Did Park Si-yeon Undergo Plastic Surgery? Let’s Compare Her Potential Before-and-After Looks!


Beautiful Actress Park Si-yeon and Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery in South Korea is not uncommon at all. It is not as expensive as it is in other countries, and the access to get it also not as difficult. Thus, it is quite obvious that a lot of people, whether they’re just ordinary people who aspire to be more ‘good looking’ or celebrities whose face want to be accepted by the public, decide to undergo plastic surgery. Some time ago, something went viral in Korean forums. Apparently, the netizens had discussed about the past photos of a famous actress Park Si-yeon with the title of “Even the beautiful Park Shi Yeon had a past”. 

It implies that Park Si-yeon had a ‘not-so-beautiful’ face in the past unlike how it is now. In the discussions, the netizens said that they are astounded at the lengths celebrities go to change their appearance. While some of celebrities just choose for a simple superficial changes in terms of makeup, hairstyle and clothes, others choose the extreme route by doing plastic surgery to ‘fix’ their facial features, such as undergo a nose job or create a V-line face.

Most of them said that these two procedures are the very basic ones in terms of plastic surgery but it really makes a difference in one’s face. One of the real examples is Park Si-Yeon. Based on some articles in magazines, Park Si-Yeon did get a nose job because the bridge of her nose looks strangely high and somewhat unnatural. Moreover, people who see her cosmetic ads said that they thought she was already beautiful but now either she transmogrified into freakish plastic dolls or the photoshop went seriously wrong.

Here’s some comparison picture of before and after. What do you think?


Following that, the netizens were surprised by how different her face looked in the past. In 1990s, Park Si-Yeon had chubby cheeks and a circle face shape, but now she has a more sunken cheeks and V-line face. A lot of people who saw her pictures commented, “Plastic surgery is not a rumor to Park Si-Yeon, She did it”; others also said “Park Si-Yeon is very different in the past pictures and the present pictures” and many other comments.

Take a look at the picture on that forum here: