After Losing 2 Kilograms in Three Days, Here Are the Diet Tips From MAMAMOO’s Solar!

mamamoo's solar

MAMAMOO’s Solar’s Diet Recipes to Achieve a Slim Body!

K-pop idols are always entering the spotlight, especially with their good-looking appearances. It also makes people wonder, what is the recipe to look as gorgeous as them? On the other side, Solar from the group MAMAMOO has surprised people with how she rapidly lost some weight. Through this article, Channel Korea will reveal the secret of MAMAMOO’s Solar’s weight loss, so stay tuned!

Check Out MAMAMOO’s Solar’s Tips to Loss Weight Here!

mamamoo's solar

Kim Yong-sun or famously known as Solar is the leader and main vocalist of the girl group MAMAMOO. Ever since her debut, Solar has drawn attention due to her charismatic aura and her girl-crush visual appearances. As a famous K-pop star, Solar has appeared almost perfectly from head to toe.

But, do you know that she used to follow a strict diet along with other MAMAMOO members? During every comeback, the members would lose some weight for their music video performances. However, Solar also revealed her secret tips on how to lose 2 kilograms in three days! Check out the details here!

MAMAMOO’s Solar’s Diet Plan

mamamoo's solar

Through her official YouTube channel Solarsido, MAMAMOO’s Solar shared a bunch of content, and most of them were filled with her diet journey and workout routines. In one of her videos, Solar shared her experience while trying the 3-day fruit diet that later made her successfully lose 2 kilograms in three days.

mamamoo's solar diet

For the diet plan, Solar accurately planned for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. And, here are the complete meals according to Solar’s diet menu:

Breakfast: 1/2 apple, 1 sweet potato, 1 glass of soy milk

Lunch: 1/2 bowl of brown rice, 1 chicken breast, 15 pieces of grapes

Lunch (2)/Snacks: 1 chicken breast, 1 persimmon

Dinner: 2 eggs, 1 persimmon

Before the diet, her weight was 46.5 kg, and after three days it went to 44.9kg which meant that she lost 1.6 kg or almost 2 kg! Well, are you interested in trying Solar’s fruit diet?

MAMAMOO’s Solar’s Workout Tips

mamamoo's solar

After explaining the diet menu for a 3-day fruit diet, Solar also stated in the video that eating times have to be punctual to avoid extra body fat. Since she had dance practice every day, it also counted as her workout routine.

mamamoo's solar workout routine

Not only that, but Solar also posted various workout routine videos on her YouTube channel such as 10 minutes of stretching, 4 minutes of Tabata workout, double pole dance practice, and more. They are pretty simple yet effective at the same time! The routines helped her to achieve a slim and toned look for her body as well!

Watch another workout session from Solar here:


MAMAMOO’s Solar: Her Appearance Before and After Lossing Weight

mamamoo's solar's diet plan

Although MAMAMOO’s Solar has always appeared with her stunning appearances, there was an extraordinary change before and after her diet. Moreover, if we take a look at her pre-debut pictures, there were significant changes to her, right? Her diet journey also inspired a lot of women to achieve body goals just like MAMAMOO’s Solar!

mamamoo's solar weight loss

MAMAMOO’s Solar successfully emphasized her beautiful curvy body, right?

mamamoo's solar predebut pictures

Solar’s chubby cheeks were turned into thinner cheeks with prominent cheekbones as well!

mamamoo's solar diet

Not only did she lose some weight, but Solar also gained some muscles including those sexy abs on her body!

That is all of the information about MAMAMOO’s Solar’s 3-day diet! She successfully lost 2 kg rapidly and even shared about her workout routines. Even though the diet isn’t very extreme, she stays careful with her dieting as well! Do you want to try MAMAMOO’s Solar‘s diet plan? Let us know your opinion through the comment section, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!