Differences Between LOEN Entertainment And Its Re-branded Name, Kakao M


Find Out More About LOEN Entertainment and Kakao M!

Kakao M is one of the leading Korean Entertainment companies. It was made by LOEN Entertainment’s acquisition by the communication and media magnate, Kakao. Kakao M’s business ranges from being a music production company, talent agency, doing event management, video content production, and a lot more.

In this article, Channel Korea will talk about differences between LOEN Entertainment and Kakao M. So stay tuned.

LOEN Entertainment: Leading Record Company


Most K-Pop fanatics know LOEN Entertainment as the company that manages K-Pop superstar IU. LOEN Entertainment is a music recording and producing company, talent agency, and music concert Management Company. The agency was begun and established by Min Yeong-bin in 1978. The company’s headquarters is located in the most prestigious area in Seoul, Gangnam Area, Seoul.

LOEN Entertainment initially originated from YBM Seoul Records. In 2000, the music record company was listed on KOSDAQ. One of the major Korean telecommunication companies, SK Telecom, bought 60% of the shares of YBM Seoul Records. In 2008, the company changed its name to LOEN Entertainment and later managed SK Telecom’s online music platform, MelOn.

Kakao M: Kakao Corporation and Their Expansion in the Music Industry


Kakao is a Korean internet-messaging company created in 2010. It developed from a simple message exchanging platform into an all-around multi platform application. In 2014, Kakao merged with Daum Communication, one of the leading internet search engines in Korea, and was renamed Daum Kakao. Kakao application lineups include KakaoMusic, Kakaostory, KakaoTaxy, KakaoMap, and many more. Due to the surging popularity of Kakao as an internet messaging platform, Daum Kakao simplified its name into Kakao. In January 2016, Kakao bought 76.4% of the shares in LOEN Entertainment, and changed its brand to Kakao M. The acquisition marked Kakao’s venture into the music and entertainment industry.

Difference Between LOEN Entertainment and Kakao M



LOEN Entertainment

Starship Entertainment

Solo : Soyou, KWill, Brothersu, Shopgun, Yoo Seung-woo, Jung Se-woon, and Jooyoung

Duo : Duetto, Mindu

Groups : MonstaX, WJSN

Actors/Actresses : Kang Euna, Kim Dasom, Kim Bum, Kim Bo-min, Song Ha-yun, Song Seung-hoon, Yoo Yeon-seok, Lee Kwang-soo, Lee Dong-wook, Oh A-yeon, Lee Da-yeon, Lim Su-jeong, Lee Elijah, Jeong Ju-yeon, Chae Su-bin, and Jo yoon-hee


Solo : OOHYO, Yoon Hyun-sang, Cracker, Youra, and Rosy

Duo : Everlua

Groups : AISLE, Collective Arts

Play M Entertainment (Fave Entertainment + Plan A Entertainment)

Solo : IU, Huh Gak, Zia, Jung Eun-ji of APink, Lim Ji-min, Oh Ha-young of APink

Groups : APink, VICTON

Cre.Ker Entertainment

Group : The Boyz

E&T Entertainment

Actress : Kim So-hyun

Main Focus

LOEN Entertainment’s subsidiaries’ main focus is music, while Kakao M’s subsidiaries are focusing on producing movies, commercial advertisements, and video-based content


LOEN Entertainment’s subsidiaries are: Starship Entertainment, Fave Entertainment, Cre.Ker Entertainment, Plan A Entertainment, MunHwaIn, and E&T Entertainment.

Starship Entertainment has three subsidiaries: Kingkong Starship Entertainment, Starship X, and House of Music.

Fave Entertainment and Plan A Entertainment merged and established Play M Entertainment.

MunHwain was formed in 2016 and manages independent music artists.

Cre.Ker Entertainment stands for Creative.Kernel, a new record label that manages the idol group The Boyz

E&T Story Entertainment is a solo agency for young actress Kim So-hyun

Kakao M’s subsidiaries are:

Krispy Studio, Mega Monster, mTechCrew

All three subsidiaries are companies that focus on producing video-based content.

Krispy Studio is a YouTube-based information media company that posts interview with celebrities and short-episode web dramas. Krispy Studio owns a major share of Korean beauty and fashion magazines. Krispy Studio’s main advantage is that it always supplies fresh, fun, and entertaining content. It aimed to produce video content as a visual snack in daily activities.

Mega Monster is a collaboration between Kakao M and Studio Dragon Corporation. Studio Dragon produces and manages dramas and internet media such as web-based novels and web based cartoons. Mega Monster produces high-quality content across terrestrial TV channels, cable TV and mobile channels. Mega Monster provides content to Kakao TV and Kakao Page, and strives to make exciting and enjoyable stories for its users.



Kakao M also bought the majority of the shares of top entertainment agencies such as BH Entertainment, Management Soop, and JWIDE Company. The leading commercial casting agency, Ready Entertainment, was also acquired by Kakao M.

BH Entertainment actors and actresses are: Lee Byung-hoon, Han Hyo-joo, Han Ga-in, Han Ji-min, Yoo Ji-tae, Go Soo, Gong Seung-yeon, Kim Go-eun, An So-hee, E-jiah, Yu Xiaoguang, Choo Ja-hyun, Jin Goo, and Lee Jin-wook.

Management Soop actors and actresses: Gong Yoo, Suzy, Kong Hyo-jin, Choi Woo-sik, Jung Yu-mi, and Kim Jae-uck,

J Wide Entertainment actors and actresses: Lee Bo-young, Choi Daniel, Ahn Jae-hong, Lee Sang-yoon, Jung Hye-sung, and Baek Jin-hee.

Basically, top actors and actresses are under the management of the parent company, Kakao M

Latest News

1theK is Kakao M’s online music sales platform. It delivers streams of K-Pop content that connects artist and fans. 1theK owns several media channels on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, KakaoTV, and Weibo. As of April 2020, 1theK has 19 million subscribers on YouTube.

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