DKB’s Junseo’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Visual, and Many More

DKB’s Junseo’s Dancing Compilation

Some members of K-Pop groups have their own different positions. Hwang Jun-seo or also now better known as DKB’s Junseo holds the position of dancer in the group and is famous as a member who is very professional in dancing.

Don’t miss DKB’s Junseo’s dancing compilation videos in this section below to get to know him better.

In March 2020, DKB, who appeared as guests on MBC’s Idol Radio, showed that they can do a really great girl group cover dance. Even though female idols seem to have softer aegyo and choreography than boy groups, DKB’s Junseo and the other members seem to really enjoy their masterful performance of the girl group dance moves in this video.

Another focus choreography uploaded by DKB’s Junseo’s fan on YouTube shows his dance moves while practicing the “Work Hard” choreography. In this video, you can see how energetic DKB’s Junseo is when practicing with the other members.

Beside that, DKB’s Junseo also looks like he is of the same height as the other members who are older than him. He doesn’t look like a young member, instead, his height makes him a professional member of DKB, right?

In April 2020, a fan of DKB’s Junseo made a freestyle dance video compilation showing the dancer of the group, Junseo demonstrating his excellent dancing skills. DKB’s Junseo wore a yellow tartan shirt and brown jogger pants which made his appearance look like a Hip-Hop boy. And of course, in the next few scenes, he shows b-boying, popping, and locking freestyle choreography, which look very difficult to do, but he nailed every dance move.

Not only DKB’s Junseo has excellent dancing skills in this group, but he’s also getting along really well with DKB’s Harry-June who also holds the position of dancer in the group. The two of them are quite often seen practicing together in the dance studio. In this video, we can see DKB’s Junseo and Harry-June practicing freestyle dance together in the studio. They look like they are having fun together!

Famous for his amazing dancing skills, DKB’s Junseo also has the confidence of doing Hip-Hop dance moves which is also the same skill as DKB’s E-Chan who has the position of dancer in the group. In this 22-second-long video, you can see the transition between DKB’s E-Chan and DKB’s Junseo in a performance as they show off their hip-hop dance performance.

What do you think about DKB’s Junseo’s dancing skills from this compilations?

DKB’s Junseo’s Focus Fancam

A focus fancam is usually a video recorded by fans of individual idols in a K-Pop group. The focus fancam is usually not something foreign to some people who are indeed K-Pop fans, where the video shows performances from several events, such as a comeback stage, a showcase, or any other event.

In this section, we have provided detailed information about DKB’s Junseo’s focus fancams.

On February 10th, 2020, DKB held their debut showcase, and the fancam shows DKB’s Junseo’s when he was present with the other members at the showcase. Even though it’s not a focus fancam as per usual, in this video, you can see DKB’s Junseo’s facial expressions when reacting in a session in the showcase they held at that time. He looked a bit tense but then he managed to look a bit calmer when he attended the showcase series.

On July 15th, 2021, a fan of DKB’s Junseo made a focus of the “All In” choreography video uploaded on YouTube and showed the focus of DKB’s Junseo when practicing dance moves that were recorded in their dance studio.

In this focus fancam, you can also see how energetic DKB’s Junseo’s dance moves are when they practice. Even though he is a young member of this group, he gives maximum effort during practice and he also looks tall just like the other members.

If some of you have never seen DKB’s Junseo before, then you should watch this video which shows his appearance in Dancing High before debuting as a member of DKB. He looked much different before he debuted and appeared in the show.

DKB’s Junseo looks like he has long hair that is tied up in a ponytail and his appearance is still very simple in this video. Not only that, but even though this video is only a few seconds long, DKB’s Junseo’s pre-debut shows his talent and charm.

What do you think about DKB’s Junseo’s focus fancams?

Dance Cover of BM’s “13IVI”

dkb junseo profile


On August 20th, 2021, DKB’s Junseo was seen in a video that was uploaded on their official YouTube channel doing a dance cover of BM’s “13IVI” alongside DKB’s Harry-June and DKB’s Yuku. The three of them looked very energetic in bringing this dance cover and of course, impressed every fan who saw this video because they had been waiting for their activities for a long time.

Well, that was all the information about DKB’s Junseo that you should know. Even though he is still considered as a rookie or a young K-Pop idol, let’s give a lot of love and support to DKB’s Junseo and hope he stays passionate so his career can shine even more in the future.

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