Learn More About Korean Film Director and ‘Bad Guys 2’ Actor Yang Ik-june

Yang Ik-june’s Filmography

Below is the full list of Yang Ik-june work!

Year Title Credited as
Director Writer Editor Actor Role
2002 Conduct Zero No No No Yes sesaem trio
2003 Happy Ero Christmas No No No Yes henchman 2
2004 What Are You Doing, Chul-soo No No No Yes Chul-soo
2004 Ain’t No Maid (short film) No No No Yes 택배기사
2004 Arahan No No No Yes drain pipe worker 2
2005 Ooh, You Make Me Sick (short film) No No No Yes Yong-hee
2005 Always Behind You (short film) Yes Yes Yes Yes Jun-ho
2005 Noryangjin Totoro (short film) No No No Yes Kim Young-min
2005 Slowly (short film) No No No Yes Man
2006 Monologue #1 (short film) No No No Yes
2006 The Wind Stirs (short film) No No No Yes Ki-suk
2006 Screwdriver (short film) No No No Yes
2006 Just Leave Me Alone (short film) Yes No Yes No
2006 Les Formidables No No No Yes Yang Jin-soon
2006 Maundy Thursday No No No Yes Hwan-kyu
2006 No Regret No No No Yes
2007 Picnic (short film) No No No Yes
2007 Lost (short film) No No No Yes
2007 Thirsty, Thirsty (short film) No No No Yes
2007 Speechless (short film) Yes Yes Yes No
2007 The Worst Guy Ever No No No Yes advertising company employee
2008 Viva! Love No No No Yes student boarder 1
2008 Love is Protein (animated short) No No No Yes Jae-ho
2008 Lovers (omnibus, includes Slowly,
ScrewdriverMonologue #1Lost)
No No No Yes
2009 One Step More to the Sea (short film) No No No Yes cafe guest
2009 Breathless Yes Yes Yes Yes Sang-hoon
2010 Looking for My Wife No No No Yes Dong-min
2010 Magic and Loss No No No Yes
2011 Departure (short film) Yes Yes Yes Yes He
2011 Immature (from omnibus A Time to Love) Yes Yes Yes No
2011 The King of Pigs (animated) No No No Yes Jung Jong-suk (voice)
2012 Shibata & Nagao (short film) Yes Yes No No
2012 Our Homeland No No No Yes Mr. Yang
2012 The Innocent Man (TV) No No No Yes Han Jae-shik
2013 Jury (short film) No No No Yes
2013 Chuugakusei Maruyama No No No Yes Korean star
2013 Dance Together (short film) Yes No No No
2013 Let Me Out No No No Yes himself
2013 The Fake (animated) No No No Yes Min-chul (voice)
2014 Inspiring Generation (TV) No No No Yes Hwang Bong-shik
2014 It’s Okay, That’s Love (TV) No No No Yes Jang Jae-beom
2014 Set Me Free No No No Yes Beom-tae’s father
2014 Short Plays Yes No No No
2015 Intimate Enemies No No No Yes Eumbuki
2015 The Scholar Who Walks the Night (TV) No No No Yes Hae-seo
2016 A Quiet Dream No No No Yes Ik-june
Canola No No No Yes Choong-seop
2017 Queen of Mystery No No No Yes Jang Do-jang
The Poet and the Boy No No No Yes Hyon Taek-gi
Bad Guys 2 No No No Yes Jang Sung-cheol
Wilderness: Part One No No No Yes Kenji
Wilderness: Part Two No No No Yes Kenji
2018 To. Jenny (TV) No No No Yes Kim Hyung-soo

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominated work
2005 Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival Best Actor Ooh, You Make Me Sick
31st Seoul Independent Film Festival Audience Award Always Behind You
2009 38th International Film Festival Rotterdam VPRO Tiger Award Breathless
10th Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival Best Actor
11th Deauville Asian Film Festival Best Film
International Critics’ Prize
13th Fantasia Festival Best Feature Film
Best Male Performance
Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema Audience Award (International)
3rd Asia Pacific Screen Awards High Commendation
Fantastic Fest New Wave Award – Best Director
Tokyo FILMeX Festival Grand Prize
Special Jury Prize
17th Chunsa Film Art Awards Special Jury Prize
18th Buil Film Awards Best New Director
10th Busan Film Critics Awards Best Director
30th Blue Dragon Film Awards Best New Actor
12th Director’s Cut Awards Best Independent Film Director
2010 1st KOFRA (Korea Film Reporters Association) Awards Discovery Award
10th Asiana International Short Film Festival Best Korean Short Film Shibata & Nagao
2018 91st Kinema Junpo Awards Best Supporting Actor Wilderness
12th Asian Film Awards Best Supporting Actor