DKB’s E-Chan’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Visual, and Many More

DKB’s E-Chan’s Dancing Skills

DKB’s E-Chan is one of the talented members who practically has all the talents that should be a standard for K-Pop idols, starting from visual, singing, rapping, and dancing skills. In his full profile information, you might have noticed that DKB’s E-Chan has another position as a dancer aside from being the leader and rapper.

Therefore, in this section, we invite you to see DKB’s E-Chan show off his dancing skills.

Through a V-Live that was aired on August 2nd, 2020, DKB’s E-Chan showed off his dancing skills making a cover of 2PM‘s song “Make It”. In the video clip above, we can see other DKB members gathered in the dance studio watching DKB’s E-Chan display his dancing skills really well with his smooth dance moves like a pro.

Another short video featuring DKB’s E-Chan and Heechan in a dance studio and doing a dance cover of SuperM‘s song “Jopping”. As you can see from the video above, DKB’s E-Chan and Heechan look very good dancing, especially with the fast and energetic choreography. This proves that these dancers of DKB can be good performers in the future even though they still have the title of a rookie boy group.

In the video above, we can also see another dance cover performance shown by DKB’s E-Chan with other members. The three members in the short video above perform a dance cover of Seventeen‘s song “Oh My”. Seventeen are also one of the popular boy groups with difficult choreography. However, DKB, which are the newest boy group under Brave Entertainment, seem to have great dancing skills, that this short video of the dance cover turns out great too.

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DKB’s E-Chan’s Focus Fancam

To see the performances of DKB’s E-Chan through his focus fancam, don’t miss out on this section below.

On February 7th, 2020, DKB’s E-Chan was present in a performance with his group that was aired on KBS’s Music Bank. From the focus of this fancam, of course, you can see DKB’s E-Chan performing with maximum effort while bringing one of their singles, “Sorry Mama”. DKB, who at that time were still rookies, presented their best performance through this show. Likewise with DKB’s E-Chan who looks energetic while performing the “Sorry Mama” choreography and he looks so cool in the semi-formal outfit that he wore in this performance.

On February 23rd, 2020, DKB held their fan signing event performing their debut single, “Sorry Mama”, in front of the fans who attended the event. In the focus fancam above, of course, you can see DKB’s E-Chan’s performance which is very spectacular. One of the members who is a former trainee of YG Entertainment looks energetic making dance moves and he is also seen as a member who gets the center position and in the front row when performing here, which means he also has good potential in dancing skills.

On May 28th, 2021, DKB held a performance at the Korea Entertainment Arts Awards Ceremony and brought their comeback single “All In”. In this focus fancam, surely many will notice DKB’s E-Chan’s new appearance on this stage performance. Right, the member who holds the position of leader has a new hairstyle.

You can see how charismatic DKB’s E-Chan is who looks more mature and handsome with red hair. Beside that, his performing skills seem to have improved so much from his debut era. DKB’s E-Chan looks like he is really enjoying this performance and syncs really well with the other members. He is indeed a multi-talented rising idol.

On May 8th, 2021, DKB were one of the guest stars in Spring Family Festival that was held at Gyeongju Expo Grand Park. As you can see, DKB’s E-Chan is looking good with red hair and performed really great at this event. With a strong and fierce concept, he seemed to lead the group very well and gave a very good performance at this event.

He looks charismatic and energetic in every dance move. And the most you should see in this focus fancam, DKB’s E-Chan also has those playful expressions while smirking for the fans.

On November 21st, 2020, DKB held a performance Beat Road Fan Signing and performed “Work Hard” in front of fans. In this performance, DKB’s E-Chan wore a black casual outfit and was seen in the front row. He also seemed to really enjoy this performance as well as the other members did. The leader of the group, DKB’s E-Chan was also seen smiling from ear to ear while doing this performance in front of the fans, which is a sign that he is enjoying this performance.

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DKB’s E-Chan’s Latest News

dkb e chan profile

Until this article is published, there are no recent news about DKB and their comeback plan so far. It’s just that there is some content that they managed to make to keep in touch with their fans through their social media, such as the latest upload that DKB’s E-Chan made on Instagram, where he was seen holding an electric guitar with a new hairstyle in orange.

Is this a sign of DKB’s comeback in the future?

Apparently, the photo uploaded by DKB’s E-Chan in early September 2021 is a behind the scene shot of the Brave Girls “After We Ride” music video, where some DKB members, as Brave Girls’ juniors in the same agency, made a special appearance in this music video that was released on August 30th, 2021.

Well, that was all the information about DKB‘s E-Chan that you should know. Let’s give him a lot of support and love. Hopefully, DKB’s E-Chan’s career will shine even more in the future and the group will also have another comeback as soon as possible. If you like this article, don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for more interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!