DKB’s E-Chan’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Visual, and Many More

dkb e chan profile

Find Out More About DKB’s Leader Lee Chang-min

DKB (Hangul: 다크비) is a South Korean boy group that made their debut on February 3rd, 2020, under Brave Entertainment with their debut single titled “Sorry Mama”. DKB has 9 members in the original lineup which also consists of several talented trainees, such as E-Chan, D1, Teo, GK, Heechan, Lune, Junseo, Yuku, and Harry-June.

In this article, there is detailed information about one of the DKB members, Lee Chang-min, or also known by his stage name E-Chan, who holds the position of leader of the group. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about DKB’s E-Chan: starting from his full profile, to fun facts, to getting to know him better, in this article below.

DKB’s E-Chan’s Full Profile

Real Name: E-Chan (Hangul: 이찬)

Stage Name: Lee Chang-min (Hangul: 이창민)

Place and Date of Birth: Incheon Metropolitan City, South Korea, February 19th, 1997

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 178 cm (5’10”)

Weight: 63 kg (141 lbs)

Blood Type: B

Position in the group: Leader, Rapper, Dancer

Education: Seoul Performing Arts High School (Department of Acting Arts/Graduation)

DKB’s E-Chan’s Fun Facts
  1. DKB’s E-Chan’s MBTI is ESFP
  2. DKB’s E-Chan has an older sister and parents
  3. DKB’s E-Chan’s mother was supposed to give him his stage name from the following choices: Lee Chan, Lee Hwang, Lee Jin, Lee On and he said that he chose E-Chan as his current stage name
  4. DKB’s E-Chan was a contestant on Boys24 and joined Unit Purple and Unit Yellow, but he was eliminated
  5. DKB’s E-Chan is a former trainee of YG Entertainment
  6. DKB’s E-Chan was revealed as a member of DKB on October 28th, 2019
  7. DKB’s E-Chan’s Chinese zodiac sign is Ox
  8. DKB’s E-Chan’s specialties are choreography, dancing, and making rap
  9. DKB’s E-Chan’s shoe size is 260–265 mm
  10. DKB’s E-Chan’s hobbies are listening to music, shopping, and watching movies
  11. DKB’s E-Chan has the nickname Idea Bank because he has a lot of ideas about planning choreography
  12. DKB’s E-Chan would bring water, an ax, and DKB’s D1 if he went to an uninhabited island
  13. DKB’s E-Chan is a sensitive person and tends to cry easily as a secret that others might don’t know
  14. DKB’s E-Chan’s childhood dream was to be an actor
  15. DKB’s E-Chan wants to be an influential singer 10 years from now
  16. DKB’s E-Chan would buy musical equipment and gifts for everyone in the production news if he won the lottery
  17. DKB’s E-Chan shares a room with DKB’s Heechan, GK, and Harry June in the dorm
  18. DKB’s E-Chan wants to dye his hair deep blue or grey
  19. DKB’s E-Chan prefers movies to novels
  20. DKB’s E-Chan’s secret to having a nice jawline is that he always massages it
  21. DKB’s E-Chan wishes that he can travel all around the world
  22. DKB’s E-Chan’s favorite shoes are Jordans
  23. DKB’s E-Chan puts cereal before milk
  24. DKB’s E-Chan’s favorite EXO song is “Angel”
  25. DKB’s E-Chan’s favorite fruit is watermelon
  26. DKB’s E-Chan participated in Show Me The Money 9 but was eliminated after meeting Dynamic Duo in the first preliminary round
  27. DKB’s E-Chan participated as a rap feature in Brave Girls’ “Pool Party”
  28. DKB’s E-Chan is good at mimicking the vocal chords of Brave Brothers, the representative of his agency

DKB’s E-Chan’s Visual

Then, what about DKB’s E-Chan who is the leader of the group? Does he have good standards and qualities as a K-Pop idol? To get to know him better, let’s take a look at DKB’s E-Chan’s visual in the section below.

DKB’s E-Chan is the leader of the group who also has a very important position during the DKB promotions. His visuals are also one of the important things as K-Pop idols because they have to look handsome in every performance. In the photo above, DKB’s E-Chan certainly looks very handsome when wearing the outfit that was his promotional concept at that time. Everything looks good on him so he shows a strong image as well.

In the next picture, we can definitely see how sweet DKB’s E-Chan is. The member who used to participate in Boys24 is looking very neat but also has made such a heartwarming pose while showing his heart fingers and smile to the camera. This selca was uploaded as one of his interactions with fans through social media, where, of course, many people will be happy to see DKB’s E-Chan’s expression through this selca which is very handsome and charming.

DKB held their first-ever debut showcase and some of the members certainly had the opportunity to do individual photoshoots to introduce themselves. In the picture above, DKB’s E-Chan looks charismatic as the leader of the group while posing with the DKB symbol in his hands. The concept really suits him well, from the outfit, accessories, to the hairstyle and makeup. He is definitely looking good ever since his debut era.

This picture above shows DKB’s E-Chan’s appearance when he was participating in Boys 24. In this photo, DKB’s E-Chan already looks handsome and casual wearing a white t-shirt. Even though his appearance looks innocent, his charisma is clearly visible even before he debuted as a DKB member. If you look closely, DKB’s E-Chan is here posing with the same hands as the photo at the debut showcase with DKB. Do you know what this pose made by DKB’s E-Chan means?

One of the members who was born in 1997 also looks effortlessly handsome with his visuals, right? Even with his candid picture during a fan signing event like this, he already looks charming and, of course, makes many fans fall in love with DKB’s E-Chan. If you pay closer attention, his visual is already perfect. DKB’s E-Chan has a high nose which is already a standard with Korean celebrities and also his monolid eyes that shine brightly. He definitely looks like prince charming, doesn’t he?

What do you think about DKB’s E-Chan’s visual?