Ding Dong (2017) by TWICE


“Ding Dong” by TWICE

Artist Twice
Album / Mini-album Twicetagram
Release Date October 30, 2017
Length 3:32
Label JYP Entertainment
Songwriter Jowul
Composer Risto Astikainen and Antti Hynninen
Genre K-pop


“Ding Dong” is a song recorded by the South Korean girl group TWICE. It was released on October 30, 2017, as the sixth track from their first full-length album Twicetagram and the reissued version of the album Merry and Happy.

This song is known as a cheerful and happy track that has its own uniqueness to make listeners start to dance around. The upbeat and catchy chorus also makes the song sound appealing to ears for a lot of fans.

Background of “Ding Dong”

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Back in early September 2017, it was reported by NAVER that TWICE was in Canada to begin shooting a music video for an upcoming song. Later in the same day, JYP Entertainment officially confirmed the report and made an official statement to inform that TWICE would have a comeback in late October 2017 despite the date still being unannounced.

During TWICE’s fan meeting on October 15, 2017, it was publicly announced that their first full-length album will be titled Twicetagram and will be launched on October 30, 2017. The surprise trailer for Twicetagram was also viewed at the fan meeting.

Later, the group’s main teaser images were revealed by JYP Entertainment on October 19th. During the live broadcast held the next day through V Live, TWICE’s members mentioned that there will be 13 tracks that will be featured on the new album. 

On October 21, 2011, TWICE released a photo of the album tracklist which included “Ding Dong” as the 13th track of the album. An audio preview for all tracks, including “Ding Dong,” was uploaded on October 29, 2017. 

Story of “Ding Dong”

The song is composed and arranged by Risto Astikainen and Antti Hynninen, two Finnish musicians and producers. “Ding Dong” is described as a bubblegum pop song with lots of liveliness through the harmony of horns and keyboard. Having similar vibes as “Likey,” this song also has cheerleader chants and staccato rhythms. Melody wise, “Ding Dong” can be easily identified as a typical TWICE song due to its girly and vibrant upbringing.

The “Ding Dong” lyrics were written by Jowul who also wrote “Hold Me Tight,” one of the tracks on TWICE’s previous extended play Signal. The lyrics mainly talk about a girl’s fantasy that when they fall in love, the bell rings in their head. At the same time, the lyrics of “Ding Dong” also try to highlight the magical feeling of falling in love for the first time through the girl’s perspective.

“Ding Dong” MV

There is no official music video for “Ding Dong.” However, the official audio for “Ding Dong” was uploaded on YouTube through JYP Entertainment’s official channel.

As of July 2021, the “Ding Dong” official audio video has 229,452 views.

“Ding Dong” Performance

“Ding Dong” was not the lead single nor the title track of Twicetagram, hence there are no stage or live performances for this song. TWICE didn’t perform this song during their concert tour either. 

“Ding Dong” Achievements 

The song ranked on the South Korean digital music chart GAON.

Since “Ding Dong” is not a lead single nor a title track, the song hasn’t made it to the mainstream music charts like Billboard yet. As of now, “Ding Dong” also has not received any award nominations.

“Ding Dong” Weekly Charts

Here is the weekly charts achievement of “Ding Dong”!

Chart Peak Position
GAON Download Chart (South Korea) 71