DKB’s Heechan: Full Profile, Fun Facts, and ‘BOYS24’

DKB's Heechan

Learn More About DKB’s Rapper Yang Hee-chan!

DKB (Hangul: 다크비) is a South Korean boy group under Brave Entertainment that made their debut with a single titled “Sorry Mama.” DKB has 9 original members with E-Chan, Teo, D1, GK, Heechan, Lune, Junseo, Yuku, and Harry June. Some members had already made an appearance as contestants on Boys24 during 2016-2017 and continued their careers to debut in this group.

In this article, there’s detailed information about a member of DKB who also once participated as a contestant on Boys24, but he had to complete his journey because he was eliminated and couldn’t continue to the next episode. But, fortunately, he finally made his debut in 2020 as a DKB member and is now actively promoting as an idol. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about DKB’s Heechan including his full profile, fun facts, and many more in the article below!

DKB’s Heechan’s Full Profile

DKB's Heechan

Real Name: Yang Hee-chan (Hangul: 양희찬)

Stage Name: Hee-chan (Hangul: 희찬)

Birth: Gyeongsangnam-do, Miryang, South Korea, July 31st, 1999

Star Sign: Leo

Weight: 63 kg (138 lbs)

Height: 176 cm (5’9″)

Blood Type: AB

Position in the Group: Dancer, Rapper

Nationality: Korean


  • Milseong Elementary School (Graduated)
  • Milseong Middle School (Graduated)
  • Hanlim High School for Performing Arts (Department of Practical Dance / Graduation)
  • Digital Seoul University of the Arts

DKB’s Heechan’s Fun Facts

DKB's Heechan
  1. DKB’s Heechan’s Chinese zodiac sign is the rabbit
  2. DKB’s Heechan’s MBTI type is ENFP
  3. DKB’s Heechan was a contestant on Boys24 and was in Unit Red, but was eliminated
  4. DKB’s Heechan was revealed as a member on November 7th, 2019
  5. DKB’s Heechan’s specialty is choreography
  6. DKB’s Heechan’s shoe size is 270-275 mm
  7. DKB’s Heechan’s eyesight is 0.2 on the right and 0.3 on the right
  8. DKB’s Heechan’s hobbies are playing the piano, exercising, and dancing
  9. DKB’s Heechan’s childhood dream was to be a world star
  10. DKB’s Heechan said, “I act like a fool, but I’m absolutely not a fool” for the secret that others don’t know
  11. DKB’s Heechan’s nickname is Passionate Guy– “It recognizes [our] passion, so the nickname Passionate Guy, I like it,” he said
  12. DKB’s Heechan would bring additional foodstuff, a handphone, and clothing if he went to an uninhabited island
  13. DKB’s Heechan said he’d give the money to his parents if he won the lottery
  14. DKB’s Heechan said he wishes to become a global star like BTS 10 years from now
  15. DKB’s Heechan shares a room with E-Chan, GK, and Harry June in the dorm
  16. DKB’s Heechan is a former trainee of NH EMG
  17. DKB’s Heechan is a friend of actor Jeong Ji-soo
  18. DKB’s Heechan used to have a hairstyle like Goo Joon-pyo from Boys Before Flowers and Hong Seol’s hairstyle from Cheese in the Trap during his school era, so he got the nickname Yangseol
  19. DKB’s Heechan’s role model is EXO’s Kai
  20. DKB’s Heechan sang MeloMance’s “Good Day” while auditioning for Brave Entertainment, and he passed to join the company
  21. DKB’s Heechan is considered one of the best eaters in the group, but he said that he lost a lot of weight because he was on a diet
  22. DKB’s Heechan is one of the mood makers in the group after DKB’s Harry June
  23. DKB’s Heechan is in the 8th rank of being the most sporty member of the group
  24. DKB’s Heechan’s name meaning in Chinese is Hee, meaning “Shining,” and Chan meaning “To Help”
  25. DKB’s Heechan’s motto is “Go with your own thoughts” and “Losing is winning”

DKB’s Heechan’s Debut With DKB

dkb heechan

Debuting as a K-pop idol, Yang Hee-chan started his career as a trainee under NH EMG and later participated as a contestant on Boys24 during 2016-2017. He was originally added to Unit Red, but he didn’t make it to the survival show and had to stop his journey.

DKB's Heechan

A few years later, Brave Entertainment announced that they would present the debut of their newest boy group. On February 3, 2020, DKB’s Heechan who used to be a former trainee from another agency finally made his debut under Brave Entertainment as a member of DKB, also known as Dark Brown Eyes, with their debut “Sorry Mama.” He has a position as a dancer and rapper in the group and is still active as a DKB member.

dkb heechan

In the debut series, Brave Entertainment provided an opportunity for each member to promote in the debut teaser as well as individual films.

DKB’s Heechan looks really cool with the concept of being a hip hop member by showing a freestyle dance with a song tempo that really makes people curious when they see his trailer in this individual film. DKB’s Heechan doesn’t show his face here and hides it under a hat so people will feel mysterious vibes from his pre-debut video.

On January 22, 2020, DKB’s Heechan appeared in the individual teaser music video for “Sorry Mama” as the group’s debut single. Still with a mysterious concept since the beginning of their debut, DKB’s Heechan is seen dealing with a pile of matches on the table, and he starts to burn the pile with fire. It doesn’t stop there. The next second, he walks down a corridor with a red light that adds to the curiosity of the fans.

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