Here Are Some Differences of BTS’ V and Kim Tae-hyung’s Charisma

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Recently, BTS’ V was again suspected of using an electronic cigarette, or Vape, after being caught with his own. This was discovered on December 25, 2019, when Jimin posted his edited video to wish Merry Christmas to ARMY. After a few seconds, the video immediately disappeared.

In the short video, Jimin wrote sweet words and thanked ARMY for giving love and support to BTS, “ARMY #Happy_Holiday. I’m always grateful and loving you. #JIMIN“. But who would’ve thought, there are those who suspect that Jimin deleted the video because he accidentally recorded a vape or an electric cigarette next to V.

Jimin immediately replaced it with a tweet “We thank you for all your support today. It must be tiring to stay up until the morning, I hope y’all go home with safely. Thank you for supporting us, ARMY. See you tomorrow! #JIMIN“.

ARMY had a variety of responses related to this. Most of them defended him because no one can guarantee the electric cigarette is his own. Moreover, if indeed V smokes, it has become his right, because he’s an adult and isn’t a child anymore. Smoking doesn’t break the rules or do anything illegal.

But there are other fans who feel disappointed with him. Those ARMY said that he had to stop smoking even though it was only an electric cigarette.

Juul (a popular type electric cigarettes) has much as one pack of nicotine. So, stop breaking your voice, Tae-hyung. He told us not to take medicine to make us sleep because it’s not healthy, but instead he is vaping?” said a fan.

Even before this tweet, when V posted a picture of one of his paintings, it turned out that there was an object that looked similar to a vape.

Actually, this is normal for a man of his age, and it’s better as a fan to support his career and advise him if he really made a mistake, without underestimating and judging him. However, this has not been debated by fans because they don’t want to make Vfeel pressure about things that are uncertain.

That’s our article about some of the differences between BTS’s V and Kim Tae-hyung’s charisma. In your point of view, what difference did you like the most when he is BTS’s V or Kim Tae-hyung? Don’t forget to put your answer in the comment section!