Full Profile of Clazziquai Project’s DJ Clazzi

DJ Clazzi project

Everything You Should Know About Clazziquai Project’s Leader, Kim Sung-hoon a.k.a DJ Clazzi!

Many people become K-pop fans because they are interested in K-pop because of the fresh concepts that are always given and the trends that follow the latest era. But, actually, it’s not only K-pop that is one of the music trends from South Korea that has loyal fans. Do you know about Clazziquai Project? They are not a K-pop group, but a trio consisting of DJ Clazzi, Alex, and Horan that was formed in 2001 and also has an easy-listening Korean electro-pop genre.

In this article, there’s detailed information about a member of Clazziquai’s Project, which is Kim Sung-hoon, also known as DJ Clazzi, who has the position of leader in this trio. Let’s get to know more about DJ Clazzi starting from his full profile, discography, to his career journey in this article below!

Clazziquai Project’s DJ Clazzi’s Full Profile

DJ Clazzi project

Real Name: Kim Sung-hoon (Hangul: 김성훈)

Stage Name: DJ Clazzi (Hangul: DJ클래지)

Birth: November 15, 1974

Star Sign: Scorpio

Position in the Group: Leader, Composer, Producer

Nationality: Korean

Clazziquai Project’s DJ Clazzi’s Discography

DJ Clazzi project

Apart from being active as a member of Clazziquai Project, DJ Clazzi has other activities as a soloist and has been releasing singles since 2011. Find out more about DJ Clazzi’s discography in this session below!

Title Album Details Peak Chart Positions Sales
Released Label Track Listing
Infant January 17, 2012 Fluxus Music, Windmill Entertainment Bad Girl feat. Whale 14 KOR: 1,106
Love & Hate feat. Yi Sung-yol, MYK
Where’s Dance feat. Jinsil
40 Nights feat. Hyunsong, Suryun
Star Child feat. Christina, MYK
How We Feel (우리 변한거잖아) feat. Seulong
Can Only Feel feat. Kim Wan-sun
Loving You feat. Jang Woo-hyuk, Hyunah
Sexy Doll feat. Kota, Jubi, MYK
Crazy for Love feat. Christina

Clazziquai Project’s DJ Clazzi’s Career Journey

DJ Clazzi project

DJ Clazzi started his career when he formed Clazziquai in 2001 followed by Alex and Horan joining as the original members. The three of them began releasing their first studio album, Instant Pig, in 2004 under the label Seoul Record, which is now LOEN Entertainment.

After being busy with his promotion with Clazziquai Project, DJ Clazzi began collaborating with various South Korean artists and singers in 2011. He released “How We Feel” as a collaboration with 2AM’s Seulong, and he also invited Yi Sung-yol and rapper MYK to do a collaboration in his new single titled “Love & Hate.”

Not long after releasing several solo singles, DJ Clazzi released his first studio album titled Infant with a 10-song tracklist including several previous singles that had been released earlier. There were also rumors of Clazziquai Project being disbanded in 2011, but DJ Clazzi immediately announced that there would be no disbandment during an interview.

As time went by, DJ Clazzi who is still the leader of this trio was still busy with his work in releasing new songs, one of which is the single titled “What If” featuring Kim Soo-young that was released in 2019. Through this comeback, Clazziquai Project will later do a collaboration project with various singers in the future and release their latest songs.

DJ Clazzi project

Let’s give support and lots of love to DJ Clazzi. Hopefully, he can release more music and songs really soon!

Well, that is all of the information about Clazziquai Project’s DJ Clazzi and everything about him that you should know. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another upcoming article from Channel-Korea!