it’s bad
  7. DKB’s Lune’s hobbies are watching movies and dramas
  8. DKB’s Lune’s childhood dream was to be like his dad
  9. DKB’s Lune’s secret that others don’t know is, “Because it’s a secret that no one else knows. It’s a secret”
  10. DKB’s Lune would bring if he went to an uninhabited island food, a lot of hot packs, and a sleeping bag
  11. DKB’s Lune said he’d buy a room full of clothing if he won the lottery
  12. DKB’s Lune said regardless of their age or gender, he wishes for everyone to know the name “Lune” of DKB 10 years from now
  13. DKB’s Lune said he’s the worst at eating spicy food and is a little upset about it because there are a lot of delicious spicy foods
  14. DKB’s Lune said his favorite colors are black and brown since his clothes consist mostly of the colors black and brown, but he also says he loves all colors
  15. DKB’s Lune shares a room with Junseo, Yuku, and D1 in the dorm
  16. DKB’s Lune’s role model is BTS’ V
  17. DKB’s Lune’s motto is, “If you don’t work, don’t eat.”
  18. DKB’s Lune thinks he’s not a very fun person
  19. DKB’s Lune had a lively personality, but after joining the company, he said he calmed down
  20. DKB’s Lune is a former Taekwondo player and has worked in K-TIGERS
  21. DKB’s Lune is known for being a close friend with ATEEZ’s San because they learned Taekwondo together when still young
  22. DKB’s Lune likes slippers and mostly wears slippers everyday
  23. DKB’s Lune’s skin is white, his eyes are large, and when he smiles, the corners of his mouth look like a cat’s
  24. DKB’s Lune is in charge of the ending shot on stage

DKB’s Lune’s Pre-Debut

Before debuting with DKB, several members had the opportunity to attend an introduction clip where each member could show their own skills, whether rap skills or vocals. In this short clip, DKB’s Lune who also has another position as a visual shows his top angle and makes this individual film look very sexy because of his visual!

Watch DKB’s Lune’s individual film below!

DKB’s Lune’s Long Hair

If usually male K-pop idols have short haircuts, there are also some trends that are suitable for some male K-pop idols because they look very handsome with long hair. Likewise with DKB’s Lune, who looks good with his long hair during promotions and changes his hair color to different colors to keep his appearance looking fresh and new.

Make sure you get ready to see DKB’s Lune’s long hair in this session below!

DKB’s Lune is one of the members of the group who is most often seen with his long hair, including the picture above which shows his curly long hairstyle which looks very suitable for him. Even though this is actually the first appearance of DKB’s Lune with medium to long hair, he already looks shining with this hairstyle.

Besides that, he also likes long hair and looks comfortable when promoting with this hair. As you can see from the picture above, he took a selca while playing with his hair tied in half and smiling sweetly. He also made bangs with his long hair in the front and made his visuals look even cuter in this picture, right?

Black long hair makes fans fall in love with DKB’s Lune because he looks very suitable with this appearance. Not only that but he also turns out to be compatible with aegyo and has charm while looking pretty even though he is a male K-pop idol. DKB’s Lune always has a way to provide the best fanservice through his appearance and visual.

DKB’s Lune really knows what he’s doing with long hair, and the stylist also understands that this hairstyle suits him the most. In the picture above, you can see DKB’s Lune’s new hair color with light brown and a fresh new haircut. His visual looks brighter with this new hair color, and he looks even more handsome with brown long hair.

DKB’s Lune is becoming one of the male K-pop idols with great visuals if we talk about his appearance that always looks cool from time to time. He can rock any different concept and hairstyle, including his new light brown hair color. With his long hair, he also gained a very beautiful fan-taken picture like the photo you can see above. Do you guys still recognize that this is DKB’s Lune?

What do you think about DKB’s Lune’s long hair?

Well, that is all of the information about DKB’s Lune and everything about him that you should know. Don’t forget to give support and a lot of love to DKB’s Lune. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!